Hear and There

Van Damage tells me that he has plans of re-launching vandamage.com in a few weeks. There’s also plans in the works of scuttling Pagan Pictures and starting up a brand new company.

John Chamblis and New Frontier Media are locked in a court battle. New Frontier Media wants Chamblis out. Chamblis is suing them. Just recently New Frontier Media cut a deal with Acacia Technologies, the persona non grata company with the adult industry.

The Sports Swami is telling me that Metro contract girl and KSEX on-air personality, Ann Marie never made it for an in-studio interview she was going to do with him, Ann Marie claiming she got lost according to the Swami. Says the Swami: “Her driver went by our street and kept on driving. Finally when they got in touch with me they had a 3 PM signing. The old saying goes, I got hosed.” Bearing in mind that Ann Marie is extremely attentive to her duties at KSEX and puts in extra time to develop her on-air delivery. Swami said Tina Tyler bailed him out by getting Hannah Harper. “And I had Gen Padova for a telephone interview as well.”


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