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Is the Tom Sizemore Tape Illegal?

Porn Valley- Based on the week before, Harry Weiss as one of the three principals in KSEX’s The Goddess of Gush Show obviously gets the job, now, of translating.

The appearances of Lexi Bardot and Loretta Loren was a train wreck, so Weiss, as the choo-choo operator this week, served to interpret and reconstruct the conversation between Dick Delaware and Plus One during a segment when the UFC fighter was on cell phone relating a story.

A cryptographer could also have been of major use to Weiss during a code-riddled chat about the Tom Sizemore sex tape because that one needed the CIA manual as well.

The announced guest of the evening was Wanker Wang, but Wang never showed. And Cytherea had been running late, so she brought in her “driver”- a female friend- as well as a guy named James- her accomplices in tardiness, if you will.

Plus One asked the friend [it sounded like he was calling her Sasha] if she was going to lick his balls later and began talking about the requisites of a female porn star which include a tattoo above the ass.

“Preferably in Chinese,” he added. Plus One said you also have to have a drug problem to qualify as a porn star. Then “James” was brought on the air. Lest you think these details are totally insignificant, they’re not because a conversation developed attacking the validity of the Sizemore tape and James seemed to know an awful lot about model releases, ID’s and the lack thereof which could invalidate sales of the tape.

“James used to date a woman who is of recent notoriety,” Plus One announced. The woman was never mentioned by name but one could logically assume that it was Jersey Jaxin.

“Your ex girlfriend is the co-star in the recently released Tom Sizemore, much publicized sex video tape,” Plus One continued. James called it a scandal.

“According to James, the female model…” Plus One was about to say something else, then the conversation broke down into parsing the interpretation of the word “allegedly.” James then called his ex girlfriend a liar but didn’t explain exactly why he was saying that.

“The woman in the videotape was sucking dick and getting fucked,” said Plus One, cutting to another chase.

“She claims or has stated to you what?” Plus One asked James.

“Basically everything that was promised to her on her end of the deal- she did this- of course- it was purely just a natural thing,” said James. [See what we mean about the CIA code manual?]

“That’s why it’s a scandal because the videotape is supposedly real,” said James. According to Plus One, nothing can be secret or hidden if you’ve got signed model releases and two forms of ID.

“However, she has stated to you what?” Plus One again asked James.

“That basically they were supposed to have two forms of ID,” said James. “Granted they had one I believe- it was either her birth certificate, I think it was her birth certificate. And supposedly they said they had a copy of her driver’s license.”

[At the ongoing mention of “Sizemore,” Cytherea thought they were talking about Cy’s more.]

“Apparently this videotape was released by a huge, enormous reputable company without proper identification?” Plus One continued. Cytherea’s female friend then interrupted with some comment about the dog deserving some money for it.

“It [the dog] got some notoriety in the film,” James agreed.

“She claims that she did not give them the full ID on her?” asked Weiss in attempt to make some sense of the matter.

“Correct,” said James. “And supposedly she signed a release which is exactly not the case because they said they have a copy of her driver’s license which is not possible.” Plus One asked how that was.

“She doesn’t have one [a driver’s license],” said Cytherea’s female friend.

“She does have one but it was lost prior months before,” added James.

“Did she provide a copy or what they believe to be her license?” Plus One wanted to know.

“No,” said James.

“So where did they get this? Ventura? Van Nuys?” asked Plus One.

“Figueroa,” said James. Cytherea’s friend said either there or another place where you can go buy a driver’s license.

“Alvarado,” said James. “Figueroa and Alvarado.”

“So we hear,” said Cytherea’s female friend.

“Supposedly,” said James.

“And, supposedly she also, allegedly, she also is claiming she never signed a model release?” Weiss asked.

“No, she’s saying that she’s not…she didn’t sign anything that says that she has two forms of ID,” James replied. “They never had two forms of ID. They didn’t have proper ID on her.”

“A photo ID on her?” asked Weiss.

“Correct,” said James.

From what Plus One heard, the girl in question will come on the show and talk about it.

The female friend said her own hearsay story was that, “She [the performer] knew that was happening and it was all okay as long as her head was not shown or her face.”

“And I heard that the Chihuahua was the giveaway,” said the friend. “I don’t care either way.” Weiss asked about the Chihuahua.

“It’s her trademark- her dog,” said the friend.

Plus One said the big thing about the story is that the female performer was fucked over and it wasn’t a legal contract.

“Is she famous?” Weiss wanted to know.

“Absolutely not,” said James. The point Weiss was trying to make is that when you say Chihuahua trademark, you assume someone’s talking about Paris Hilton.

“No, the local fuck-scene,” replied the female friend.

Plus One and the female friend then got into another enigmatic exchange that lent the impression that Plus One fucked Paris Hilton on at least one occasion.


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