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Hannah Harper Interviewed-final

Porn Valley- Sin City contract girl Hannah Harper,, was a fill-in for Tyler Faith recently on KSEX. Harper was co-host on The Wanker Show and Wankus noted that Harper and Tyler had just done a softcore shoot together. And because of the time they got to bond, Faith really likes Harper, Wankus said. Although Harper appears to be reserved, partly because of the British accent, Wankus noted that she’s a genuine freak.

“She’s wild and crazy and likes to party,” said Wankus. He noted that Harper appeared in great shape and must be working out.

“The meth diet, whatever it is, you look good,” he told her.

“I like the drugs,” laughed Harper. Besides her contract with Sin City, Harper’s also directing movies for them and talked about her latest, Dream Teen 5. It was mentioned that Courtney Simpson appears in the movie as well as Harper.

“She was like a replacement girl because another girl flaked on me,” Harper mentioned. Wankus said Simpson’s like Harper in the sense that you think she’s a nice, cute little girl but is “fuckin’ nuts” when the camera’s rolling. Harper’s also proud of Sodom 2.

“It’s the filthiest movie I’ve ever done,” she said. “It’s directed by Jim Powers. He’s one of the most creative and twisted directors out there.”

Wankus wondered what happened to the Sin City shoot Blond Factory that Faith and Tyler were supposed to be in.

“Francois was directing it originally,” said Harper. Wankus got the impression that DCypher was directing it.

“Somebody told me he was director but when I went to pick her up that day- she didn’t have a car- the whole hour I was waiting outside, DCypher was outside talking, having fun,” Wankus noted. Harper said DCypher was the director and Jim Powers shot it.

“When Jim Powers is on set, DCypher can take breaks,” Wankus mused. Harper said Axel Braun was also there as well because he shot a scene with her for a different movie. Wankus said Tyler Faith wound up on the boxcover where she’s shown sucking dick.

“She knows how it works but she’s pissed because she never does boxcovers like that- she always does clean, cutesy boxcovers.”

Harper said she’s always wincing, herself, wondering what cover she’s going to appear on in a comp. Wankus explained to his listeners what that was.

“And they [the companies] don’t have to pay talent again because they already signed it away in their release,” said Wankus. “Jill Kelly was like the comp company. They made a movie a month and five comps a month. It sucks if you’re a fan that buys every movie from a company.”

Harper also mentioned that she started feature dancing.

“I’m not a big fan of that but I think I’m coming around,” she said.

Harper indicated that she’ll be in Albany, NY the end of June. Wankus felt that a lot of girls were set off by the whole idea, under the impression that they had to do ballet movies.

“But you just need to connect with the fans,” he suggested. Harper agreed that by being a feature you’re under pressure to put on a good show.

“And I knew I couldn’t dance,” she said. “I have no sense of rhythm.” Wankus said Tyler Faith, instead of resorting to smoke and mirrors, will as much as whisper in their ears to make a connection.

“I’m dying to know what she fuckin’ says- it’s shit like that. A lot of girls don’t understand that. Harper said she does costumes but doesn’t go crazy with lavish expense. Harper, in fact, got Flick Shagwell’s hand-me-down cop outfit.

“She retired and gave it to me,” said Harper. Similarly, Wankus said Faith has a lot of Jill Kelly’s costumes as well.

“But those costumes are not cheap,” said Wankus. “I think she spends an average of a $1,000 or more on each costume.”

Wankus assumed because Harper’s site was dot-net, she was still fighting with someone over her name. Harper sounded exasperated and said the guy who has it has been talking to people on MySpace passing himself off as Harper. Wankus said a good attorney could put the grab on it for her. Harper said the guy was being very clever and also turned her name into a design company, Hannah Harper Designs. Wankus, again dispensing free legal advice, told Harper she had a case she could win. Harper reminded Wankus of some earlier miscommunications between the two of them because Wankus was sending inquiries to the dot-com address and the owner was passing himself off as Harper.

“That cost me a $100 lunch to clean that shit up!” Wankus laughed, noting that he had some words with Derek Hay at the time over it.

Wankus was discussing the Geno’s cheese steak story with Harper where the owner of that Philadelphia establishment is refusing service to anyone who doesn’t speak English.

“The English- we’re the most arrogant race in world,” conceded Harper. “We’ll go anywhere in the world and expect everyone to speak English.” Harper also said she saw a new story where someone was saying that the English language is a common ground and stops segregation.

“If people learn English, they integrate more.”

Asked if she ever got to play more of a character part than a sex role, Harper said she gets shot in one Dream Teen movie then gets brought back magically for the next installment.

“But I would like to,” she said. “I used to like working for Jerome Tanner for Legend when I was under contract for them. Nelson X used to write the scripts and, honestly, he should have won an award for the most imaginative reasons why people have to have sex with each other.” According to Harper, Nelson came up with one bit where I guy had a tracking device in his scrotum.

“He always had me say bloody hell every single script,” she laughed. Wankus pointed out how Jim Holliday used to do some of the most outlandish setups all of which probably worked out in his mind. “And they made no sense.” Wankus was showing Harper a clip of a non-sex performance he does in Internal Affairs, a Wicked Movie. Wankus then asked her to put in a good word for him come awards time.

“I’m very connected,” said Harper dryly. “I’ve never won an AVN award in my entire career.” Wankus asked Harper if she thought dialogue played any relevance in porn movies. Speaking for himself, Wankus thinks the purpose is to entertain.

“If you can give them something to jerk off to and enjoy, it’s a bonus,” he said. “But when they take themselves too seriously, it’s not going to work.” Harper said she’s always enjoyed doing features and gonzo.

“Gonzo is about pushing your limits and seeing how far you can go,” she said. “It’s exciting. Feature stuff is more fantastical. You can turned on by the scenario as well.” Steven St. Croix popped his head into the studio and Wankus noted that St. Croix was phenomenal in Internal Affairs.

“I actually watched it,” mused St. Croix. “I was surprised. It’s a funny flick. Jonathan Morgan directed that and got Julia Ann in it, Stormy and everybody else.” Wankus said he heard rumors about Morgan that early on his career, he would start projects and run out of time and budget and end early. St. Croix said he never heard that. And the way he said it, Wankus had to laugh as if that’s who he heard it from. Wankus also said he and Morgan had a rocky start.

“He treated me like shit at first,” said Wankus. “But I was told it takes him awhile to get to know somebody- and when I was on this set he was so cool.”

“Jonathan has always been a funny guy,” mentioned St. Croix. “He and I go way back. He’s always been funny and he’s a big fan of comedy. I think what happened is that he copied other comedians and funny stuff and he’s gotten his own rhythm now. He’s more enjoyable to work with now than when we were all young.”

Wankus thought the movie was like a modern day Keystone Kops and St. Croix said no one was going to know what he was talking about with that reference.

St. Croix thought the first time he worked with Harper she was under contract to Pleasure. His recollections were that Harper was very shy and timid.

“I had to be really gentle with her,” said St. Croix having no idea what a freak she was. “I was so enthralled.” Harper agreed that she and St. Croix did some pretty good scenes together. St. Croix remembered them being drenched in sweat and how they’d be sliding off a couch during a scene. Wankus then got into a conversation about what Harper was like as a kid and a student. That will be continued in another post.


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