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Irish Websites Cover the Capri Anderson County Cork Angle

from – The porn star who was with Charlie Sheen during his rampage at the Plaza Hotel in New York last week is the daughter of a Co. Cork immigrant who lives in the Bronx.

Christina Walsh, whose working name is Capri Anderson or Alexis Capri, grew up in the Norwood section of the Bronx with her Irish family.

Walsh, 22, grew up in a very loving Irish family and moved out a few years ago to pursue a career in the porn industry.

According to a family friend who contacted the Irish Voice following a Facebook message, “The Walsh family are very good people and this is a difficult time for them.”

Walsh’s father Paul, 74, emigrated from Mitchelstown, Co. Cork after attending the University College of Cork to pursue the American Dream.

Paul, who worked many jobs since coming to the U.S., runs a dog breeding business out of his home in the Bronx. Each of the dogs he sells are born in Ireland. He is divorced from Christina’s mother.

A family friend, who asked not to be named, told the Irish Voice via Facebook, “Paul and his daughters are a lovely family and the media attention they are receiving is over the top and unnecessary.”

The friend said that the “whole saga” is heartbreaking for them.

“The life Christina chose is private and her family should not be dragged into this mess.”

The friend added that Christina is “very proud” of her Irish heritage and her father.

“Christina is close with her family and I’m sure they are supporting her through this time.”

The family friend described Christina as a “very sweet girl” growing up.

“I’m sure the choices she has made in her career were for good reasons. In my eyes she is still very young and impressionable,” the friend said.

During a screen test for a porn movie four years ago — currently playing live on the TMZ website — Walsh explained her heritage.

When asked by the interviewer about her ancestry and where she gets her looks from, Walsh replied, “I’m am Walsh, which was the French settlers in Ireland for those of you who don’t know.”

On Walsh’s Facebook page it states that she left home at 18 to pursue her career because her parents did not want her posing nude.

Walsh, the youngest of four girls, traveled to Ireland last summer with her three sisters and her father for a cousin’s wedding. There are several pictures of her with her family in Ireland, dressed modestly and appearing shy.

Since leaving home Walsh has appeared in many porn videos, with titles including Lesbian Legal Volume 8 and The Mother Daughter Exchange Club Vol. 12.

Defending some of the comments people made on various social networking sites about her career, Walsh wrote “My parents came to this country with nothing, and today I reserve the right to a career that allows me enough wages to take care of myself and not rely on my 74-year-old father who works three jobs to support our family. You’re IGNORANT.”

Walsh, who told police she is not a call girl, called security at the Plaza Hotel on Monday night, October 26, after becoming “extremely afraid” of Sheen when he accused her to stealing his wristwatch.

Walsh apparently locked herself in the bathroom of Sheen’s suite and called for help. She apparently refused to have sex with Sheen because he hadn’t paid her a $12,000 fee.

Walsh reportedly told TMZ she met Sheen for the first time in the bar at the Plaza, and after dinner with others, including Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards, she agreed to go back to his hotel room.

On her Twitter page — under Capri Anderson — Walsh wrote the following on Thursday, October 28, “I wanna say thank you for all the support, it’s much appreciated as I am going through a very hard time right now. Peace and Love!

Also in July, after getting a dog from her dad, she posted a Twit-pic of herself with the pooch. The picture has since been removed.

Walsh, who is still based in L.A., had been in New York for several weeks before her run-in with Sheen, the highest paid actor on TV and star of the long-running CBS hit Two and a Half Men. She invited fans to visit her at New York Gentleman’s Club Hustler on September 24.

It is unknown if Walsh spent time with her family while in New York.

In the meantime Sheen’s father, actor Martin Sheen, whose mother was a native of Co. Tipperary, is reportedly planning an intervention to get his son back into rehab. Sheen is reportedly trying to convince his son to go to Ireland to spend time recuperating. Martin Sheen is due in Tipperary in the next few days to begin filming a movie.

Sheen’s cousin, Teresa Phelan, told reporters in Ireland that Charlie would be welcome anytime.

Phelan said, “It’s a much quieter life down here and he could walk around without being bothered by anybody. He needs to look after his health and avoid the limelight. Living here for a while would be a good thing for him to do.”


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