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Holes in Dirty D’s Story?

Brittney writes: I have seen the news sites and read all of [Michael] Storm’s comments and wanted to share my take on the truth twisting approach that Storm is currently doing.

First and foremost, Storm [pictured left] said in his AVN interview that he believed the shoot occurred in 2008 which is fucking funny because her [Kelsie Cummings] content was available on his site as of December 26, 2007. Using the Internet Archive Way back machine, one can easily see where “Brandy” aka Kelsie Cummings appeared on his site December 26, 2007.

When the story broke in December 2008, Kelsie shared the accounts of what occurred during their meeting and subsequent scenes. In his recent AVN interview, Storm said she is making new allegations which is a complete lie since Kelsie stated in December 2008 that Storm pulled her back in.

From the article she states: “Dirty D and his friends kept trying to tell me I had to stay and finish because I agreed to do the scenes. I kept telling them no I couldn’t do it. I went to walk out and Dirty D pulled me back by my arm and sat me on his lap. ”

Now how the fuck is this a new allegation? It would seem her story has not changed one iota since she voiced her accusations in December 2008 but because the authorities have finally acted upon it, then it had to be something else right? He’s a fucking moron.

He states: “”That December, she made her first claim about the fake ID, and now [in 2010] she’s making a claim that I was aware that it was a fake ID,” Storm told on Friday.

“These are the radical differences [in her story]. Why she is doing this, I have no idea, but we shot her husband [after the 2008 shoot], and they have each shot [other adult content for other producers] before and after her shoot. Nothing was out of the ordinary with this shoot.””

Seems to me the same accusations remain the same when comparing the 2008 article with what is on the arrest warrant but because authorities have been slow in their investigation, Storm assumes because its 2010 it has to be new shit? Also notice how is preparing his defense that he’s not the only one and is unjustly being singled out. How long before he rolls over on those he knows about to try and save his own ass?

In his AVN interview, he states: ““It never happened,” he told

“Neither me nor any of my crew ever asked her for a fake ID. That simply never happened. She also said that one of my crew discussed with her how much we would pay, and that’s not true, either. I’m the only one who discusses what we pay. She says that I handed her the model release, but typically I don’t even talk with the girl until after she’s produced ID and filled out the model release. It’s just one of those things: Girls flake out, sometimes don’t even fill out the paperwork and storm off, so I’ve made it a habit not even to talk with them until after all of the paperwork is done.”

Looks like Storm is actually throwing his screw under the bus by stating he doesn’t deal with the model until all paperwork is signed. Notice he says typically not routinely. It seems as if he is trying to prepare a defense that if someone was aware of the fake ID that it was not him but the others.

He also said: ““When she showed up, she told us that she had shot porn before,” he said. “We talked about it. She talked about her husband shooting porn, and how surprised she was to have found out he shot porn by seeing him in a gay scene. So she already had a portfolio and was actively seeking adult gigs when she came to us. She’d already shot; her husband already shot. I don’t remember if we looked any of it up at the time, but I have an interview I videotaped where she talks about it. She had details.”

Wow, isn’t it convenient he has video of her talking about previously doing porn, perhaps to cover his ass or could it have been part of the marketing story to demonstrate what kind of dirty nasty girl she is to his fans? if she already had a portfolio, how did he know if he doesn’t remember looking anything up online? An interview for porn isn’t always necessarily full of truths and facts.

He also said: “Storm said that he has been in communication with his attorney, but is unclear at the moment whether an arrest warrant for him has been issued, though he assumes that one has. He said that he has no intention of avoiding the situation by remaining overseas, but needs to coordinate his return through his legal team, which he is currently putting together. He did comment that he had seen a copy of the search warrant for his offices, and it contained a few irregularities.”

So he gets to coordinate his return when his associates, Ryan Holtz and Shawn Chastain were not afforded the same opportunity of deciding if/when they return to face the charges?

Again Storm states: ““I have a copy of the search warrant, which lists only computer equipment,” he said. “Everything on the warrant starts with the word ‘computer;’ however, they took banking records, lots of cash and lots of other things that have nothing to do with the search warrant, and that’s a shame. It’s clearly been done to make it impossible for me to conduct any business.”

Could it be because other crimes were discovered during the execution of the search warrant? Self admitted pot smoker who has been reported to keep large stashes of pot (see Kelsie’s claim of the amount of time they sat around smoking pot before filming) couldn’t be one of the things they have confiscated and potentially file charges against as well? Perhaps weapons were confiscated as well as Storm once had videos on YouTube firing weapons. Could they have been illegal and/or not registered?

The seizure of backing records is interesting. How much of the seizure was done at the direction of the Federal Government may be more intriguing.

I have shared ideas in the past with you on how the adult industry and the government can actually prevent minors from becoming involved in the adult industry but would be more happy to share them again in specific form if you would like.

I just want to make sure all your readers can read through the press bullshit that Storm is trying to pull in deflecting even more blame without taking responsibility one bit.


P.S. You can let Storm know I am the reason these allegations keep coming up and remain out there. Also let the prick bastard know that I will present every day of his trial with a smile on my face.


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