Her Ego Doesn’t Fit Her Face — Roberts on Gina Lynn

WORLD WIDE WEB — Gina Lynn may have just landed the cover of Bizarre Magazine, but Vivid girl, Tawny Roberts isn’t very impressed with the Pleasure Productions star. In fact, from a chat session AdultFYI had with Roberts this afternoon, one can safely say she can’t stand Gina:

TawnyRoberts: What’s up old man, lol
WayneCLewis: Old man? You need to kiss my ass!

TawnyRoberts: Just playing, gosh.

WayneCLewis: I may be old, but I’d still rock your world…at least for 30 seconds! 😉

TawnyRoberts: That’s all I need

WayneCLewis: Really? In that case, what time you coming over?

TawnyRoberts: I hear a lot about Tuesday nights.

WayneCLewis: Porn Star Karaoke Nights are fun, get your lazy ass over there.

TawnyRoberts: Sounds too crazy, for me.

WayneCLewis: Too crazy? Geez. Sit in a corner, have a few drinks and laugh at the singing porn stars…nuttin’ crazy about that.

TawnyRoberts: I’m traveling a lot

WayneCLewis: That’s a good thing

TawnyRoberts: yup

WayneCLewis: Any dirt?

TawnyRoberts: Gina Sucks

WayneCLewis: lol

TawnyRoberts: Gina is a bitch!

WayneCLewis: You really had a fall out I see

TawnyRoberts: she’s talking a lot of shit

WayneCLewis: Talkin’ about you? What is she saying?

TawnyRoberts: her and her husband say a lot of shit everywhere they go……just jealous…and it all comes back to me. That’s ok, they’re from a small town and that’s how they know how to live.

WayneCLewis: So have you responded?

TawnyRoberts: I don’t have sex with her anymore, that’s enough punishment for that BITCH!

WayneCLewis: When and how did you guys have a falling out? You touted yourselves as girlfriends before.

TawnyRoberts: She thinks she’s Jenna Jameson now because she got a few mainstream jobs and she and her man are like walking resumes…you just get tired of the stories.

WayneCLewis: Take me back though. Aside from her alleged newfound ego from rapid success, was there a specific incident that you said, “I can’t take this anymore.”

TawnyRoberts: Yes

WayneCLewis: What was it?

TawnyRoberts: In Tampa, she told everyone that I was Hooking.

WayneCLewis: On this recent trip?

TawnyRoberts: When she is the one that hooks, but talks bad about girls that does it…and…YES [recent trip].

WayneCLewis: Are you hooking?

TawnyRoberts: She has bad reviews on all the boards from a few years ago.

WayneCLewis: Bad hooking reviews?

TawnyRoberts: Yea, she does.

WayneCLewis: Don’t avoid my question, lol, are you hooking?

TawnyRoberts: If I was, I wouldn’t talk shit about girls that did, its not my business.

WayneCLewis: Hey Bill Clinton, that doesn’t answer the question! LOL

TawnyRoberts: How much money you got??? LOL

WayneCLewis: Not enough for you I’m sure

TawnyRoberts: I’m not hooking, NO.

WayneCLewis: Did you confront her with these allegations of her trash talking you?

TawnyRoberts: Why bother, they came from my friends who heard it from her husband and hers mouths. I just don’t return her phone calls anymore.

WayneCLewis: Yeah but you two claimed to be good friends and lovers. Why wouldn’t you confront her about this shit?

TawnyRoberts: Confront her and hear more lies, fuck them! Plus, I cant stand hanging out with them any more, her ego doesn’t fit her face!

WayneCLewis: What kind of work have you been doing lately? How’s the new contract going?

TawnyRoberts: Vivid is good! Just did my first movie, and that was fun. They have me doing so much more than VCA ever would, just in a few weeks.

WayneCLewis: Very kewl, congrats. Are you going to the East Coast Video Show?

TawnyRoberts: NO…are you?

WayneCLewis: No, waste of time.

TawnyRoberts: Yup…went last year, had fun with Gina, but Gina doesn’t live anymore.

WayneCLewis: You’re gonna let me print all of this right?

TawnyRoberts: Yup………I feel better now.



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