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Gustavo Accepts The Deal

Porn Valley- I spoke to Keith O’Connor Monday morning and O’Connor says Gustavo Chavarria has accepted Skeeter Kerkove’s offer to take a polygraph test.

“I got him to do it,” states O’Connor. O’Connor says he was waiting on a couple of call backs of people who would administer the test. I told O’Connor I was under the impression that Skeeter was going to have final approval of who was going to administer the test. Skeeter has put $100,000 on the table provided Gustavo passes the test.

Over the weekend, Skeeter wrote the following to O’Connor:

Keith, please have it set up with an accredited polygraph expert, I know that you will, please make sure it is videotaped with audio and a release that the rsults are not confidential. This is the same thing my attorney had me do, to keep everything as straight forward as possible.

Did Gustavo have any previous knowledge, Bridgette Kerkove aka Patricia Lynn Kerkove she was going to alleged false allegations against Mr. Kerkove regarding their daughter Kaylynn Ashley Kerkove.? Did you have any knowledge or participation of posting illegally the Megans’ Law of Arland Kerkove On i.e. jizzrat

Did you ever spend the night with Bridgette Kerkove and or her children?

Did you ever have sex with Bridgette Kerkove aka Patricia Kerkove?

Did you have previous knowledge, Bridgette Kerkove wanted Skereter Kerkove out of Metro and was going to do whatever it took to destroy Skeeter Kerkove.

The test should take approx 4 hours, with audio and video, from an accredited expert, the test is very, very long and emotionally taxing, however, the results and payola are clearly worth the effort.

The top polygraph experts ask a huge battery of questions that have nothing to do with the questions, that need to be answered, it is done for a reason.

Thank you for taking care of this Mr. O’Conner, respectfully yours, Skeeter Kerkove. P.S.: Gustavo swore on his childs life, he never received a kickback from me, please have him asked that question, in regards to the buyut, Gustavo lined up with the Boss for Sensational Teens # 2, Gustavo received 1000 dollars from Skeeter Kerkove in 100 dollar bills. Keith, record and audio the the test, any accredited polygraph expert, will indeed do so anyway, unless instructed by the client to not do so.


O’Connor also replies: Skeeter, I WANT YOU THERE!!! I want you to see it with your own eyes, to satisfy you 100%

Skeeter writes back: That is more then fare, thank you so very, very much. Remember, Gustavo swore on his childs life I never gave him a kickback, to Gene Ross in your office and to Kennt G.

I gave Gustavo 1000 dollars.

Gustavo told you, Keith O’ Conner, “I am seeing Bridgette”.

Was he lying then or is he lying now?

I’m seeing Bridgette is not a term used when talking abiut being close friends with somebody. What happend between Gustavo and Bridgette, that made her turn on Gustavo??? I know he told you Keith. What happend that made Bridgette talk bad about Gustavo to Kenny G., Rick, Mike Barbella and Noel Bloom?????

Why did she try to harm Gustavo????? Gustavo put a ton of extra money in her pocket by allowing her to shoot way more then her contract called for.???

When did Bridgette Kerkove have the I.R.S. go to Metro.



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