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Is Kris Slater a Wife Beater Upper?

Is Kris Slater a wife beater upper and thrower arounder?

Well that’s the impression you get from Erin Moore who left the business and is interviewed about her decision on Shelley Lubben’s MySpace page.

Moore, who went so far as to admitting that she did escort work on behalf of some of the porn talent agencies but, oddly, didn’t name names, certainly had plenty to say about Slater:

“I was in a relationship with a Kris Slater who is also in the industry and I thought everything was great until he started getting really controlling and abusing me.

“He would choke me, throw me around and verbally abuse me,” Moore continued to say.

“I thought things would get better but it continued for 3 years. I had him arrested twice and the second time, this last February was the last time I was ever going to let him do that again. He threw chairs at our son and I was not going to let anything happen to him. There is now a restraining order and I have temporary full custody and am going to fight until the end for my son to have a loving and peaceful upbringing.”

“My worst scene I have ever been through was the one I did when I was pregnant. That is going to be the hardest thing for me to get over. It makes me so mad that the father of my baby and ex Kris Slater would even support that and let me do it. He should have been a man and helped out!”

We’ve met Slater on a number of occasions and he never struck as an OJ. But Jason Sechrest on his website, describes Slater, thusly:

“An Italian stallion with a huge hunk of meat, smoldering bedroom eyes and a certain way of giving it to a girl like he’s been in prison for most of his life have made the boy in his early twenties a scorching hot commodity.”

From the sounds of it, Sechrest describes choir boy Slater as a regular Mr. San Quentin just waiting for the shower to turn on.

Slater, according to some biogs, was born in Oregon and enjoyed being on stage from a young age. Slater performed in the Ashland, Oregon, Shakespearean Festival. And, after graduating from Phoenix High in Phoenix, Oregon, Slater joined the Army and became an Airborne Air Assault Infantryman.

Slater spent the next two years serving with the Army at Schofield BKS, Hawaii. He left the army with an honorable discharge after being in a helicopter accident that killed seven people. From there, Slater moved to Los Angeles and began working as an adult film actor.

Slater has also been married to red headed porn performer Pason who was a year and a half older than him. They divorced in 2004. During the course of that break-up, Slater had been accused of behaving like a psycho but went on Ginger Lynn’s show when she was with KSEX, claiming nothing could have been further from the truth. However Slater did admit that he had been phoning Pason several times a day.

“But it was nothing psychotic,” he assured Lynn, claiming that he was just trying to get Pason back. Slater had also claimed Pason cheated on him with Dick Smothers Jr. when Smothers was doing porn. Pason denied it while Slater described Smothers as “a 40 year-old guy who only has his name going for him.”

Pason had also been seeing some 35 year old-guy from Cirque Du Soleil, and Slater felt that Pason left him for guys that could get her somewhere more than he could and that’s what hurt him.


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