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How About This One: Princess Donna & Xander Corvus Are an Off-Screen Item

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“Kink is up the ass,” Rob Black declared.

“It’s in San Francisco. They are in an armory, an historical landmark that makes it look like they’re part of the community. Peter Acworth proceeds to tell people ‘they love us out there.’

“This is a company that was always an eyesore, but as long as it didn’t make too much noise it was okay. But when you push Liberals in the corner, Liberals strike back. Kink is in a bind on the political side.

“ is basically broken up into a bunch of different floors from live video to live every thing else. The models, when they fly to Kink, stay in this facility.

“In this facility they shoot gay, and the gays share the same facilities will all the straight performers. is Spiegler girls and that is their bread and butter company.

“Spiegler’s girls work with gay crossover guys. houses the same problems our industry says is the issue. is the money making machine for John Stagliano. has a gay company that has performers that work with straight performers, but the people who sit in the board of Free Speech make money on it and are part of it.

“Kink has a gay area and a TS area where they shoot very hardcore bare back scenes- all sorts of violations that if you contracted HIV, it’s very easy to spread.

“If you vomit on someone’s penis, you’ve spread HIV. They suck on your cock and vomit. If you don’t think HIV can’t be contracted- I want to know what health care professional would say, yeah, that’s safe.

“You see Christian XXX vomiting on TS cock. The very people that you are all saying are the people that gave Cameron Bay HIV are the same people that work with Francesca Le who works with every single female talent.

“She has a TS ejaculate in her mouth then spits it into a man’s mouth. One would assume the man is a bit on the gay side. To think that semen could be in someone’s mouth, one would think if there were lesions or cuts in the mouth, the high viral load could give Francesca Le HIV.

“So is Cameron Bay an aberration?” Black asks.

“And we should be fine with six days on a moratorium? is doing two of the things that are dangerous practice, but Free Speech is funded by people like Peter Acworth and they practice everything the business says is unsafe work practices- crossover, TS behavior, Gay behavior. You think any law maker is going to take you seriously?

“ has a tranny link and and a gay link. The tranny site has two of the most famous adult film actors right now in Chrsitian XXX and Francesca Le throwing up and cum swapping. But that’s safe and Cameron Bay is unsafe?

“Throw Hustler in the mix. There’s a lot of people here involved. There’s a lot of shit. Kink has a gay division, they have a TS division. The TS division is run by Tomcat. He/she went to Sacramento to speak on why we should not be wearing condoms., a gay company, a TS company the guy tells lawmakers in Sacramento we’re safe and we’re all tested. You people are in such denial.

“Tomcat went up to Sacramento to preach no condom use and he runs a TS site that has no condoms. And Rod Daily worked for Tomcat in that TS series.

“This is serious, man. We don’t have all the answers, and everybody is going back to shooting. Kink has serious ethical issues. Let’s throw in Princess Donna, and the rumor is she hates women. Factual or not, she also has sex with Xander Corvus off camera and I guess Xander does a good job screaming and yelling.

“Princess Donna works for Brooklyn Lee and Katie Summers performed in a private with Victor that Princess Donna set up. Nothing was going on that was sanctioned. That is something Princess Donna coordinates and sets up. Princess Donna beat the living shit out of Skin Diamond because Skin Diamond was fucking the shit out of Princess Donna’s ex.

“So Princess Donna set up the thing with Victor to beat the shit out of Skin Diamond.

“Princess Donna could give two shits about any of the talent whatsoever. She does privates on a regular basis, and is the boss-lady at Under her direction they do some of the most violent, egregious and dangerous things to men and women. Why would she give a shit about anyone on the set?”

Black also pointed out the article I found Wednesday night where one hundred guys off the street were told to wash their hands and then everything goes. Notice also in the article how attempts to distance itself from anyone should they get an STD.

“There are girls penetrated by fans in the mix of what was going on,” Black explained.

“ does not give you the option to fake anything. They cattle prod people. Katie Summers was cattle prodded and her ass was slit open. Why does a cattle prod have to bleed you? Princess Donna has Public Disgrace where fans, however many, come off the street and can finger bang and do whatever they want with the women.”

Black showed a break in his cuticle and asked how does that preclude the transmission of HIV with a high viral load.

“Public Disgrace that Princess Donna runs has anyone up to 100 random guys from the street sticking their hands in girls’ vaginas,” Black repeated.

“The owner of this company is Peter Acworth and sits on the board of Free Speech. The VP of that company is Christian Mann. He also runs a company called Evil Angel which is owned by John Stagliano who is HIV positive who takes medication that makes his viral load undetectable. He’s bragged about it.

“That whole structure of is carried out by John Stagliano and Christian Mann and John Stagliano tells everybody that doing anything with a girl is shaking hands.

“And you wonder that our business is in the state it’s in? Our business is on the set. The day you have a test is the day you’re on set. We have no control over what anybody does, just your word and a 3-day test.”


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