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Guy Capo Caps Off a Year

Porn Valley- We literally talked to him his first day on the job. Now, EvolutionErotica, director Guy Capo celebrates his first year in the porn business. As we speak, Capo sends his latest creation, Payback: Evolution of a Gangbang off to authoring.

He figures it will be on the street sometime the early part of May. And, judging by the trailer, this could be his best work yet. Capo said he was “very stoked” about this release.

“I can’t wait for it to get out there. With every project I see the end result coming closer and closer to my vision in my mind,” says Capo who got his start with Evolution on the strength of an unsolicited demo reel that showed some amazing promise.

In the past year Capo has created at least two modern porn masterpieces in the person of American Gunk along with Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll. But even with that, Capo’s not totally satisfied, but it’s coming close.

“That’s the most beneficial part of this job,” Capo adds. “It gives me satisfaction knowing that I’m getting to that 90% satisfaction rate with what I originally envisioned. As critical as I am of myself, that’s an enormous accomplishment for the year I’ve been out here. I’ve learned so much. That’s the best part of the job.”

Asked what some of the biggest lessons he’s learned in the past year are, Capo said he’s gotten to understand a little more about the market place. “Anybody who’s ever been in an adult bookstore can tell that the market is saturated,” he observes.

“That I knew coming in,” Capo goes on to say. “But as far as the distribution channel- who matters and who doesn’t; what matters and what doesn’t- all those angles are totally different than what I perceived as a consumer. I’m not sure who is at fault for my dissatisfaction with the porn industry. What drove me to get into the business was my dissatisfaction with it. I’m not sure who’s at fault now that I’m on the inside and have had a year to kind of soak it up.

“Is it the porn companies continuing to produce things that don’t have much integrity? Is it the distributors who are buying whatever is safe and most profitable? Or is it the consumer who is not exercising his purchasing power and is continuing to buy a lot of crap that has super saturated the market. It’s a real dilemma that I think everybody in the industry is frustrated over.”

As far as Capo’s concerned, “the joint needs a good blood letting.”

“It’s time to turn some of these things over,” he continues. “Of all the things this business is, it’s not a very efficient machine at weeding out the weak ones. The weak stragglers can make it a long fucking time if they play their cards right and that has fucked over the entire industry. A smaller Porn Valley would be to everyone’s benefit.”

As far as he’s concerned, Capo said he’s getting a mixed feedback. “I’m certainly appreciative of the acceptance that I’ve gained from everybody. I was hoping to have made more of an impact than I have. But that’s probably my own perfectionism talking. I don’t know if I’ll ever be satisfied in that regard. But I’m getting there and am happy with that. I’ve seen a lot of growth in myself so those are positives. And despite its grittiness and all the shit that goes on with it, I really do like the industry. There’s nothing quite like it in the world.”


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