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Hans Avluv Husband of adult performer Veronica Avluv Passes Away

LOS ANGELES – from – Hans Avluv, the husband of adult performer Veronica Avluv [pictured], passed away suddenly Tuesday at the age of 53.

Veronica told XBIZ that he suffered an aortic aneurysm, or ruptured artery below his heart, after a fall in the hotel where he had stayed the night before in Orange County, Calif. Hans had traveled there on Monday to reconnect with some old friends and colleagues at a reunion party for the Black Fly Sunglasses company on Monday night.

“He died very quickly,” Veronica said. “If there was any suffering, it was not even 30 seconds. When that happens it’s actually quicker than a heart attack.”

Hans was a well-known figure in the surf, snow and skateboarding industry who more recently was a stay-at-home father, in addition to being the staunchest supporter of Veronica’s career in the adult industry.

“It had been a good three years with Hans being a stay-at-home parent with the kids. He didn’t really go out and have much fun. So I encouraged him to go to this party. I wanted him to go,” Veronica said. “We hugged each other goodbye and said, ‘I love you,’ and we kept in touch via [text messages] while he was there.”

She added, “I have to say in retrospect he had an amazing last night on this earth, and he didn’t die in front of his children.”

Veronica, who is from the Dallas area, and Hans, a native of Orange County, had been married for almost 16 years and were a couple for almost 18.

They have two children together – one is 16 and the other 11. Hans also had a 24-year-old from a previous marriage and Veronica a 19-year-old from her first marriage who was especially close to his stepdad.

“Hans had been the father figure to him,” Veronica said. “They were very, very close. They would go surfing together and hang out. Hans was an amazing man. Everyone who knew him loved him. He was not afraid to cry and not afraid to laugh. He was very loud, a big presence.”

Hans had a flair for design and a creative mind, Veronica said. His professional career included extensive freelance design work, art direction and photography. He even designed his own line of dress shoes that were an offshoot of the Airwalk brand.

“A lot of my pictures that are out there that are tagged with an adult company are his pictures,” Veronica said. “He had done celebrity weddings. He was an amazing designer and photographer.”

When the economy downshifted and work began to slow down, Veronica said that she and Hans ultimately made the decision that he would stay home with the kids while she tapped back into her fetish and pin-up modeling background. That led her to trying the adult industry in 2010.

Hans did a couple of sex scenes with Veronica, one for her website and a couple of BJ scenes for other companies, but being in front of the camera wasn’t his preference.

“He was extremely intelligent. He graduated high school at 16, and all my kids are like off the charts,” Veronica said.

“He was extremely creative, very giving, and very protective of women and children. Right up until the last month of his life, he met an old man at the bank that seemed to be kind of despondent about something and Hans took him under his wing. He was just that guy. He would give his last dime to someone. He saved a baby squirrel two days before he died.”

Hans actually came up with Veronica’s stage name himself. Veronica’s transition from girl/girl only scenes for her first six months to trying a handful of boy/girl scenes in late 2010 was not an easy one for the couple, she said.

“He didn’t like it very much but we really talked it out and both agreed, and then I did my first five boy/girl scenes at the end of December in 2010, and I had no idea that it would take off like it has,” she said. “I very much enjoy my work and he understood that. We weren’t swingers or anything, so it was a challenge for him. But both of us were grown-ups and had been together long enough for us to work through what we had to work through. And he had been my biggest supporter.”

Hans also stood by Veronica last October, when she checked herself into rehab for her alcoholism.

“He held my hand through that process,” Veronica said. “I don’t think I would’ve been able to maintain the reputation that I did, the great reputation I have with companies and producers without having him by my side and keeping me together.

“He really in many ways taught me how to be strong, and I don’t know if I would’ve been able to handle this as well if he hadn’t been by my side and my staunchest supporter. He always told me not to give up, not to give in and just totally be myself. Then he had to leave…”

He unexpectedly took on his own stage name in 2011 during a casual night with friends.

“We were joking around, and people that know him well know this. All dogs and all cats that don’t like most people would come to him,” Veronica recalled. “He had these big, warm hands. And we were joking around about him having these warm hands, and it just came out that he has hands of love. And it was either him or me that said, ‘Oh my god, what if we gave him a name, Hans Avluv, because it sounds like hands of love.’ And that’s how it came about. It was just a moment, more like a joke. But we liked to put our creativity back into this industry like what we used to do in mainstream, so he had a name for our private identity that people could immediately identify.”

Avluv has now performed in more than 100 movies since starting her career. She was a 2013 nominee for XBIZ MILF Performer of the Year in January. And she said her career would not be where it is today without Hans’ support.

“I don’t judge this but there are couples in the industry that are all about watching their partner. But he wasn’t a cuckold. He wasn’t turned on by the idea of other men touching me. But he got past it and saw it for what it was and was my support,” Veronica said. “I know it wasn’t easy for him. At the same time it didn’t torment him the whole time. We progressed through it. We were very good at communicating with each other.”

She added, “Towards the end, we had been together so long it was almost like we were brother and sister. He was the best friend I’ve ever had. We had that kind of relationship where you could look at someone and know exactly what they’re about to say. I can feel him still. And I feel him nudging me like, ‘Hey, give it a little time and then step back into work.’ I love the adult industry and I plan on staying in it even when I’m not in front of the camera any more.

“I’m not going away. If anything, it makes me stronger and more dedicated to my goals. I know I’ll be back working this next month. I know he would want me to get up and get out that door. It’ll be good for me.”

Avluv said that anyone wishing to express condolences could contact her at [email protected].


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