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Hey Nic, Where’s the Money?

Nic Cramer, who was on KSEX a few weeks ago, had a lot to say about Steven St. Croix. Kami Andrews who worked for Cramer has something to say about Cramer’s check issuing methods.

Kami Andrews writes on and ADT:

I worked for Private for the director Nic Cramer in March and still have not been paid, I waited a few weeks and was told (through Dick Nasty) that the check had been mailed Monday, then i was told their was a confusion as to which Monday, then Friday so on and so on , at one point of hounding I was able to get $400.

The two male performers I worked with haven’t been paid either, we were all booked through Dick Nasty who plays poker with Nic Cramer every week, so I don’t know if we were booked with the intention of not being paid because Nic knew Dick would let him get away with it or if its just coincidence.

I have heard in the past Nic holes himself up in his over-priced Malibu home and does piles of coke. I could care less unless he’s snorting my money. Other performers have said in the past they have to drive out to Malibu and beat his door down to snap him out of his coke coma, but I live in PA and don’t have his address. I did a DP for his movie if anyone can recover the money (legally of course) you’re welcome to keep half. And to the talent — beware!

>Hardware posts on ADT: And? Are they [Private] supposed to look over Cramer’s shoulder to make sure he crosses all the t’s and dots all the i’s? If so, then there’s not much point in hiring the guy in the first place, is there?

My opinion is that if Dick Nasty got you the job then he bears primary responsibility for getting you paid. Cramer is second in line for trying to welsh and Private is hardly worth a mention.

BTW, If Nasty is sitting on his ass and doing nothing about this then don’t pay him his commission, because he sure isn’t earning it.

> TonyC writes on ADT: You mean they didn’t cut the check when you signed the release? That’s no way to run a set. Of course you’re the one who signed without geting paid. I bet you won’t do that again!

>Tricia Devereaux posts on ADT: Kami – that really sucks and I hope you get the rest of your money.

You should do some research though and find out if the money is supposed to be coming from Private’s offices or if they paid Nic his budget and the money now needs to come from him.

If you’ve already established that it’s supposed to come from Nic, have you tried contacting Private directly (take out the agent as a middle-man)? Oftentimes, even if a production company has already paid out the budget to the director, they will make good to non-paid talents and then just take the money out of the director’s next budget. If the director fucks up a time too many, chances are he will find himself off that companies directing roster.

Tony – some companies hire dozens of girls a month, not a few people a year. For those companies, payroll is the only reasonable option. Also, as a producer, I usually try to get the person to sign the model release first (which includes a statment that they need to finish the agreed production) BEFORE the scene starts. If that doesn’t happen, then they don’t leave set until they sign the paper.

>Kami Andrews responds: Tricia I’m the same way in that I will not even begin the scene without all the paperwork done. What good does is it to find out she’s not legal to work in the US after your done?

Dick refused to give me any info on nic so I wasn’t sure if he was an on payroll director or an independent one, but a lawyer has sent a letter to both private and private eye (nics incorporation)

hpoefully SOME ONE will respond


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