Grace Evangeline is back to whoring

First off, I wouldn’t consider this woman to be a pornstar. She has no rewards under her belt and she hasn’t done anything that would classify her as a pornstar!

What happened to being a nurse, smart ass? I guess the hospitals won’t keep a woman who they find out sucked dick to make money.

Southern charm my ass, this woman double teams with Sean Tompkins in online harassment and cyber bullying and doesn’t stop when she’s asked too. It used to be a triple threat the biggest coward in the Pornstar industry, Cindi Spiegler, was on Twitter.

I can’t imagine having a failed nurse who whores herself and bullies people online as a mother!

This is why I say Yes to Prop 60 when it comes to people in the industry like this. Then it’ll make it easier to sue them when they get online and harass and bully people. People like her, Tompkins, and Cindi Spiegler (which is really just a fake name┬áSean Tompkins and friends use to bully people) is why the porn industry needs to suffer a major blow to it.



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  1. She’s your typical middle aged woman. Nothing special about this one. I don’t see why anyone would pay those rates. Unless a dude is really old or really ugly, he can find something similar for free. Alternatively, he can go bang many 18-24 year old skinny Asian girls overseas for probably not even half of what she charges for an hour.

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