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Heidi Joy Pike= New Machine

> Gene sez: if you recall we reported on the Heidi Joy Pike move to New Machine some time ago. Now there’s a thread about it on

tootie writes: You have to be joking.. This dumb broad actually has the nerve to call herself an icon in her own press release.

If you read the AVN press release they obviously didn’t agree with her icon status so they changed it from industry “icon” to industry “veteran”. Thats laughable, so is the wannabe model shot she sent in with the release. I remember girls like this, they were the ones that hung out with the hot chicks and cock blocked……

“CEDAR GROVE, N.J. – Adult industry veteran Heidi Joy Pike has joined New Machine Publishing as head of production and marketing for the company’s new gonzo imprint, Corrupted Pictures.

-advertisement-“New Machine has shown a lot of faith and trust in me in taking me on in this position and I plan to do everything in my power to make sure that they have product that will shine in the marketplace,” Pike said.

Pike recently parted ways with AVN, where she was a senior associate editor. Prior to that, she helmed Buttman Magazine, which is owned by Evil Angel head John Stagliano.

Pike says she started off in the adult business as a peep-show girl in Seattle, and then worked in an adult retail store, where she educated herself on porn and the retail side of the business.

“We are excited and feel Heidi is coming on board at the perfect time as we are redirecting our efforts into top directors working exclusively for New Machine,” New Machine president Mark Brown said.

“Heidi adds tremendous enthusiasm, experience and talent to our organization. Her vast knowledge and background will present a unique high quality perspective on our new releases.”

Pike will also be directing for Corrupted Pictures, starting off with an all-girl series called Corrupted.

“I have spent a lot of time watching porn over the years and I know what quality stuff looks like,” she said. “I can’t wait to make New Machine proud of me.”

Pike said that the first volume of Corrupted will be in stores by year’s end.

To contact Pike, email at [email protected] or call 818.326.2838.

New Machine is online at”

>frankenswine posts on XPT: what I want to know is how you get to be a peep show girl looking that? unless it was the peep show at the circus?

The other punch line is being some side show girl and then referring to yourself as an Icon. I love porn, because people want to be so much more important than they are in a business of morally bankrupt degenerates. This lady has a reputation for being rude and playing favorites like some high school game.

Well welcome to our school Miss Pike! The school of truth and consequences. Better dress warm cause it gets cold in here, especially for you “ICON” types..

>jizzbiz69 writes: If Heidi Pike can call herself an ICON, then I’am officially appointing myself the President of Mustard. I’am actively looking for recruits for my Mustard Army. I promise to wear yellow and will make sure that the world has French’s for their hotdogs. I salute Heidi the porn Icon as I hope she respects if not fears my Mustard dictatorship!!!! I challenge anyone to not take either Heidi or myself seriously! You people have no idea who you are dealing with. While Heidi can put a stop to your jerking off I can make sure you will eat hotdogs with nothing but ketchup the rest of your lives.

> frankenswine adds: Ok but if AVN magazine changed her wording than they obviously don’t think she has made that much of an impact and they are the main publication aren’t they? Besides you don’t refer to yourself as an “icon” other people are supposed to do that, because now she has made it apparent that other people do not think that. Nice work! I have also recently learned how happy people were at AVN to see her leave. I guess this explains a lot. Oh and don’t argue with me Monstar…. after all I’m a genius.

> tootie adds: You know Heidi it’s really easy to call yourself an ICON and use your real name. You are right about one thing, no one is impressed. Get a Life…

>jojo writes: why don’t you go lick heidi’s kankles on up to her furry butthole. its about about word usage WHEN YOU ARE A FUCKING WRITER. larry flynt is an icon, heidi jolly pike is just another jaded writer who wanted to be more, but learned that life sucks and got stuck at avn. atleast larry has an excuse for being a turd of a human, he’s cripple..whats heidi’s excuse for being a fat tub?

> cum stains writes: Only a fat drag queen who impersonates Devine would call himself an icon. Heidi’s stolen the word from the trannies her exboyfriend cheated on her with. While he was sucking johnson, heidi dropped the Johnson and added Joy. A joy to what? Old Country Buffet?

>jizz junkie writes: Ron Jeremy is an adult industry icon. Jenna Jameson is an adult industry icon. Heidi Joy Pike is delusional, a legend in her own mind and her mind only. An “icon”? A sad, pathetic spectacle is more like it. Reality-check time, girlfriend.



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