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Gold Star Modeling’s Saturday Parties

Porn Valley- It’s early yet, and Roy Karch is sitting alone in the living room. He’s smiling. Karch has got these glistening choppers that are alive with personality, and he’s always showing them off.

We’re here basically for the same thing. Joel Lawrence is holding these meet & greets every couple of weeks on Saturday afternoons over at Gold Star Modeling, And Karch, who’s a director, is looking to greet some naked girls. He’s talking about being booked already through July and is looking to cast shows beyond that.

Karch is chatting with Cassidey Blue. Blue’s done maybe thirty scenes but has been in the business about a year and half. A California blond, she stands 5’10” and is a lady athlete with great legs. You’d immediately think volleyball player which is what everybody thinks, she says. Except Blue, allowing for some time in middle school, has never really indulged the sport. I think Karch is trying to get her naked and it seems that Blue’s evidently not buying.

Karch is muttering something about how are you supposed to do your job when girls won’t get naked. I don’t blame Karch, though. I’d try to get Cassidy Blue naked. Karch was playing the harmonica earlier. I’m tempted to suggest that Blue might get naked if he plays, perhaps, a Negro spiritual. Karch then asks Blue what she’s taking up in school. She tells him pre-pharmacy.

“So you’re the one I go to to get the drugs,” he says.

As soon as I see Karch, which is like around 4 o’clock on a really hot afternoon, I begin busting his balls about his wine-colored sneakers. We’re both from the east coast, and Karch is saying that’s the sign of how you like someone – by the amount of ball busting. Karch is reputed to be the first guy to shoot porn on videotape. Which actually I think was scotch tape. Karch is only 59 but from the way he makes it sound some times, you’d think he was older than the guy who discovered King Tut.

Karch remembers some write up I did on him one time with a King Tut reference. Karch also makes mention of something I also wrote -about him and Naomi -on the Britney Rears shoot. Karch thought it was pretty funny and said, yeah, he caught the glimmers of sarcasm.

Karch in a roundabout way is telling Lawrence he looks like a slob. Karch says something about Lawrence being “disheveled” and in need of a shower. Which I guess is Karch’s way of saying Lawrence must be putting in a lot of hours into the operation. Lawrence says, yeah, maybe 120 hours a week. Karch is fascinated about the dynamic of running a modeling agency, and Lawrence is pretty open about it.

Lawrence has got something like 65 girls now but had to let four of them go last week, he says. The Gold Modeling set up, which is run out of the house formerly occupied by Wanker Wang then Tim Myren after him, includes dorm rooms upstairs. And the girls who live there pay rent, says Lawrence. I remember how Lucky Smith ran his operations, and Lawrence’s is something similar. Girls are fined if they screw up. If they don’t show up, they’re screwed, and Lawrence makes an example of them. According to Lawrence, pretty please just don’t cut it when he needs a girl showing up for a shoot.

Another blond named Jordan James walks in with Mark Kramer. Just by observation it appears that Kramer’s attached to James like a hook in an open mouth bass. From the sounds of it, James had some drama on set and Lawrence is saying something about his talking to the PM. James has lived in Pittsburgh and she’s lived in Princeton, she tells me. I would like to talk more to James but she’s the bass with the hook in it. In the kitchen, Felony, [pictured], who’s very adept with a sharp object, is cutting up broccoli and has prepared the entire food layout which looks very cordial, scrumptious, fruit-oriented and inviting.

“We’re also having a little barbecue that I’ve conjured up,” she smiles with sultry overtones. “I have my own little recipe about hamburgers. It’s all about spice and making it nice.” Felony, who I interviewed years ago when she first got into the business, seems to be pretty adept in the kitchen.

“I’m from a big family, and I have my own personal big family,” she explains. I’m curious what her favorite food is.

“To be honest,” she continues, “it’s a nice 16-ounce filet mignon, rare to medium, with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus with a special sauce.” I ask what about the mushrooms. She loves them. Asked what she’s been up to, Felony says she’s attempting to earn her second degree.

“I’m studying to be a surgical technologist,” she says. “Right now I’m on an LOA because my tuition costs $20,000. And I’m having a little fun back in the business, getting to know everybody again- and raising that $20,000 including supporting my family.”

“You have so many crucial irons in the fire,” I observe.

“That’s what keeps me motivated and determined,” she replies. “It’s a good thing to have in life-motivation.” Looking at her eyes, I figure Felony’s very honest about the fact that she’s got a fire cracker lit between her legs.

“I’ve actually become one with my sexuality not too long ago,” she says. “It shows because I squirt a lot more often now.” Felony’s wearing what appears to be one of those rip-away wet T-shirt contest tops. She tells me that her first on-screen squirt came the moment she got back into the business after a four year-break.

“Before I wasn’t able to, and I had a blockage back then,” she continues.

“Was that mentally or physically?

“I think a little bit of both,” she answers. “But I think I’m actually pretty good in my life right now as it stands. I’m happy. I’m content and I’m definitely determined on moving on. I’m really happy with Joel at Gold Star. He’s been great for me and there’s no pressure. We have a complete understanding and he’s definitely here for me as a model.”

Felony acknowledges that while the agency is run like a tight ship, she’s very used to discipline in her own life.

“My life is already organized that way,” she says. “I guess it would be more difficult for another individual if they didn’t have that in their life.” Felony’s got a good New York gig coming up next month. Outside of that she doesn’t know the details except to say it’s for four days and pays really good money. This past Friday she did an Internet scene for Vivid which involved squirting and POV. She was happy about that, and Felony thinks she’s probably gone three to four feet in length on her squirts.

“But Flower [Tucci] can just kick my ass,” she laughs. “I’ve seen her in action. She puts me to shame in that way.”

Then I had a little chat with Cassidy Blue who’s been in the industry about a year and a half. But, obviously, she doesn’t shoot that often judging by the fact that she’s done maybe 30 scenes, some for websites.

“I’ve been living in Fresno going to school so I was only available on weekends,” she explains. “But now I’m going to be working full time this summer and trying to make some money.” Blue has great legs.

“I work out a lot,” she says. Blue just moved into the area about four weeks ago and is currently working in a strip club- the Tropical Lei- in Upland.

“It’s a good time and I really like it over there,” she said. “I’m also enjoying having the break from school.” Blue got her start in porn out of basic curiosity.

“Nobody approached me- I approached them,” she explains. “I was hanging out on the Internet one night because I love playing on the computer. I happened to type into a website called,, or something like that. I couldn’t believe what came up. So I gave the guy a call. He made a profile for me and then it was just all downhill from there. I had people call me and I did a couple of shoots. My fourth shoot was for Evil Angel and Joey Silvera. My fourth scene was a d.p.! I went in head-first.” Blue said she was okay with the scene.

“It was really intense because I had only done that type of thing in my personal life only once before,” she notes. “It was something totally new.”

“Wait a second,” I tell her. “A d.p. in your personal life is something significant to pull off.”

“It was with a couple of horn dog friends of mine that I used to hang out with,” Blue laughs. “It was fun.” Blue’s first scene in front of a camera was a double b.j. with two guys, she recalls.

“It was kind of embarrassing because one of the guys couldn’t really get hard,” she says. “I was, like, uh, I don’t know what to do here. I didn’t know any tricks to help like I do now.” I gather she now knows about the finger under the balls trick. Blue said she wasn’t scared her first time because she’s an extremely confident and outgoing person who has no problems with novelty.

“I’m always trying something new,” she states. “I change my mind on what my future’s going to be every week.” In school, Blue pursued swimming, soccer and track.

“But no volleyball, though,” she laughs. “That’s what everybody thinks. Not a volleyball player. I was in middle school but I was much better in swimming.” And Blue said that’s just rumors about athletics making you horny.

“Oh I bet there’s some crazy stuff going on in the girls’ locker,” she says, dismissing the idea in the same breath. “Nope- the only crazy thing I ever saw was a couple of girls would shower with their swimming suit tops pulled down. That’s about it. Most girls don’t have a lot of confidence and their self- esteem is extremely low. They cover up even if they’re hot little things. They think they’re ugly. I don’t know why.” Asked what her favorite scene is, Blue mentions that she’ll buy her own movies.

“Instead of going the cheap route and getting talent copies, I buy them off the Internet,” she says. “But my favorite one is Ass Pounders 5. It’s really good and I think I looked really good in that one. It was a hot anal scene. It was for Steve Holmes.” Blue shoots a lot of anal but she wouldn’t necessarily says she begs to do it, preferring vag. The first time she had sex was at the age of 15.

“I was with a boyfriend and we were messing around,” she recalls. “We were together for several months. And I was very curious and am still very curious, actually. We were messing around one night and I was, screw this, I want to have sex. Give it to me. We didn’t go together for very long after that. I think I was a little too horny for that guy.” The first time Blue tried anal was in college.

“I was a small town girl going to a big school and I exploded!” she laughs. “Actually I wasn’t intoxicated. I was totally sober and I remember it hurt really bad the first couple of strokes. It was at the guy’s house. He was a friend.”

“It pays to be a friend of yours,” I tell her. “They’re the ones getting all the good action.” Blue also mentions the time she had a false positive for gonorrhea where she lost like three weeks of work.

“I totally panicked,” she says. “A couple of girls that I had close sexual contact with- I had to call them and I was like go to Planned Parenthood. If I had something they definitely would have got it. We were doing some nasty-stuff together, me and this girl. So she came back with her results that said she was negative. My results came back from another resource that said I was also negative.”

Blue was also telling me how AIM is using a questionnaire into the backgrounds of the performers.

“It’s too see how their upbringing was, what happened to them when they were kids,” says Blue. “The common misperception with the public is that they think most performers were sexually abused or solicited when they were young. So that’s why they’re porn stars, now.” But Blue says that’s bullshit as far as she’s concerned.

“I had a happy childhood!” she exclaims. “It was awesome- good parents.” Asked if her good parents know what she was doing, Blue says, “Of course not!”

“They’re in another state,” she chirps. “What mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her. My cover story is financial aid. I do get a lot of programs for class. I’m a good student, too- 3.3 GPA. I’m a senior this year.”


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