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Jack Lawrence’s Time in a Tijuana Jail

Porn Valley- On her KSEX Show this week, Tyler Faith hosted Jack Lawrence, And co-host Wankus made a point of noting that Lawrence is the first male ever to be nominated for an AVN oral scene. Faith, in some ways, couldn’t believe that Lawrence was in porn.

“He’s so nice,” she said. “He’s not like a scum bag. He’s actually like a nice guy.”

Then Faith got into a discussion about how heavy her tits are.

“Those are some serious titties,” Wankus agreed. Faith who danced last weekend said the way her tits were popping out was scary.

“They were heavy,” she said. “My fuckin’ tits are pretty heavy. I know some people whose tits are bigger than mine but not as heavy as mine. I think it’s because I have saline.”

“Either that or that’s where you stored the money when you guys robbed the bank,” Wankus chuckled.

“Don’t let the airlines know that- now they’re going to search me again,” Faith said, returning volley. Wankus explained that the first time he and Faith ever got to hang out together they were traveling from Tampa to LA with a stop in Dallas.

“She was wearing a white see-through shirt and looked hot.”

“There was no way I was concealing anything under that fuckin’ shirt,” Faith agreed.

“You sat there with this lady feeling your tits for ten minutes,” Wankus pointed out. “You got to the point where you could hear us from across the room laughing her ass off.” Wankus said Katie Morgan and her man Greg were also witnesses to this. Faith said, medically, her tits look good but she’s at the point where she has to change them.

Someone in the chat room brought up the subject of cocksucking, and Faith was also taking pride in the fact that it’s one of her favorite things.

“I really love sucking dick,” she announced. Wankus pointed out that if your woman is good at it, there’s a reason- that she’s had a lot of practice.

“I was probably terrible when I was younger,” Faith continued. “I started in high school but I think I’ve mastered the art of sucking dick. I believe that if you don’t know how to suck dick you’ll never hold a guy. You’ll never keep a guy.”

Lawrence was then brought on and Wankus commented that he must be working out. Lawrence said he’s lost about 20 pounds and it’s more so to the fact that he’s been constantly working. Wankus congratulated Lawrence on his nomination but wondered if they’re considering him a “novelty” and will pass over him in the voting.

“Or will you have a better chance because you’re a novelty?”

Nevertheless, Lawrence said he wasn’t giving too much thought about it and didn’t want to get too excited.

“The percentage of girls who suck cock well on camera is lower than the girls who enjoy sex on camera,” Lawrence observed. “Less than 10% are really crazy about sucking cock. But they’re the ones really fun to work with.”

Wankus said he had a couple of girls on his show one time saying they never came on camera until Lawrence went down on them. Lawrence said it’s really hard to make a girl come on camera, that a lot of directors aren’t in tune with it Faith, who just shot for Heidi Pike, said she was an awesome director and Lawrence agreed.

“Ninety percent of directing is getting the right people together,” said Lawrence. “The better a fit you create before the day of the shoot, the less directing you have to do. Some of my best scenes the director didn’t say anything.”

Faith added by saying there’s nothing worse than being in a groove then having someone yell out cut to change the lights, whatever. By the same token, Faith said she came for the first time on Pike’s set. According to Faith it was a weird feeling, albeit awesome.

Someone in the chat room made mention that Faith hadn’t been nominated for any awards. Wankus said it had nothing to do with AVN and advertising rates.

“It has something to do with REALLY SHITTY distribution companies out there,” he pointed out. [Simply put, Black Widow didn’t send any Team Tyler product in for awards consideration.]

“It’s amazing how you get nominated when you send the movie in and they see it,” said Faith sarcastically. “Osmosis doesn’t always work for nominations.” Lawrence also pointed out that with at least a thousand performers, it’s hard to be recognized.

“But when you’re paying someone to be on your side to push you for that kind of shit?” Wankus asked. “It kind of hurts when they don’t throw your thing in the bin.” Faith said it was a very sore subject and someone might get choked out.Lawrence is often portraying cops in movies and Faith swore she saw a real cop the other day who looked like Lawrence. Lawrence said he keeps the cop uniform in the car because he’s always getting calls to put it on.

“Over 100 of my 440 movies have been cop scenes,” he said. It was noted that Lawrence was a former cop, and Lawrence said porn is a fantasy but there’s so many gonzo directors who throw shit out there without regard to story lines or subjects.

“If you can be a good character- which I think I am- it’s good for everybody. My main thing is I want to see more women watching porn because it’s going to be easier to get laid because they’re going to become more sexual. Women aren’t going to watch porn if they see the same, sticking your dick through a pizza-thing. Directors never show women in real every day clothes. I want to see a woman who looks like she just walked out of the mall.”

Faith mentioned that she shot a similar scene for Naughty America where she wore regular clothes and loved it. Lawrence said he’d like to see women wearing some regular full-back panties in scenes.

Asked what was new, Lawrence announced that after about a year’s delay his dildo was coming out on the market. Lawrence recalled that he had to stay hard for about four minutes in the mold.

“It’s like a pound of peanut butter consistency-stuff,” he added. “It’s being rubbed on with popsicle sticks by a straight guy. And it gets heavier and heavier. It captures every little pore.” Lawrence said there were some Jack lawrence dildos made in China that came out.

“They were made with the type of silicone that is really, really irritating to the mucous membranes,” he added. “It was not safe to put out. We had a whole bunch of ’em. They were going to put them out and I said no.” Along similar lines, Wankus said there was going to be a Tyler Faith blow-up doll which Faith had to nix.

Faith said it was “some shitty company” involved, Topco.

“They molded my face and my pussy- I was, like, please don’t ever make a doll of me. I just think it’s really weird and freaky. Hey, if you want to bang blow-up dolls it’s fine. I just don’t want to be one of the dolls. They came out with one and it looks nothing like me. It’s so cheesy, like the ass is that big. It was really freaky. I don’t want to be that rubbery thing. But I think it’s pretty cool to have your dick molded.”

On another topic, Lawrence told a story about how he got arrested in Mexico for having naked business cards.

“That got sent me to prison for three days,” he added, noting that on the third day he was told he was being transferred to a Tijuana jail for three or four months to await his trial.

“The production company had to bribe the district attorney $6,000 to drop the charges, then they held the production company for a couple of hours. They did some research on the Internet and found out the guy took a second mortgage on his house to make the movie. He had no more money. This is the reason I’m 39 years old and and have only been to Mexico once.”

Asked how his website was going, Lawrence said he’s now doing his own updates and attributed the new-found knowledge to Chef Jeff.

“I uploaded 3600 images in September alone and I’m learning how to edit- I have 15 more video scenes to edit and put on there,” said Lawrence. He also noted that most of his fan base is gay and that they like the fact that he’s decent looking for his age.

“I’m not competing against any 23 year-old Jean Valjean-types. I’m the guy next door that they can, hopefully, seduce. But they’re never going to seduce me. I’ll let them think that.”

Lawrence added that he gets about 500 e-mails a day and spends 4 1/2 hours a day answering them.

“I made a new decision, too, that the production companies who don’t put the male names on the boxcover, I don’t shoot for them any more. I have a fan base just because 90% of the guys buying adult DVD’s at bookstores are men. They don’t sit there and sign a release that says their orientation. A lot of them are looking for my product and I’m not going to waste my time doing stuff if they don’t care enough to put the guys’ names on when the guys sell. Then I don’t need to work for those companies.”

Faith said she has a gay friend who watches straight porn and Lawrence pointed out that there’s a lot of Yahoo groups comprised of gay men devoted to straight male porn stars.

“Gay guys live a kind of boring life in a way,” stated Lawrence. “The average gay man has a 1,000 sex partners. And me coming up with 1,400 sex partners in my life, I know that the thrill isn’t always there if you’ve had that many lovers. What they’re looking for is a challenge- seducing a straight guy is a big thing. There’s no thrill in gay guys fucking another gay guy because they’re so promiscuous in general. There’s not this conquest that you have with a woman. A woman you’ve got to have some game to get in her pants.”

“Unless she’s drunk,” Faith added. Lawrence said in his life he hasn’t fucked more than five or six drunk women.

“If I don’t have enough game to get them sober, then I don’t want them.” According to Lawrence, when he hit 1,100, Annie Cruz had a cake made for him.

“The guy at the supermarket goes, how do you spell vagina? He was a religious dude. I think he was pretty mortified.” Asked how he kept count, Lawrence said he kept score in his day planner.

Lawrence said his ex-wife [Cruz] kept a spread sheet on her computer with 30 different criteria from cock size to ball size and how many times they fucked her and how good they were.

Wankus noted that Faith used to keep notes like that until Kurt Lockwood went through her stuff.

“He was such a weirdo,” she said. “We were once in awhile having sex off camera and I told him I was having sex with other people and so he wanted to read it. He saw that I was getting dick all the time and it was really good. He started crying. Whatever.”

Coming to Lockwood’s defense, Lawrence said Lockwood was a very intelligent, very complex person.

“Most people don’t understand him- you get to know him as a person, he’s extremely intelligent.” Lawrence pointed out that women in the industry are intimidated by intelligent people.

“They often don’t like me because I talk too much- they could learn from me or sit there and chastise me. And Lockwood is one of those complex people, too.”

For his part, Wankus said he didn’t have a problem with Lockwood until he started hanging around with Faith.

“She’s not hanging around with him and all of a sudden I do a funny little Lockwood imitation on the show- that was it- now he wants to fight.” Wankus said he tried to talk to Lockwood on the phone one time.

“He goes fuck you, loser.” Lawrence suggested maybe getting Lockwood on the show to talk things out and getting his side.


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