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Haunting Kira Gives Horror Movie Actress Something To Scream About

Scream Queen Rachel Grubb [pictured] has nabbed the lead role in the upcoming Teresa Fahs’ film “Haunting Kira,” which will shoot in Las Vegas in early 2010. The official announcement was made the day after Comic Con International in San Diego wrapped.

Grubb, the star of the indie horror films “Terror Overload,” “Tales of the Dead,” “13 Hours in a Warehouse,” “Strip Club Slasher,” “Camp Kill” and “Cave Women on Mars,” said she can’t wait to get started on the project.

“I love the script,” Grubb said. “It’s funny and original with lots of gorey goodness.”

With close to 30 projects under her belt already and being a fan of the works of David Cronenberg, Dario Argento and Debbie Rochon, Grubb knows a thing or two about horror films. So fans can trust her when she says “Haunting Kira” is unlike any other zombie feature.

“Seriously, it’s nothing like the majority of zombie movies,” Grubb said. “Most zombie movies are about the world being chased by animated corpses, and the living having to fight to stay alive. This is only about one zombie, and it’s not an epidemic. Instead, it’s about a spirit who’s discovered a way to infiltrate a corpse. It’s a zombie, but this time, the audience has this relationship with his mind. He feels what’s happening to him in the rotting vessel and we experience that along with him.”

Fahs, a special FX makeup artist for the past decade, has said the script was partly inspired by the works of Stanley Kubrick, Wes Craven and George Romero. Grubb said, she can definitely see that.

“The gore is oozing from every page, and it keeps getting weirder,” Grubb said. “The whole time I was reading it, I was imagining the awesome FX work (Fahs) could do on it.”

Fahs is the CEO of, a one-stop special effects make-up resource for the do-it-yourself zombie. She has written and is currently seeking funds for “Haunting Kira,” which she plans to direct in January and release theatrically on Mother’s Day.

“I’m excited about working with a female director on a horror feature,” Grubb said. “There needs to be more of that.”

Grubb, who is in David Byron’s latest book “Queens of Scream: The New Blood” along side Brenna Lee Roth (“Killer Biker Chicks”), Bianca Barnett (“Albino Farm”), Nikki Homicide K (“Zen: Hunter”), Seregon O?Dassey (“Ghost Watcher 2”), April Monique Burril (“Chainsaw Sally”) and Monique Dupree (“Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned”), will be co-producing the film through one of her two production companies in association with Fahs’ Gorified Films and Chad Clinton Freeman’s Polly Staffle Films.

Fahs is ecstatic to have Grubb on board her directorial debut, which she says will be not only bloody, but also sexy.

“I had the pleasure of working with Rachel on a short project a few months ago, and I’m thrilled to have such a talented horror actress as my lead,” Fahs said.

Fahs, dubbed the Godess of Gore by her fans, has described her film as a ghost story, a zombie film, a gorefest, and a strange trip that is like “Being John Malkovich” meets “The Shining” meets “Night of the Living Dead.”

She has also promised the film will be filled with paranormal activity, re-animated and decaying corpses, painfully realistic gore, frenzied and meaningful kills, thought-provoking nudity and an ending that she hopes will make audiences want to see it all again and again.

Already the film has been offered distribution and is getting quite a bit of buzz online, including genre site, which has said the film has “major potential.”

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