Grace Evangeline OWNED by Dakota Skye!

Young XXX performer Dakota Skye just OWNED fat old grandma white trash hag Grace Evangeline on Twitter.  Evangeline is the whore that claims to have multiple degrees and endless job opportunities in high paying fields but she is on Twitter fighting with people 24/7 and she returned to whoring recently claiming she did so because she enjoyed it and doesn’t need the money. Sure, grandma. Granny butted into the following discussion without an invitation. One more angry, aging whore that doesn’t know when to leave it alone and has to continue seeking out negative attention.

Grace Evangeline @Acute_Aphrodite  I hope Dakota isn’t on another meth binge. The last one put her in jail for domestic violence.

 Grace Evangeline @Acute_Aphrodite 

 Yes please. Bring it on. You don’t have a pot to piss in and beg for money. Comical. I’ll wait. Patiently.
Dakota Doll18+ @dakotadollhouse
I’m high on drugs the staff is giving me because I need them and even refused them but had too to be able to walk in case you were concerned

Dakota Doll18+ @dakotadollhouse




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