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GoXXX TV to Be Available From Philips

BRIGHTON, U.K. — Internet protocol television (IPTV) technology supplier Global Digital Broadcast (GDBTV) has announced a partnership with Philips Electronics to launch the first television set with a fully-integrated IPTV service.

“For the first time ever, adult channels will be able to target 50 million plus homes across Europe alone,” stated a company spokesperson. “Using GDBTV’s channel management software, the channels will be able to deliver to the whole range of Philip’s new television sets.”

The move opens the door for adult shopping channels and gives consumers the chance to purchase novelties in the privacy in their own home, directly from their television sets.

“In the converging media landscape, with numerous service and software providers competing for a piece of the broadcasting pie, many were so busy extolling the virtues of their all-singing, all-dancing ‘solution,’ they forgot to listen to the voice of the consumer,” the rep added. “Now, with the partnership between GDBTV and ‘the people’s electronics company,’ that voice has been heard and the demand for a simplified, unified IPTV service has been met.”

According to the company, the original deal with Philips involved including GDBTV’s electronic program guide (EPG) with around 120 channels on Philips’ Net TV integrated IPTV service, and has now been expanded to also include GDBTV’s GoXXX TV adult programming.

The system uses dual PIN protection for age verification as a standard security measure.

Launching this month as an included service, GoXXX TV is set to have its own dedicated adult platform on the service in January.

Channels include Private, Harmony Films, Seymore Butts, Vivid, DBA Supercore XXX; Sweet Pictures, Belais Production APS, TV Polari XXX, the PornXXX channel and Wrist Action.

“GDBTV is offering a very compelling new platform for consumers to access adult content,” said Tim Clausen, vice president of sales at Private Media Group. “Private provides the highest quality adult entertainment customized by platform and we look forward to developing new sales strategies and revenue opportunities with this innovative new technology.”

Europe, in particular, is currently showing a boom in IPTV.

According to the latest figures from Point Topic, released during the Broadband Forum in Paris and published by Broadband TV News, worldwide IPTV growth remains strong at 11 percent and reaching a total of 26.9 million homes, with Europe continuing to lead the IPTV success story with 13.6 million subscribers, a 51 percent growth over the prior year.

A new report from The Diffusion Group also states that the delivery of Internet video to the TV will grow nearly six-fold in the next five years, from $1 billion in 2009 to $5.7 billion in 2014. Authored by TDG senior partner and digital video expert, Colin Dixon, TDG’s ‘Broadband-Enabled TV: Rise of the OTT Provider’ analysis claims the dramatic growth in diffusion of broadband-enabled TVs will drive the use of on-demand Internet pay-per-view services.

Now, the company hopes that with this integrated service, European figures will be pushed up even higher, with Philips and GDBTV spearheading the future of TV.

“In consumers’ minds, the TV is an effortless relaxation. They would very much like to also enjoy online services from the comfort of their sofa,” a Philips spokesperson offered. “TV is not a high-interaction device, like a PC with a keyboard and a mouse, where you have to sit up to use them, but more of a low-interaction device, with a simple remote control.”

“The online services concept is a great way to blend these two experiences in an open and standardized environment and create an enriched consumer experience,” the Philips rep added.

“While set-top box services remain popular, we have always known it would be an integrated TV service which would really launch IPTV into consumers’ homes,” said Jim Deans, GDBTV co-founder and managing director. “We are happy we can also now extend this service to our adult clients.”


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