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Haylo Lynn: Eli Offered Her the World; One of the Drivers Tried to Fuck Her; Eli Replies, Calls Her Bluff

Haylo Lynn posts earlier this month on Greetings – My name is Haylo Lynn . I am 19 years old and my home town is from a small town out of Oregon called Bandon. I am in the Adult Modeling Industry and I work for an Agency called Giirlz Inc which is located in Florida. My agents name is Brian and I have been with him on and off since September of last year.

I started the Adult Industry through Brian but at the time it was called Tylers Talent. I came to Florida in September of last year and worked for a week and a half and came home with over six thousand dollars – the only reason I left Brian was because I got sick with strep throat because of the weather changes that I’m not used to. When I went home I decided I was going to try and work on my own as an Independent Model – BIG MISTAKE!!

I later on found out that it made me more money to have a safer journey in my career with an agent. Than I placed my resume on for work and that’s when Eli with Alternative Modeling at contacted me and offered me the world.

Eli had said that he could book me even before I got there for three weeks of work back to back and strait through starting the day that I got there – he also had said that our model house was in a beautiful safe environment and I was going to be ok. I believed him and flew strait from Oregon to Miami Florida.

When I got there, yes Eli did pick me up like he promised and drove me to the model house where I found that our apartment was strait in the middle of the GHETTO!! Now you can only imagine my reaction because here I am a small town white girl out of Oregon that just flew across the country to live here? But, I kept my cool and went with it. I had a really good room mate and I and became really good friends with her.

The next thing I knew I never had any shoots with Eli !! Finally after four days of waiting I got one scene and the male talent that drove me proceeded to threaten me and basically RAPE ME on my way to the shoot or he was GOING TO THROW ME OUT IN ALIGATOR ALLEY IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE in Florida. I told Eli and he didn’t even give a flying fuck about it!!

Than it got worse – my other driver tried to fuck me and Eli still didn’t listen. THAN – Eli (MY AGENT) told me I was going to have to give him a blow job during a scene FOR FREE OR HE WASN’T GOING TO BOOK ME WITH ANYONE !! Next – I had a friend get online for me and get into my e-mail to get Brians phone number and I called him at like 8am crying hysterically to see what he thought I should do – within an hour he came and rescued me to get the fuck out of that situation.

Finally I am back with the best agent in the world and I will never work for anyone else, period !! If you are interested in getting into the adult industry I would recommend you working with Brian at before making a choice on working on your own. I just wanted to let everyone know a little on my experience before they get themselves in a bad situation like me. By the way – just for the record – the same thing almost happened to my ex room mate and she left the next day from the time that I left. And now – I am ARTICULATE , ASSERTIVE , AGRESSIVE , I DON’T BACK DOWN FROM THINGS , I KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE GAME AND I DON’T TAKE ANY BULLSHIT!!

> Eli replies: Hi, This is Eli from Alternative Modeling. Haylo, I would encourage you to press charges if this happened exactly the way you say. However, I have a suspicion that you didn’t write this at all and your agent “Brian” has a lead hand creating this elaborate lie.

1. Our Driver: She was all over our driver telling him how horny she was and she hadn’t had sex in so long. They kissed he left. End of story. She calls me at 3am complaining about him. Again, I wasn’t there. But, this is what I heard from the other model that was Haylo’s roommate.

The next day Haylo called me and apologized and asked if she could spend the day with my driver. I asked her if she felt that would be a good idea after what she accused him of. I told her that I didn’t think that it would be best if the two of you didn’t spend any time together.

2. The male talent incident: Haylo is claiming rape on the way to a shoot? I’ve spoken with the producer that she shot with her on her “SECOND DAY” here in Florida. He said nothing was unusual. Haylo was very pleasant to work with and there didn’t appear to be any issues with the male talent. They did two handjobs, some footfetish, and some tickling fetish. After the shoot was over Haylo called me and told me she would prefer to work with this male talent and to book her with him as much as I can. Doesn’t sound like a rape victim to me. But, I don’t know people handle things in strange ways, I guess.

3. Accusing Eli: This one is non-sense. I DID NOT tell her that she had to give me a bj in order to book her anymore. I can not confirm or deny what happend with our driver or our male talent. I wasn’t there. But, this one. I know is NOT true.

Haylo is a good girl. Although, even before she came to Florida I had heard similar stories about other agent’s, producers and male talent she worked with. So, I kept a close eye on what was going on.

Bottom line, please contact the proper authorities and press charges if this happened. Alternative Modeling will not tolerate any misconduct from any of our male talent or drivers. I want to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.

If anyone has any questions or comments. Feel free to call me at 866-859-6003 or [email protected]


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