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Gorezone Interviews Gianna Lynn

From : Recently, GOREZONE’s Giovanni Deldio had the pleasure of interviewing gorgeous adult film star Gianna Lynn. She came off as very sweet, friendly, personable, as well as smart and knowledgeable.

Gianna Lynn’s recent release was a horror-porno called PREDATOR II: THE RETURN directed, written, and starring, the stunning Stormy Daniels. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed conducting it:

Gio- Tell me Gianna, how did you get into the business?

Gianna Lynn- Basically, I was working at a mortgage company. I was working there three year ago. A co-worker of mine knew a friend of a friend, of a friend, and she pretty much said, “Oh, you should try it out” It was kind of a random moment of spontaneity. We weren’t even talking about anything porn related. She was just like here is the business card you can just call. I thought about it, and I was like making 400 dollars a week. I just wasn’t happy at my job, and I was always very intrigued by the porn industry. So, it was just an opportunity that I had to take. It was just a now or never moment.

Gio- So, how did the shoot for PREDATOR II go?

Gianna Lynn- It went very well. It was one of my favorite girl/ girl scenes. I did a scene with Stormy, who plays, the Predator and Memphis Monroe. It was a pretty intense scene.

Gio- How is it working with Stormy as a director?

Gianna Lynn- She is very talented. Stormy has an idea of what she wants, and she kind of has a way of directing talent without getting too involved. She’ll never inhibit you, and she’ll always let you be the performer. But, she has a clear cut idea of the product that she wants.

Gio- Would you ever consider directing?

Gianna Lynn- I thought about it here and there, but right now that is not something that I am interested in pursuing at the moment. But, it is definitely an option.

Gio- So, I heard that you are actually pretty sacred of horror films, is that true?

Gianna Lynn- Yeah, I was actually talking to Monstar (her publicist) about it. The irony! I am scared shitless. I am just a girl you love to bring to the movies on a first date. I don’t know, I guess I just read too much into it. And, I was actually having a pretty in-depth conversation about THE SHINING, yesterday. Have you ever analyzed it?

Gio- No, I can’t say I ever actually analyzed it, why?

Gianna Lynn- After, I saw THE SHINING, I had to look for it online. If I like or appreciate a movie, I always have to look for information about it online. I like to find out about the behind-the-scenes with the director. I guess there is a lot of symbolism and really important motifs that are super subtle. That could actually be mistaken for ghosts in the movie. There is significance in the chairs in the way that the chairs are around somebody that is quote, unquote Shining. If you notice, for example, when the little kid sees the trike for the very first time, not too many people notice this, but I guess the chairs have moved. And, that is Kubrick’s way of implying that there are invisible entities around. Which, happens when people have those kinds of episodes. You know what I’m saying?

Gio- Actually, I did take a class on Stanley Kubrick, when I was in college, and we talked a lot about THE SHINING.

Gianna Lynn- Really? So, you know about the invisible entities, and I am sure you had analyzed that and how the chair was tipped over when the little kid saw the ghost in the hallway and there is blood everywhere. So, I did not just freak myself out!

Gio- Nah. It’s all right. It’s very cool that you know that, though.

Gianna Lynn- Its funny cause not too many people would know that, but if you read into the detail, you’re like what kind of message are you trying to portray?

Gio- Well you worked on a horror film, I read, on your blog, I ATE HIS FACE.

Gianna Lynn- That is a film that my friend, a director for this other internet porn company did. He contacted us for his own personal side project. I haven’t seen too many 80’s gore-horror flicks, but it’s like the typical kids getting stoned and hanging out on a Saturday night, and then monster comes out and eats everybody. It was not too long ago. It was quite fun.

Gio- Would you want to do more mainstream movies?

Gianna Lynn- Yeah, I would definitely be interested. I started playing more acting roles, this past year or so. I really started doing a lot of scenes that involved traditional acting. I find it fun; it’s fun to act. And, I know they say porn stars can’t act, but that is a bunch of crap. Because, that’s our job, sometimes we have to act.

Gio- Of course! Well, actually the movie that you recently did with and for Stormy, OPERATION TROPICAL STORMY, supposedly you do a little more acting in that, right?

Gianna Lynn- Yes, my character is this assassin that aides the nuclear terrorists. It’s kind of funny, because it’s totally out of my character. Stormy wanted me to play her as somebody completely unemotional and totally stoic. There were actually a couple of times where she told me be meaner, be cold. But, in that movie everyone else is a comic. Everyone else had a funny character. It’s a satire, and it was just really fun to play this cold-hearted bitch. However, at the same time, it was definitely something more challenging to have emotions and play it off as real. It was fun doing it.

Gio- So tell me, what do you like to do on your spare time?

Gianna Lynn- What do I like to do on my spare time? I just like to hangout. I am very low maintenance. I don’t really go out partying anymore. I just like to hangout in bed. I am kind of lazy like that. Go to the beach and go shopping with my girlfriends. I like to paint. I do oil-paints, and I do sketches.

Gio- I like to draw too, on my spare time.

Gianna Lynn- Yes, it’s therapeutic. I should be doing it more often, but you know sometimes, it’s a little bit hard.

Gio- Yes, I agree, absolutely. So, what does the future hold for Gianna Lynn?

Gianna Lynn- My website is launching soon. My new improved one should be up in a couple of weeks. Actually, it should be up this week or next week. Well, basically my whole goal for the website is not to be just focused on sex. I want people to see that people in the porn biz can have a fascinating life that doesn’t involve just sex. I like to write a lot; I’m gonna write a lot of blogs and be interactive with my fans. And, that’s my whole goal for that, and eventually I would like to start branching off into other websites. Kind of get involved in the internet, in that way.

Gio- Here is a question for our entire male, and probably some of our female, readers wanna know. What is it that you look for in a guy, or a girl, for that matter?

Gianna Lynn- I just like chemistry. I don’t really have a type. I always tell everybody, that I really don’t want a type. Would it be easier to say that it’s just mental? Because, it is, but it’s not. But, I guess that I do have type, but mostly I am just attracted to laid back people. Maybe, if I tell you want I am not attracted to. People who are conceited and full of themselves; people who take themselves too seriously. Get off your high horse, you know? I need somebody to just relax, be easy going. I guess that’s my type.

Gio- Finally is there anything you’d like to tell your fans?

Gianna Lynn- I’m taking my feature dance career very restless. You can see me in a couple of cities nearby like Sacramento, and I’ll keep everyone posted on my calendar and on my MySpace, let everyone know where I am so, I can meet everyone.


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