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Judging by the picture, Mary Kay LeTourneau apparently specialized in fucking puppet heads…

WWW- She was 34, he was 12. They called it a love affair, but a judge deemed it a crime.

Mary Kay LeTourneau, the elementary school teacher whose affair with her former student Vili Fualaau produced two daughters, was released from prison Wednesday, a corrections spokeswoman said.

Letourneau served 7 1/2 years for child rape and avoided reporters when she was freed from the Washington Corrections Center for Women prison near Gig Harbor, Wash.

According to sources close to Fualaau, now 21, and LeTourneau, 42, the pair hopes to renew their relationship, despite a court order banning them from contact for life.

“Vili seems more confident, more sure that he will do what’s best for him, and a little bit uncertain about what a relationship with Mary would be like,” said Gregg Olsen, author of If Loving You is Wrong, who spoke to about his recent meeting with Fualaau.

“What is poignant to me is that, in some ways, he seems to be holding on to part of his life until Mary gets out,” Olsen said.

In fact, the former art-school hopeful, whose teacher ignited his love of drawing before she turned him into her sexual conquest, told Olsen he hadn’t picked up a paintbrush in a year, but expected he would return to his hobby when LeTourneau was back in his life.

In 1989, LeTourneau was a vivacious 27-year-old teacher, married with children, when Vili arrived in her second-grade class at Shorewood elementary school in Seattle. It was her first year teaching.

By 1995, Vili was a pupil in her sixth-grade class. LeTourneau took a personal interest in the boy, who had a father in prison and a mother who worked two jobs. In the beginning, she tutored Vili, took him on field trips and nurtured his artistic abilities.

When her interest became sexual, he was helpless to resist her attention.

“If she was just a mentor to him, this would have been the most fantastic positive relationship this boy ever experienced in his life,” Olsen said.

LeTourneau’s affair produced two daughters and made Fualaau a father at 14.

By the summer of 1996, however, LeTourneau and Fualaau were reportedly having sex in every room of his teacher’s home.

Fualaau later testified that when he moved on to the seventh grade, LeTourneau still had provocative techniques to keep him interested in his schoolwork.

“For every answer I got right on the test she was going to take one part of her clothing off,” Fualaau told jurors.

Olsen insists that LeTourneau is no sexual predator, even though her behavior was criminal.

In fact, Fualaau’s experience is not unique. Nearly one in 10 children experience an instance of sexual misconduct – ranging from inappropriate remarks to forced sex – between kindergarten and 12th grade, according to a recent Department of Education report requested by Congress.

The report, which focused on sexual misconduct in grade schools across the United States, also found that while a majority of perpetrators tend to be men, some analysts estimate female abusers could be to blame for as much as 43 percent of all instances of sexual misconduct.

“Female abusers might be underreported if the target is male because males have been socialized to believe they should be flattered or appreciative of sexual interest from a female,” said Dr. Carol Shakeshaft of Hofstra University, who wrote the report.

Fualaau also tried to keep the affair secret, but by February 1997, LeTourneau was pregnant with his child. After her husband, Steve LeTourneau, learned of the affair, a relative reported the tryst to school officials.

According to Olsen, LeTourneau’s only regret was cheating on her husband.

“At the time she went into prison, she didn’t realize the affair was a serious crime, she thought it was a personal matter,” he said.

On Aug. 7, nine days after giving birth to daughter Audrey, LeTourneau pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree child rape. She was sentenced to 7 1/2 years, and barred from any contact with Fualaau.

“I did something that I had no right to do, morally or legally it will not happen again,” LeTourneau told the judge.

But six months later, after being released for good behavior, Letourneau quickly reconnected with her child lover.

A second daughter, Alexis, was conceived on Feb. 3, 1998, the night police caught the couple having sex in a parked car.

They reported finding food, beer, clothing and more than $6,000 cash in the vehicle. LeTourneau was ordered back to prison to serve her full term.

Hours after giving birth to Alexis in a state hospital, she was forced to hand over the child to authorities. Both Audrey and Alexis were put in the care of their Fualaau’s mother, Soona, and had regular prison visits with LeTourneau.

Steve LeTourneau divorced his wife in 1999, moved with their four children to Alaska, remarried and then divorced again.

In the beginning of her prison sentence, LeTourneau attempted to contact Fualauu, sending him audiotapes through third parties and sneaking letters in bottles of breast milk she pumped for newborn Alexis.

“As soon as she was discovered by prison staff for having contacted him, she was immediately taken to administrative segregation,” or “the hole,” her ex-cellmate Christine Dress told Court TV.

Dress, the author of “Mass with Mary: The Prison Years,” describes LeTourneau as a “charming, charismatic and very witty” woman who eventually molded herself into a model prisoner.

LeTourneau reportedly tutored inmates, sang in the choir, and most recently provided audio-taped readings of books for the blind. Sources say she is thinking about becoming a paralegal when she is released.

Fualaau’s life has not been so idyllic.

Although he eventually developed relationships with girls his own age, Fualaau’s childhood slipped away when he fell into LeTourneau’s arms. He dropped out of school, battled with alcoholism and was briefly hospitalized for depression.

“Nobody ever thinks of the price he paid in all of this,” Olsen said. “He became a father at 14, twice, because of her. He gave up any ability he might have had to make a life on his own as a self-directed adult because of her love for him.”

Yet, Fualaau confided in Olsen that he has been dreaming about what a life with LeTourneau could be like.

“He seems more confident and grown up,” Olsen said. “He would like a relationship with Mary, but I don’t think it would kill him if it didn’t happen.”

Dress also believes that LeTourneau, who she called her “best friend,” is still head over heels for Fualaau.

“I think Mary’s always loved him. There’s no question about it,” she said.

There will be no tearful reunion, however, when Letourneau is released Wednesday.

First, she’ll have to register as a sex offender. Before the two can ever reconnect, Fualaau will have to go before the court and ask for the no-contact order to be lifted. A task he has yet to carry out.

Although LeTourneau has given Soona credit for raising Audrey and Alexis, both Olsen and Dress believe Letourneau will eventually try to gain custody of her daughters.

“Soona has said, ‘I will not give them back,'” Olsen told “After all, why would she give them back? Mary was a great mother before all this happened, but she did give up her own children to be with a boy.”



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