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Hustler Prison Shoot Continues

Porn Valley- If you’re casting a mainstream prison flick, Buster Good might be the second thug from the left with the Olympic barbell. Except Buster’s no thug in real life- he’s a genuinely nice guy with some interesting yarns to spin. It’s Buster’s tattooed hulking, Lee Stone-styled physique that’s menacing.

If you’re casting a Hustler prison movie called Crimes of the Ass, Buster will be the first toilet as you walk in the jail cell. At least he was for the anal scene involving newcomer Katie Ray on Friday. Buster’s throwing a low whistle Katie’s way, telling her what a great face and ass she has.

I’m thinking to myself like Jack Meoff, Buster’s picked a great porn name.

Ray, who’s from Minnesota, just turned 18 in March and already is telling a story about how she got popped on a prostie bust in Vegas. But that’s nothing compared to the fact that Ray lost her virginity at 13 to a 20 year-old guy who had to register as a sex offender. Cops apparently caught them in a car together and there was also something about a no-contact order issued after that.

I can tell that Ray’s intriguing sexual pedigree is getting Buster, who’s 38, riled to no end. To look at Buster now you’d never figure him for a wild-haired 95-pound stoner who often used the name John Hinckley. Buster, who grew up in the same circles as porn director Jim Powers, shows me an ID from the old days when he appropriated the Hinckley name. Buster, who’d score weed at Grateful Dead concerts, figures had fate not intervened, he’d have been dead by now. Except Buster, remembering when he was homeless, read the writing on the wall and has been clean and sober for something like 17 years.

“I’ve done a lot of shit since I turned 18,” Ray is saying on her behalf. She ought to compare notes with Buster.

The skit calls for Buster to convince Ray that he’s the prison doctor and that he has to give her a rectal exam. The conversation off camera swings to lubes and various preferences. Buster remembers a girl he dated who liked Mentholatum up her ass and how it burned his dick.

Ray gives director Rick Davis a Mentholatum look. “You’re so hot,” she tells him. Davis is flustered.

An earlier scene featured Grant Michaels’ brother, Justin Magnum, and Alicia Alighatti. There’s a pretty close resemblance between Michaels and Magnum, although Magnum’s not as huge as his brother. Magnum, who trained pretty heavily at one time as well, dropped about 40 pounds since winning a Mr. California contest about four years ago. Magnum, who refers to himself as “a one-man army,” can’t believe his good fortune being paired up with Alighatti, a stunning brunette.

“Pinch me, I’m dreaming,” says Magnum who’s dating a woman he met in a Ralph’s. I had to ask Magnum what he used as a pick-up line. He says he asked directions to find the Windex. It must have been the accent. Magnum grew up in Zimbabwe.

On the other hand, Alighatti, who’s working on a fractured ankle, is a babe you won’t normally find at a Ralph’s. Not unless Ralph’s started up a great ass and legs section since the last time I was in there.

In her pretty girls, Alighatti is striking a pose that has Rick Davis predicting boxcover possibilities.

Bet if Alighatti told him he was hot, it would have been more than a possibility.


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