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Houston Battling an Aggressive form of Cancer

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Former adult superstar Houston, famous for her prom date with a Howard Stern show radio listener, would like friends and fans to know she is battling an aggressive form of cancer. After a diagnosis of stage 3 metastatic melanoma, Houston had surgery at City of Hope in Los Angeles in early July and is looking at a summer of chemotherapy with the newly approved cancer fighting drug Interferon.

Houston writes:First and foremost I would like to thank anyone who has logged on to the site to help me at this unfortunate time in my life.

This has been a devastating year for not only me but for my friends and my family. Its amazing how one day can forever change your life, your plans and how you think of things. In April of 08, I thought I was on top of the world or at least on the road to it. I had a great job, met the man of my life, my child was excelling in every area of her life and things were very ok. And then boom I got my lab results back from a surgery to remove a large mass under my left arm. I was expecting it to be benign, like I had been told one year prior when I had it checked out in a fine needle biopsy procedure.

Well I was called by the surgeon and told it was cancer and it was actually melanoma cancer in my lymphnodes. Having never had cancer or known anyone with cancer, at least in my immediate family, I had no idea what came next. I called my boyfriend first, as he is also a cancer survivor myself. I then called my father and gave everybody the news. I was a complete mess. I was told to get other opinions and to go see an oncologist, cancer specialist, at the Nevada cancer center there in Las Vegas. The next couple of weeks were very dark and very scary. I think i cried every waking hour and scared my daughter and myself.

We never did find the primary source of the cancer and to this day we still have not. I decided to get first, second and third opinions, I went to Nevada Cancer Institute first and was told that they recommend complete dissection of the left, auxiallary lymph node and also removing the two abnormal ones that had developed under my right arm that year. And then putting me on Interferon, a form of chemo, for one year. I was told it was the only medical treatment available for the treatment of melanoma.

Its supposed to make you very, very sick, you are supposed to take it five times a week, intravenously, then three times a week for for rest of the year, i would give myself the shots. I was told if I can make it through the first month, i had a good chance of making it til the end of the year.

I then went to UCLA Medical Center and they said the exact same thing. But I did not like the surgeon and did not feel comfortable there. I then went for my third opinion to the City of Hope in California, and I have found my place. I love the surgeon and I decided that even though he said the same thing, i would go ahead and arrange the surgery.

I went in July 8th for the surgery. I would have a large scar on both sides and a drain for a while after the surgery. I am at a very high risk for lymphoma disease because of the lack of remaining lymph nodes in my arm. I will have to be careful for the rest of my life.

I have been recovering at my boyfriends home in Los Angeles and doctors tell me I have a 34-40% chance of survival! After the Interferon treatment for a year, the odds go up to 60-70% in my favor. There will also be the chance that i don’t win this battle. I do have the deadliest form of cancer, and it can spread really fast, at any time. I am trying to stay positive, not only for me, but for my family, and trying my best to beat this awful disease.


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