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How Many Companies Does Lexington Steele Work For?

There was an article on AVN recently about Lexington Steele and his company Mercenary Pictures being distributed by Pure Play Media. Pure Play Media is a company owned by Frank Koretsky. Frank owns it and a guy named Kenyon runs it out of Van Nuys. The funny thing is we talked about Lexington Steele and an article written in AVN where, according to his Wikipedia page, he is a graduate of Syracuse University with a double degree. I know, total bullshit. This is a guy who went from a double degree to doing a scene with Tony Everready and Byron Long on a pool table where he couldn’t get it up and just played with his squishy meat.

Also on Lexington’s Wikipedia page it talked about his company Mercenary Pictures. Mercenary Pictures hasn’t been in business or shot anything new for years. He’s shot movies for Jules Jordan and Evil Angel. In fact, the last few movies that he’s shot have been for Evil Angel. He is part of the Evil Angel empire now. I guess he was with Jules Jordan, but that love affair ended. His Wikipedia page says that his company Mercenary Pictures currently does 10 to 20 million dollars a year and has over 30 employees. Do you realize how much money 10 to 20 million dollars a year is? Do you know how much money you can stash away when you make that amount? Lexington Steele hasn’t had any legal issues, no divorces. Lexington Steele hasn’t been doing anything except fucking girls and making movies.

Lexington Steele is with Evil Angel. His most recent movie is Lex Poles Little Holes according to and also Black Panthers. Lex is with Evil. This is a fact.

The AVN article reads:

“Pure Play Media has announced a new distribution deal with Mercenary Pictures, which is headed by multi-award-winning performer and director Lexington Steele. The 200+ title catalog features top-selling series, including Black Reign, Man Hammer and Pole Position, offering customers the widest range of big black cock fantasies and hardcore whore performances.””

““Since 2004, I have placed well over 200 titles in my catalog and on the market,” Steele said. “This distribution deal with Pure Play Media allows for the continued expansion of Mercenary in the marketplace and provides a platform to reintroduce the buyers to the full breadth of my existent catalog. Securing the future viability of Mercenary has been extremely important to me, and I am confident this has been established with my new association with Pure Play Media.””

Lexington Steele and Frank Koretsky had a deal together years ago. Lexington Steele put out movies through Rosebud, another Frank Koretsky entity, back in 2010. He put out Heavy Metal 8 and 9.

Think about this. Lexington Steele had a company Mercenary Pictures that was worth 10 to 20 million dollars with a 200 title catalog. This was during the time when the business was starting its downturn. He is now redistricting this catalog. He is putting out new product through Evil Angel. Evil Angel sells their movies for top dollar. 16-18 dollars. He is putting out his other movies which are the same as Evil Angel, his big black cock fucking girls. Those movies are gonna be put out through Pure Play Media. The crew at Pure Play will sell this product to the lowest bidder.

How does any of this make sense? You have a commodity in Lexington Steele which is him and his big black cock. One set of movies are going out through Evil Angel with the highest price in the biz and the other which is Lexington’s 20 million dollar company Mercenary Pictures going out through Pure Play for a couple bucks. Can anyone tell me why anybody would want to pay all that extra money to Evil Angel for essentially the same product?

If you look at Black Panthers, there are no girls in it where you think, “Oh my God, I have to see this movie!” There’s nobody like Riley Steele or anybody to get excited about. Megan Vaughn? Been around for years. Sadie Santana? That’s what you’re gonna pay 18 dollars for?

Plus, Lexington is all over Evolution Distribution, which is another Frank Koretsky owned company. They have Lexington Steele 5 packs. Frank has tons of Lexington Steele stuff.

You wonder why the adult business is shitty and no one can sell product? You wonder why stores and distributors don’t give a fuck anymore about paying top dollar for movies? Because of this right here. You have a guy who has 200 titles with Frank Koretsky that they’re gonna blow out for a buck from a company that was doing 20 million a year. Yeah, right. Go blow that smoke up the same peoples’ asses that you were telling you have a double degree.

Why didn’t Lex make a deal with Evil Angel for those Mercenary titles? Wouldn’t you want to put out catalog movies with the same company you’re doing new product for so you don’t compete with yourself? Or wouldn’t you leave Evil Angel and put out new product in Mercenary Pictures with Pure Play Media and Frank Koretsky? Especially since your Wikipedia page claims you do 20 million a year in sales.

There is no way this deal makes sense either way you look at it. You either put out new product with Mercenary or you take Mercenary to John Stagliano and say add this to my lineup along with my new releases.

Something is a little funky here. Maybe Mercenary Pictures was never owned by Lexington Steele. Maybe he had a partner named Frank Koretsky. Now that product has to go out through Pure Play because Frank Koretsky owns it. I don’t know. Just speculation. Or maybe the 20 million a year Lex was making is gone, so he sold the line to Frank Koretsky and they gave him 50 grand and told him to catch up on his back car payments and go make movies for Evil Angel.

It just doesn’t make sense. When the directors at Red Light District left and went to Evil Angel, they brought their titles with them. When Jules Jordan left Evil Angel and started his own company, he took his titles with him. So these things are done.

I’m sure we’ll never get an answer about this wacky deal. We’l never get an answer as to why Mercenary Pictures isn’t at Evil Angel or Lex isn’t producing exclusively for Mercenary. The business just goes through the motions and hopes nobody notices.

Anyway, that was just something I was wondering about.

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