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I Felta Thigh The Jack Venice College “Rape” Primer

Porn Valley- I got a feeling this Jack Venice “rape” case in Pullman, Washington is going to blow up in somebody’s face. With Venice due for a hearing in October, there are already the kinds of niggling issues a defense lawyer embraces. For one thing, the female victim’s claiming she was asleep and awakened by the sound of a condom package being opened. If you’re going to rape someone, do you go to the trouble of putting on a condom? Then she said she was sexually assaulted in her sleep. Okay….

Because many news sources have been reporting on the case, here’s a basic rundown of information that’s been put out so far: Along with some questions that have yet to be addressed.

> Venice allegedly raped a victim identified as “K.N.E.” in the early morning hours of September 13, 2007 at the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house. The victim, however was not a member of the sorority. She is, however, a student at WSU. Even with that, you might ask what she was doing there sleeping in the sorority house?

> K.N.E. has stated that she woke to find two men in her room [one identified as Venice; the other to be Kyle M. Schott, a senior at Washington State University who Venice met in a bar]; K.N.E . is quoted by the Seattle Times as saying “they” raped her. According to what Schott has said, Venice “spooned” the victim and Schott said he handed Venice a condom.

“R.N.E.” claims the package being opened awakened her. K.N.E also claims she was assaulted in her sleep. Venice and Schott then fled the scene by fire escape. Schott was arrested the next day when he was identified in a police lineup.

> Venice pleaded not guilty this past week and was released after posting $200,000 bail. Venice is facing charges of second degree rape; first degree burglary; attempted residential burglary and two counts of residential burglary. But no news story has given an account what Venice was supposed to have taken or how he went about doing it. According to the Associated Press, a third man [unidentified] was involved as a lookout while the burglaries were in progress.

> Schott is also facing the same charges as Venice. Schott is prohibited from being within 1/2 mile of any sorority. He is forbidden to have contact with R.N.E. He can’t possess firearms or drink alcohol and he must remain at home with his mother.

> According to the Daily Evergreen, a second degree rape charge is a class A felony and carries a maximum sentence of life in prison along with a $50,000 fine. A minimum sentence would carry 6 1/2 years with no priors.

> According to Whitman County prosecutor Denis Tracy, Venice has four misdemeanors in Arizona, been a fugitive from Texas for credit/debit card abuse and failed to appear for various traffic offenses.

> Consequently, bail was set high in Venice’s case for fear that he was a danger to flee. On the other hand, Chris A. Bugbee [apparently no relation to Shane Bugbee] a Spokane lawyer defending Venice, argued that Venice, who drove from LA, voluntarily turned himself in and that there should be consideration for that.

> Venice also agreed to DNA testing.

> The break-ins, according to newspaper accounts, occurred at the Kappa Alpha Theta, Pi beta Phi and Delta Gamma sororities. There was an attempted break-in at the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity.

> The burglaries and alleged rape all happened within an hour of one another, according to police. Police won’t say if Venice taped the alleged rape.

> Sgt. Dan Domes of the Pullman police dept. has been quoted as saying they have a lot of evidence against Venice.

> Venice apparently surrendered to police in a hotel parking lot. The hotel has not been identified.

> The Seattle Times quotes an unidentified limo driver as saying Venice had been in the area two weeks prior, apparently scouting out the area with other “actors.” Those actors so far have not been identified. Venice directs movies for a company identified as Frat House Films. The company would not comment whether Venice was in Pullman to shoot any movies. The movies are described as Venice going into bars and frat houses and talking to girls about what they want sexually. Witnesses say that Venice was doing exactly that the night of the alleged crimes.

> Venice is a native of Houston and an Iraq veteran. His mother is Deborah Reid. Venice attended Cypress Springs High School and upon graduation in 2000, joined the Marines Corps. He spent four years in the military. His mother is not happy with his choice to work in the porn industry. According to Venice’s mother, he told her he didn’t do it. But in another account, Venice is quoted as saying he was too drunk to remember what happened.

> According to the Houston Chronicle, scenes of Venice attempting to pick up women can be found on YouTube.

> When there was a warrant for Venice’s arrest, Venice was first contacted by KXLY reporter Erik Loney via Venice’s MySpace page. Venice later called him back on a cell phone but Venice’s page has since been deleted.

> The Daily Evergreen has had the best coverage of the case so far. The paper reports that hours before the alleged rape, Venice and Schott walked into a house party run by a student named Ryan Maker. Neither Maker nor his roommate had a clue as to who Venice or Scohtt were.

When Venice and Schott walked in, there was a game of beer pong going on and Venice offered to buy some beer with $20. According to Maker, Venice was already drunk. Venice then began bragging that he was a porn star, walked into Maker’s room and apparently on the computer began showing everyone his websites. Venice explained how he traveled the country getting girls to have sex with him on camera. But Venice, according to Maker, didn’t appear to have a camera with him.

According to Maker, Schott was highly amused at Venice’s antics. Venice then offered Maker $500 for the use of his bed to shoot sex scenes and asked Maker to find some girls. Venice then pulled his pants down to show his penis and that’s when Venice was asked to leave.

> So far there’s been nothing said or written about what Venice did once he left Maker’s house


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