Porn News Shoot Continues- final

Porn Valley- Alex Rodriguez has already slammed 10 homers in the young baseball season. But so what. Rob Spallone’s already put out 18 movies since January which is porn’s equivalent of some pretty heavy fence busting.

And Spallone’s now got this new Internet series for Hustler- to attend to.

But the only thing Friday morning is conducive to is a steaming bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s damp, it’s cold and it’s certainly not California bikini weather as newcomer Cali Caramel [pictured] steps in front of the camera to work with veteran Guy DiSilva.

DiSilva, a handsome man with a ready smile, started in the business in 1992. So, odds are, he’s got socks older than Cali who’s 18. But you wouldn’t know it because she already speaks of a husband in the past tense, has a second one and seems pretty mature for her age if you discount the two husbands.

Cali wants to light up a Newport but has the courtesy to want to take it elsewhere.

“How do I get outside?” she asks Adam Wood.

“Use a door,” he tells her.

But Cali’s given permission from a higher authority to smoke where she stands which is in the middle of the kitchen.

DiSilva, who got his break working for Randy Detroit, [it was a threeway with Steven St. Croix being the other guy] tells me he still gets a kick from the time when I’d call him Aqua DiSilva in video reviews. When he’s not performing, DiSilva’s now shooting for a North Carolina-based company.

“I was always asked, you’ve been in the business this long and you don’t shoot?” he says. Now he does. For being in so long, DiSilva’s also managed to keep gossip and drama-free, and he’s asked how he’s accomplished that.

“There’s a side of me- but I don’t show it,” he grins. “It’s the Buddhist nature.” But DiSilva hastens to remind you that Herschel Savage is a Buddhist which pretty much shoots the tranquility argument in the ass.

Still, if you want to irk the generally placid DiSilva, mistake him for his brother, his brother being Will Ravage, one of the Bogus Brothers.

“We haven’t talked in six years,” DiSilva snorts. Asked to assess his career, DiSilva tells you he’s too white for black videos and too black for white ones.

“And I don’t speak Spanish,” he adds, meaning some of those attempts to cast him as a Spaniard are shot to hell.

Henri Pachard, who’s manning the camera, asks Cali Caramel how old is the oldest guy she ever fucked. She states 41.

“I can help you shatter that record,” laughs Pachard who’s probably used that joke at least on a thousand different occasions by now. Photographer Bill Diehl thinks Cali has a face to die for.

While his patter might seem cornball at times, Diehl does have the ability to coax a good, solid glamour shot from the new girls.

“She reminds me of my seventh wife,” Pachard says to Diehl.

“How many wives have you had?” Diehl asks him.

“Six!” roars Pachard, bringing back vaudeville with that joke. Diehl’s offering Cali advice suggesting that if another photographer finds it compelling to touch her ass during a shoot, he might be a pervert.

DiSilva asks her where she wants the pop shot. She motions towards her breasts.

“I never do it on the face,” she tells him.

“I respect your wishes because that’s the kind of person I am,” he tells her.

“What do you like?” he adds.

“It depends on what you’re willing to give me,” Cali replies with a sultry voice.

“You don’t mind if he licks your asshole, honey?” Pachard then inquires. Henri suggests that she maneuver into a reverse cowgirl.

“I’ve heard of it, but how do you do it?” she asks.

Diehl is then telling me this story about how he was a model in his younger days.

“I was so pretty,” he says, noting that gay guys were constantly coming on to him. Diehl remembers the time he was in La Crosse, Wisconsin and had his wife of four years out in the car as he ran into a bar for a six pack. As the bartender went to get it, a six foot six lumberjack saddles next to Diehl.

“I want to buy you a drink he says to me,” states Diehl. “I mean I want to buy you a drink.” Diehl ran out of the bar. Diehl began his porn career shooting for a publication called American Art Magazine.

And Cali Caramel is certainly a work of art in her own right. I mention to her that she’s the girl who ran into Spallone’s office the day before having to take a piss in the worst way. She laughs about that, going with her story about how she was working at this strip club in Hollywood. Hollywood & Vine, actually.

“I ran into Antonio [her manager],” she says, noting that it was at another intersection where the Gay & Lesbian Center is located.

“At the time I was dating a guy who wouldn’t let me do porn,” she adds. “And Antonio was telling me about the business. He offered me a card.”

Caramel says, money-wise, she was interested right off the bet. But not enough not to lose the card.

Then she ran into Antonio again several months later. This time at the intersection of Highland and Hollywood.

“I remembered his face,” she says. “I saw him walking around Hollywood all the time.”

“You’re meeting people at a lot of intersections- ever notice that?” I tell Caramel. Caramel said she then stopped Antonio and asked for another card.

“He was kind of shocked- I asked him do you have a lot of work. He said, yeah, a lot. So we exchanged numbers and I called him a couple of days later. Then it went on from there. He took me to AIM and got me tested. And two days later I had a shoot.”

Caramel thought it was no big deal shooting in front of the camera because she’s taped herself a lot at home. Her first scene was for West Coast Productions and she worked with male talent known as Rock.

“It went very well,” she says. “He was a very cool person. I would work with him any day.”

When she met Rob Spallone, Spallone couldn’t get over that she was only 18.

“A lot of people say that,” states Caramel who thinks Spallone was a real cool guy right off the bat.

“He’s a nice, calm, cool, collected, very happy guy,” she says. “I said I could deal with this. Everyone there was very respectful, very professional.”

“Do you get yourself in trouble because you look older?” she’s asked.

“Sometimes,” she replies. “In different ways. I get approached. I get guys who nearly turn their cars around in accidents. It’s crazy.”

She mentions that her ex-husband got her into stripping.

“We were walking down Hollywood Blvd. and he’s, like, hey, they’re hiring strippers and he knew that I had done it before- just private parties, whatever. But he knew I had experience. So I said, okay. I tried it and it took off from there.”

“How did he become your husband; how did he become your ex-husband?”

Caramel laughs because she met him at the Gay & Lesbian Center like she did Antonio the first time.

“We started dating and then he started tripping. Now I’m married to the guy I’m with now.”

With that history, Caramel is asked what she was like in school. She admits she’s trouble.

“To be honest, yeah,” she says, but she’s not volunteering examples. The first time she had sex was at 13 but wants to forget about it.

Caramel says her parents knew she was a stripper but aren’t aware of her current career path.

“They didn’t take it well when they learned I was a stripper,” she laughs meaning they’re not likely to find out too soon about this venture. Asked if she was raised strict, she says, “That’s a whole different story. I don’t like to get into it.”

If not for stripping, Caramel always wanted to be a model, actress, singer.

“I always wanted to be in the entertainment business,” she says. “But I also want to own my own adoption agency. I grew up in foster homes and I want to give back something to the kids.”

Caramel says she’ll perform for the time being then branch off into her own production company which she’s in the process of launching.

I tell her she’s already got the two pat answers for interviews- that she’s launching and doesn’t want to get into it. And, of course, she now knows you don’t let a photographer touch your ass.


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