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Greg Sakas: The Cops Are Ready to Throw the Book at Him

North Carolina- Greg Sakas who’s North Carolina store was raided by police in January calls me Saturday morning, “They [the cops] did not charge me,” Sakas reports.

“They warned me to go in yesterday [Friday]. By me not going in with my attorney yesterday they did not charge me. The paperwork is forthcoming this week and I was just informed that they’re also looking into the possibility they could maybe end up with an obstruction of justice by me telling employees not to come forward. And they would love that because it has a lot more meat on it. It’s unbelievable. But there’s no doubt that even though they did not charge me Friday, they will charge me this week as it now looks. But they’re hoping they can get me by me telling employees not to talk to them, about telling them what to say- which I have not done.

“I have told them if they want to testify I can’t stop them and they’re not going top lose their jobs. I’ve already told them that anyway. And not because of this. I feel very strongly that I can not force anyone to do that. That’s what they’re shooting for now- they’re hoping they can get something decent with meat on it. So this is going to be a war here for sure.”


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