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Gwen Diamond and Jack Lawrence Debut on KSEX; Diamond Auctions Off Her telephone Number

Porn Valley- The dance team of Jack Lawrence, and Gwen Diamond made their first appearance on KSEX Monday night. The duo took over the 9pm slot formerly occupied by Don Hollywood and Brooke Hunter, [then Candy Manson, then Lynn Lemay].

The name of the show is Who Wears the Pants with Diamond explaining the meaning of that by saying she’s a “macho girl”.

“I’m complete and utterly bisexual,” she said. “And I get laid at every opportune moment. And Jack likes to cuddle.”

“My booty call agreement says you have to have me cook you breakfast in the morning,” Lawrence added. “I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.” At the same time, Lawrence made it clear that he loves his penis and loves fucking.

“It’s awesome to have a penis.” Diamond said she wanted a penis so she could put it in girls.

“I don’t know what it feels like to have sex with a girl. I just kind of eat pussy and get her cum all over my face and it’s awesome. But I want to know what it feels like to put my penis into a girl or even a girl’s asshole.”

Diamond said once her website is launched she has exclusive anal footage to be found on it.

“My very first anal scene ever was with Mr. Jack Lawrence,” she added.

Diamond reported that Lawrence eats pussy better than a lesbian. And Diamond mentioned something about Lawrence doing an instructional video on the subject.

“But we can’t talk about that too much because I don’t want anybody stealing the idea,” chimed in Lawrence. Diamond said Lawrence indeed ate pussy better than anyone she’s ever had.

“And I’ve had quite a few lesbian experiences.” Diamond took a shot at Lawrence’s age. He just turned 40.

“At least I still get paid to get laid,” Lawrence laughed.

Diamond explained how she and Lawrence re-met on the set of The Real Boogie Nights.

“Directed by Mr. Kurt Lockwood,” said Diamond and Lawrence mentioned that Lockwood would be a guest in about two weeks. Tiffany Price was the guest for the first show, and Diamond said she, Lockwood and Price had the most amazing sex one time.

“A lot of people out there are probably wondering if we’re boyfriend and girlfriend, are we dating,” Lawrence mentioned.

“You wish,” said Diamond. “You’re too much of a pussy for me. I need a man, not a lesbian.” Lawrence said he could always man-up and get a tattoo.

In an attempt to coax Diamond out of her bra, Lawrence talked about how back in the day he’d jack off to the J.C. Penny catalogue. On the other hand, Diamond would look at the catalogues for the How to make Love videos and do the same. Diamond was asked what was the first object she used to penetrate herself. She said a candle.

“I would put the candle in my pussy and it would melt a little bit,” she continued. “Just enough so you could mold it. So I would turn it into a hook-thing to get my G-spot.” Diamond first got wind of her G-spot when I guy fingered her. She was underage.

“He did this little move- I was oh my God. I tried it at home and I couldn’t reach it by myself. I couldn’t give myself a G-spot orgasm without somebody else’s help. It cramps my arm.”

Lawrence recalled a time he shattered a wrist when he was a professional cyclist. Professionals were first allowed in the ’96 Olympics and Lawrence two months before the trials shattered some bones and was getting ready for his surgery [apparently he fucked the doctor].

“The woman that was going to get surgery before me had carpal tunnel and the doctor I fucked ended up telling me the woman was a chronic masturbator,” said Lawrence adding that there were obvious benefits to breaching doctor-patient confidentiality.

Getting back to how he and Diamond hooked up on the set of The Real Boogie Nights, Lawrence said he fell in love with Diamond within the first hour and later made her a pan seared Ahi tuna.

“How many other guys in the business cook for the bitches?” he asked. “But the best thing was bringing you back to the set the next day in the exact same clothes that you left the set with. You were actually my official girlfriend for a whole three days.”

Lawrence said he got jealous when Diamond started cuddling up to one of the extras.

“I haven’t felt jealousy for years,” he said. “That guy cuddled up with you- there was no way I could feel jealous after three days and we decided to be friends and occasional booty calls.”

Diamond brought up ass fucking and mentioned how she made a girl squirt from her ass one time.

“I got content for my website- Nicki Hunter- I fucked her in the ass with this huge dildo. It was my first girl-girl anal ever and it’s going to be on my website as well. I started fucking her ass and she rubbed her pussy and started squirting in my face. She was the first person I ever saw squirt. It was cool.”

Diamond described Hunter’s present condition and the KSEX text message fund raiser going on for her. Lawrence noted that his first wife died of pancreatic cancer in 1991.

“I know what it is to go through that in a losing battle,” Lawrence said.

Diamond said she looked up to Hunter.

“She had her own studio; she had her own production company- my third scene in the business was for her doing a boy-girl-girl blowjob where I got cum in my ear which was absolutely ridiculous. She’s the biggest sweetheart and I love her to death.”

Diamond said she was willing to put down $100 for Hunter’s benefit if someone would match it.

“I will give you my personal telephone number.”

Noting that Josh Hunter was a very nice guy and loved Nicki a lot, Lawrence urged everyone in the audience to get involved. Though he and Annie Cruz have now split, Lawrence talked about how they got married by KSEX.

“That was the cheap way to do it,” he laughed. “I didn’t have to pay for a venue, we got lots of publicity- we had a great wedding.”

“Ah that’s fuckin’ hot and then you got divorced two years later,” Diamond commented consolingly. According to Lawrence, Cruz found someone who was better for her.

“That’s all good.”


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