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PHOENIX, AZ) — As the night wound down Saturday at the popular swingers hang out, Club Chameleon in Phoenix, Arizona, the legendary Nina Hartley sat in the business office after a very exciting evening, exhausted and ready for her transportation back to the hotel. Adult star Steven St. Croix rested at a desk, also nodding his head, anticipating, without looking forward to, his early morning flight back to Los Angeles. The host of the evening, porn babe, Keri Windsor, was still running around, closing out details, accumulating model releases and saying all her ‘thank yous’ to the cast and crew of the very successful DVD shoot.
KSEXradio DJ and event MC, Wankus walked in as Nina generically asked anyone in the room who could answer, “Where’s my ride?” Wankus replied, “You ain’t going nowhere until you get over here and suck my dick.”

Without a moment to think, in mere seconds, Hartley got down on her knees, unzipped his fly and prepared to get down on the worm.

Like a scared puppy, Wankus yiped, quickly covered his package and darted across the room as the onlookers laughed in hysterics.

St. Croix said, “She called your bluff Wankus.” Hartley responded, “never threaten a porn star with a blow job. I love giving ’em. I don’t even have to take off my clothes.”

The popular cast of adult stars were attending Chameleon as celebrity judges, in the first of what is sure to be many House of Windsor-Amateur Video Contests. Fans from around the country submitted home made porn tapes in hopes of winning some exciting prizes.

Earlier in the evening, Wankus took the stage and took control immediately, firing up a swingers crowd that most feared would be somewhat timid. After getting them to chant, scream and cheer, Wankus introduced the celebrity judges of the evening. Hartley, St. Croix, Windsor as well as producer/director Ben Fisher.

Throughout the weekend, the judging team had been going through tape after tape and narrowing the contest down to five finalists and the remaining phase of determining the grand prize winners required the judges to be excused to a screening room and review their final selections as well as place final votes on them.

As the judges were excused, Wankus kept the crowd alive. Taking volunteers from the audience, the popular internet disc jockey performed a live skit, getting every last person involved with a part. It was called “The Fairy Tale” and came complete with a damsel in distress [one who had an awesome rack and proudly showed it], a villain and finally what Wankus described as a Tom Cruise type stud hero. When the hero took the stage, he had peppered hair, glasses and as Wankus pointed out, looked more like the lead singer of Devo.

The skit was very amusing and quite fun.

The judges returned and announced the winners. 2nd runner up received a custom designed and hosted web site. 1st runner up got a Club Chameleon GOLD package, meaning a one year unlimited pass to attend the club, valued at $1200.00. The grand prize winner walked away with a one week trip to the popular swingers get together, Hedonism III.

From reviewing the porn tapes all night, the celebrities were horny. Keri sat in a chair on stage and asked St. Croix to give her a lap dance. “Steven brought the house down,” a female customer said, “he was sexy as hell but also very funny.”

Within moments, fans were giving him a lap dance, then giving each other lap dances as the crowd continued to cheer.

On a couples only night at a swing club, it’s pretty tough getting anyone on the stage to participate in a fake orgasm contest. Wankus had to set the stage by saying, “we know you don’t fake now with your current man, but pretend you’re with your last man and come on up here and show us what that sounded like.”

Nina Hartley did a demonstration of her own that was priceless and then the fans began participating as well.

House of Windsor will be released on DVD in the coming months and will include the live awards night, excerpts of amateur submissions and Keri and Nina’s first girl/girl scene together, shot earlier in the day.

Check for more information in the near future.

“Raf,” Financing Supervisor for Outvision Media said, “The team that Keri put together did an awesome job. This thing was not just entertaining in terms of the people they had and the finished product itself, but it’s definitely educational and I think that anyone who sees the ultimate product is going to want to participate on the next one.”

When asked what the highlight of the night was, Raf said, “The MC [Wankus], kept stuff going and you gotta love The Fairy Tale, if you don’t know what that means, buy the DVD. The lap dance with Steven St. Criox was also hysterical.

Nina Hartley commented, “I had a really good time, got to dance with a lot of beautiful women. I get felt up, up and down, side to side by handsome, gorgeous people. It was pretty freakin’ awesome. There were a couple of very exciting moments in the amateur tapes that were submitted and it was fun to see the enthusiasm.”

Highlight of the night for Hartley, “watching Steven St. Croix dance for Keri Windsor.”

Club Chameleon owner “Milo” said, “It was a very successful night at Club Chameleon. To have superstars like Steve, Keri and Nina here sure brought up the electricity and Wankus as MC really made the night.”

Event promoter and main chicky of the evening, Keri Windsor expressed her thoughts on the event, “The evening went extremely well. The participation level was way above and beyond what we expected, especially when we planned this event, Milo the owner said we weren’t going to get as much participation as we wished for. I thought Wankus held the crowd’s attention exceptionally well, to the ‘T’ and considering that they could’ve gone in the back and had sex verses listen to our MC, they all made the choice to listen to our MC. This definitely warrants a second House of Windsor competition.”

Keri was asked if the venue met all her needs, “The club and atmosphere here, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. And to be honest with you, people said to me all night, “Keri you put together an awesome event” but it’s the support team that rocked. Maybe I can take credit for bringing in the team, but it’s the whole team that deserves the credit. ”

When asked if some of the amateurs had a shot in porn, Windsor said, “This is what came to mind…the next time we do this, I’m going to release tips on how to shoot porn. [room laughs] Not so much for the sex scenes, but for some little technical things like white balancing the camera, possibly not using a camera man, just keeping the camera still so it’s not so shaky when shot by a friend and outdoor shoots are better because of lighting, oh yeah, and keep your kitty locked up. I’m not talking about your pussy. People’s pets shouldn’t be in the scenes!”



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