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Heidi Joy Pike Leaving AVN

>There’s all kind of buzz that Heidi Joy Pike is leaving AVN.

>posted on ADT: This Friday, June 23rd, 2006 the world of the bump and grind will never be the same again. At Shananigans (15832 Stagg Street Van Nuys CA, 19406. 818-902-1122) Lizzy Borden will be hosting the “Mother” of all goddamn fucking strip club parties.

“I promise that this event will be something you will never forget” Borden says. “It will be like Ancient Rome!” Lizzy will be arrive around 10PM, signing autographs, giving away free promotional stuff, and will be doing a stage show that, the controversial, legendary director, performer, and wife of the infamous Rob Black, proclaims, will be “beyond cutting-edge.” There also will be ten live bands performing.

Many porn notables will make surprise appearances, and the Extreme Associates crew will also be in attendance, including Rob Black, Tom Byron, Contract girl Paris Gables, and Thomas Zupko.

Borden will also be making an announcement with one “VERY” special guest the boys at Extreme say will shock and surprise the adult entertainment industry.

“Come down and check it out!” Borden says. “Who knows what might happen? Even I don’t know!”

Extreme CEO, Rob Black, already entangled in numerous legal problems with the federal government, adds: “Fuck, with Lizzy hosting and Paris floating around, God knows what we are in for.”

If you have any other questions, please contact Shananigans or Chelsea at Extreme Associates at [email protected] or give her a call at818-701-4434.

> A Nina Hartley thread has started on ADT and Hartley responds: “Hello, everyone! I just got my password so I could log on and say thank you for your kind and lovely words.

It’s true that I’m nearing the end of doing regular performances on screen. After 22 years, there’s just not much for me to do any more. While I still think of myself as just Nina, or as a hot blonde with a great ass who gives killer head, my age and seniority put me firmly in the specialty catagory: Legend or MILF. There’s ony so much calling for either one, and that’s just a fact.

I love the tremendous support that I’ve gotten from my fans over the past two decades. It’ll be hard to let it go, as I truly love what I do. I’m going to miss being an active performer, no doubt, but all good things must come to an end. I dare say I’ll be finishing up within the next twelve months or so.

As well, I’ve written a book, “Nina Hartley’s Guide to Total Sex,” which will be published Oct. 19 by Avery Press. It’s really good, and I expect it to open up new and different avenues for me. “Leave ’em wanting more,” as the saying goes. I know my long time fans, who have been with me since 1984, would like me to go on forever. I know there are people out there who think I”m ten or more years past my “pull date.” Well, I finally feel it’s time to move forward with what’s next for me. I’ll never not be NIna; after hundreds of movies it would be impossible for me to deny my past. I’ll never not want to meet and greet my fans; I’m a people person, after all!

I look forward to the odd special appearance on camera. Every now and again I expect a feature to need a performer in my age catagory, if only for a non-sex role, and I’ll enjoy those opportunities a lot. And, if the scene calls for a blowjob well, I’m always game for some cocksucking!

Kamp: thanks for your comments! I recently made Syrens of Sex II, with Jada FIre and a guy whose name escapes me (sorry!) I don’t know when it will be released.

My next Guides are Erotic Massage and The Ultimate Sex Party (I do a five way with Byron Long, Alec Knight, Chris Cannon and TJ Hart). In July: Foot Fetish and Porn Star Sex Secrets. That will bring the series up to 32 titles and I think it will finally be done. I can’t think of what to do next!

Thanks again, and I’ll be back to talk some more!

Everett writes: Nina, welcome. Just finished watching you throw down in Mature Brotha Lovers 2 and i think it was directed by Diana Devoe. You & JUnior King, a hot-hot scene and you almost DEEP THROATED. Wow! Way to go. But hey, if you throw in the towel, it’s been a great run. I still have the Hustler December 1984 layout(??is it your first, do you remember this)where you and a guy meet in a XXX theater and start to get it on. And it was all in pink. Dont know if it’s legal because a movie costarring Traci Lords is adverstised and shows her giving head. But I love recalling when I met you circa 2000 and all I can say is pictures dont do you justice. One is privileged to admire your beauty in person. You are more the queen than Jenna Jameson could ever be, blah her!!. Thank you Nina for so many great performances. I gotta go. Im getting kinda sad and this sounding too much like funeral. However, good luck with wherever your career takes you.

> Hartley responds:Thanks, all! I remember the Hustler layout very well. I was brand new, “Nina who?” new, and was very excited to do a layout. In twenty years I’ve still only done a dozen or so magazine layouts.

What I remember most about the shoot was how the photographer kept mind-fucking the sweet young man so badly as to make it impossible for him to maintain his hardon. I thought that was totally cheesy of him. He did give me one great piece of modeling advice, though. I had always hated the insipid, eyes-closed poses of many of the models. They looked dead or asleep, in my view. The photographer told me to close my eyes and make a face like I’m mad. It works, as the woman looks like she’s actually feeling something.

I wore a fuscia-pink dress and low, tan, ankle strap wedge sandals. They didn’t want a “porno” look. The cover was a Christmas wreath of pretty girls.

“Material Girl” was a blast! I think it was the first time I worked with Angel Kelly, and it was her first g/g scene. Wasn’t Shanna McCollough on the cover with me?

Thanks, Big Matt, for your thoughts. My scene in “The Ultimate Sex Party” is very good, with a couple of DPs and three tit pops.

I like the work, but the market for legends is only a small part of the bigger market. I want to leave while people still have a good opinion of me.

> Brian Wallace comments: Nina Hartley, to me, represents more than just an adult film actress. I greatly admire, respect (and am attracted to) intelligent, sex-positive women. From Xaviera Hollander to Madonna to Camille Paglia to Annie Sprinkle and thousands more…those type of women have always intrigued me and represent, to me, the evolved 21st century woman. Nina Hartley is #1 to me.

For over twenty years she has had the greatest attitude about sex and most importantly, has never played the victim. Nina is hyper-intelligent. Her husband, Ernest Greene, also is very intelligent, articulate and well-spoken. He is a very, very lucky guy. Listening to either of them talk or speak is very enlightening to me.

What else can you say about her? I honestly think she’s more sexy now than ever and can keep performing for as long as she wants. She’s living proof that your sexiest body part is the mind and you can be sexy when you’re eighty or eighteen. I wish she wouldn’t stop performing but she deserves a break. Plus, she has a canon like Shakespeare.

She’s accomplished everything she can in adult films and has explored and championed almost every kind of sexual adventure.

I’m really looking forward to her book but I hope she also writes more. I’ve loved her writing and columns, especially the one in On Our Backs magazine. I’d love a memoir from her (and her husband.) I bet they have some amazing stories to tell…

And even though it’s more of her husband’s forte, I’d love to see her direct. What sexual, visual ideas that mind must hold…

I’ll stop before I start to gush. I probably have already started…

Nina Hartley is a great, great woman. Even though I’ve never met her, she’s taught me a lot.


P.S. Nina Hartley is the only person I’ve ever considered getting a tattoo of.

> Kate on comments on Playboy acquiring Club Jenna: Jenna’s movies have never matched the hype, basically. They are tame, stupid, dull and meaningless.

As for Club Jenna, what the fuck has it made that resonates? Nothing as far as I’m concerned. Jenna is a plastic surgery-enhanced petunia who told the world she was bisexual as part of a promotional campaign for her book. She’s an attention-whore as far as I’m concerned.

>C62 writes on XPT: Playboy is a publicly traded company(pla), so I am wondering if it would be in one of their statements. [c62 looks at WillieD & James]It would be interesting if someone with financial proweness would comb through Playboys public statement to see how much scratch jenna got for this.

> Willie D writes on XPT:Actually, they did, See their SEC 8-K here. The amount of detail required in these filings depends on the type of the transaction (SEC Rule 13, I believe). In this case, PLA is purchasing a private corporation. Those terms do not need to be disclosed publicly. However you will probably see notes about it in their next 10-Q (quarterly financial statement), and you almost certainly will see some treatment of it in their next audit–next April.

PLA would only be required to discuss the details of the transaction if (i) they tendered an offer to buy a publicly-owned entity (ii) PLA was issuing stock to pay for the acquisition or (iii) PLA accounted for the transaction as a “merger of equals.”

I think the questions to ask are:

(i) how long is Jenna required to add content to Playboy?

(ii) what is the economic value of that agreement? The minute she leaves that agreement, the name and income-generating power of “Club Jenna” plummets. The same thing is happening to right now.

> DanG writes: Precisely…the only intrinsic ‘value’ Club Jenna has (outside of Jenna herself) is it’s library (which is neither comparatively large, nor does it grow at a particularly fast rate, which is one of the chief gripes I’ve heard about CJ), so I have to wonder how good a deal this is for Playboy, and any judgement on that would be dependent on knowing exactly how much they paid for Club Jenna and its assets, and we all know it’s only a matter of time before that figure comes out in the open one way or another.

I can recall having a discussion in an earlier thread on XPT in which I speculated on who was going to step up and take Jenna’s crown as the number 1 girl, and how there was a distinct lack of viable contenders. Willie D is correct in stating that as soon as Jenna retires, the Club Jenna brand will inevitably decline as Jenna is superceded by whoever the next big thing is.

In my estimation, it would have made more sense for Playboy to just go out and buy Vivid or Wicked, neither of which are dependent on the presence of one performer.

Having said that, as much as I can’t see the logic of the deal from the Playboy end, if the money was right, then I’m sure it’s a good deal for both Jay and Jenna.


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