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Hedgehog Heads Up Legends of Erotica Inductions

Las Vegas- Porn’s Hedgehog Ron Jeremy heads up a list of six inductees- including five women- who will enter the Legends of Erotica Hall of Fame in January.

The event, which is held annually at the AEE show and is sponsored by Ray Pistol and Arrow Productions, will also include Debi Diamond, Kitten Natividad, Mimi Miyagi, Midori and Brittany Andrews.

“It’s sort of one of every size, shape and flavor that I could find with the Hedgehog as the center of attention,” says Bill Margold, who emcees the event. Margold says he’s already approached Mr. Marcus next year for induction along with a couple of Jim Holliday’s “angels”.

“What makes Debi special is that she’s one of Holliday’s original angels,” says Margold.

“She’s the Viking Angel and I want to get as many angels as possible but I don’t want to take them out of order. I want to get them as far back as possible and move at least towards the present. Who knows if we’ll ever get into the future? But at least this should be pretty successful and get a lot of coverage because of The Hedgehog.”

“Debi’s going to be featured at the Arrow/PAW booth because she’s in one of the Arrow movies,” Margold continues. “And then the other ladies will probably visit the booth whenever they can. But it’s really going to be the Debi-Ron Jeremy show. I hope. Again all the other ladies are welcome to come and upstage him as well. And each one will have something to say.”

It’s noted that Kitten Natividad has survived a bout of breast cancer.

“Kitten is legendary on a multitude of levels,” says Margold. “Each one of them is and of course Debi ranks as one of the hottest performers in the history of the business.

“She’s magnificent and I did have the pleasure of working with her in Butts Motel 3,” Margold continues. “It’s something I still get a big kick thinking about because I’m playing a character that’s absolutely out of his mind- I’m directing the scene and she’s being fucked in the ass by Marc Wallice. I’m screwing her, and she’s dressed up as my teddy bear. And Wallice- nobody told him to say it- says, ‘Norman, Norman, you’re fucking Mr. Stubbs.’ It’s all in the film and people are laughing downstairs.

“We had to retake some of it because there was so much noise. People were howling because it was a totally insane scene. We put her in a Chicago Cubs jersey. And [the late] Mark Weiss was there- that was 1989 at the house in Altadena and Debi was a joy. Absolute joy. Big, happy tomboy and good natured.”

“The fact that Steve Nelson has found her and that she wants to come and do this is cool,” Margold adds. “Whether or not she goes on to do anything else will modulate her return very, very slowly- probably through her websites- or if she wants to do it at all. But she’s raring to go and let’s see if she’ll steal thunder from The Hedgehog. That should be very interesting. It’s going to fun and a good night.”

“What I think makes ‘Legends’ the best of all the Halls of Fame is that they chose a person who’s important to them to put them in,” Margold thinks.

“It’s somewhat like the Pro football or professional baseball Hall of Fame. It’s not just a haphazard disaster that AVN’s Hall of Fame is. Or even now the XRCO- I’m not with them anymore, and that’s sort of fallen on the who cares about the hall of fame hard times, too.

“Halls of Fame are starting to be filled up by people who aren’t worthy of it,” Margold believes. “But that’s AVN. They take a scoop of the latest available jellybeans and dump ’em in there. And it makes no sense whatsoever.”

Ironically of all his awards, Margold doesn’t have his AVN Hall of Fame plaque.

“It sort of went to Reb’s office and disappeared,” Margold recalls. “It’s sad but that’s the one I don’t have on my shelf.”

“The Legends show will be fun, and it’s the only thing that makes going to Vegas worthwhile. The convention has limited by ability to raise money for PAW because you can’t sell anything.”

Over the past weekend, Margold presided over an event at the Beverly Cinema featuring The Opening of Misty Beethoven.

“I’m hoping that we can do something like that once a month,” he says.

“Over 150 people showed up and they cheered and yelled at the right moments. They saw Misty Beethoven on the screen- not the best print- but still to see that movie and realize how really good that film is, I was just hugging myself. It’s the Citizen Kane of X and it’s a masterpiece. The sex is perfectly integrated with the storyline- I’ve always said you take the sex out and you’ve still got yourself a helluva film. And that’s really the true judge of what an X-rated film was during the golden era. Classic X.”


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