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Hannah Harper Interviewed Part 2-final

Porn Valley- The extent of Hannah Harper’s stay when she was on KSEX recently allowed ample time for chat with the buxom British beauty.

During the second hour of their chat, Wankus began asking Harper questions about her years in development. Harper said she was pretty much the sexual freak growing up that she is now. Harper was 18 when she came to the states but was 16 when she first had sex with a 22 year-old guy.

But Harper said she had lost her virginity “technically” earlier than that with another lad.

“We were in my bedroom and my mom was in the living room,” she said. “He’s eating me out and I’m staring out the window a little bit bored. He didn’t really do it for me. Then all of a sudden I feel this pain and I realize what’s going on and I kicked him out the house.” Wankus mused that Harper really must have been bored not to realize that he stopped licking and starting mounting her. According to Harper, the guy slammed it in.

“He had been trying for awhile now here’s my chance, I’m just going to go for it,” Harper shrugged. Prior to that experience Harper dabbled in some dry humping.

“But the whole blowjob scene scared me,” she said. “Now I love it.” Harper recalled a scene she did for Joey Silvera with Mark Davis.

“When I first came into the industry I watched these girls giving head and deep throating and saliva, oh my God, I’m so bad at this,” said Harper. “Then Mark Davis taught me how to deep throat.” Wankus wondered whether Davis used a demonstration model or just explained it to her.

“He’s you’re going to gag, but trust me I’m a professional,” Harper continued with her story. “I know what I’m doing- look at my eyes and everything’s going to be okay. And it was. There’s the thing. You’re going to have to come to terms that you’re going to gag. You just get used to it.” Getting back to her story, Harper said she never had sex with the first guy nor did she give him a blowjob. Harper says now on hindsight she would have at least given the guy a blowjob. Asked about her full-on sexual experience with the 22 year-old guy, Harper said it was okay and she was with the guy for 3 1/2 years.

“I think to myself if we were still together, I have no idea what we would be doing tight now,” she said. “He was freaky and I was right there behind him.” Harper also had anal sex the first time when she was 16.

“And we tied each other up at the hotel his parents owned.” Wankus was trying to get her to tell the freakiest thing she did and Harper wouldn’t go there. Harper said she’d have to think about it.

At one point in her life, Harper wanted to get a degree in Psychology. Another, she wanted to try out for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

“But I came out here and did porn,” she laughed. Wankus was curious how she hooked up with Derek Hay because they had been an item. Harper said she was still with that other guy of 3 1/2 years and the idea was brought up that maybe she should do porn.

“Which I didn’t think would be great,” said Harper. “He was very persuasive and persistent and every single day I’d be hearing about it. So finally I was like I’ll do one scene so I can say I did it and didn’t like it. So he used to look at a lot of porn on the Internet and I’d look at some of it with him. I guess he came across this really shady agency on the Internet. So I was with this agency for maybe three or four shoots and the guy gave me four different numbers for agents in London. I called each of them and Derek was the most professional. That’s how we met. He was running the agency in London.”

Wankus assumed correctly that Harper was fooling around with Derek behind the other guy’s back. Harper admitted she did and decided that she would hold off until they graduated before dropping any bombs on him. Except he caught on.

“But he did have an idea the day after he did his last exam- he’s like, you’re going to leave me today,” said Harper sadly. Harper noted that Hay had been living in California and had been touring with a band. A friend of his in London asked if he wanted to help run the agency.

“He stayed in London but always wanted to come back to California,” Harper said. Asked if she kept contact with her ex, Harper said he went on to New Zealand and they lost touch.

“We were friends for awhile but his new girlfriend didn’t like that.” Harper didn’t seem clear about her future plans but said she liked the way things were working out for her at present. She has been directing and says generally the week prior to the shoot date she feels it isn’t worth the hassle until the shoot’s over. With the NY Expo over and Erotica LA coming up at the time she was interviewed, Harper was asked how she felt about the conventions in general.Harper said she liked the show in Vegas as well as store signings.

“For some reason I really don’t like LA Erotica,” she said. “I don’t know why.”

“I hate it too,” chimed in Wankus. “It’s all the local chollos. Seriously, it’s a very gangsterish style convention. I walk into the setup and I don’t feel comfortable. It doesn’t have the warmth. It feels so open and cold and not connected with everybody. And a lot of guys that show up there are, hey, what do you got for free? Hey, give me the tape. Chill the fuck out.” In Vegas, said Wankus, you know there’s an instant respect you have to have.

“Even though I think they should have a shower or leave rule,” he laughed. “But people are more respectful. In LA they’re a little more rude. It’s not, like, oh my God, I love your work. It’s, yo, bitch, sign my movie. That’s why I don’t like LA Erotica. But I hate all the conventions to be honest with you. I hate going to all of them. I have no problem meeting fans but I don’t like sitting in a booth eight hours to meet them.”

For the same reason Harper said she likes store signings.

“They’re less crowded and you get more time to talk to fans,” she explained. “And they are really fans.” Harper remembers her first Vegas convention. She was being approached by various ethnicities and was having a difficult time spelling names particularly guys named Jesus. A story was brought up about when Harper was sharing a limo with another girl.

“She needed the bathroom,” said Hannah. “We’re trying to get the driver to pull over. So she’s peeing in the glasses, filling them. She had good muscle control, this girl- we were throwing it out the window and passing it [the glasses] back to her.” Wankus remembered the time he was in Florida with Mari Possa and there was full bore pissing on her part in the day time on the side of a road.

“She was sitting there squatting in the grass,” he said. “I kept telling her I had pictures on my cell phone.”

Harper got back to her story and how she sexually progressed. At the age of 18 she had a crush on her psychology teacher who was a girl.

“That’s when I first started to realize that maybe I was into girls, too,” she said. “And in psychology I decided to tell my best friend at the time, to confess this. She was into girls, too, and we were all up for it. But the only thing we ever did was kiss because her boyfriend didn’t like it. That was my first girl experience. But my first sex was within the industry- Layla Jade was my first girl-girl scene back in England. She was nuts but very nice to me.” Harper remembered doing another scene with Jade in England.

“You couldn’t show anything, but it was anal- but it really wasn’t anal, obviously.” Harper said she was very new and green, but the way Jade was going on and on, Harper got nauseous.

“It was really raunchy and dirty,” said Harper.


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