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Jack Napier: Never Been Measured

Porn Valley- Mammoth Jack Napier was a guest of Alexis Amore on her KSEX show, this week. Jack Napier, of course, is also the name of The Joker in Batman.

During the course of conversation Amore mentioned that she was married to porn and was going to be in the business for a long time even though her ass would be down to her feet. Napier said he felt the same way except his cock, not his ass, is already there. “I feel like I’m married to porn,” Napier agreed.

Amore pointed out that Napier was a contract star for West Coast. Napier, on the other hand, prefers to refer to himself as a contracted actor. “I don’t consider myself a star,” he says modestly.

Napier started in the industry with West Coast in 1999 on a fluke phone call. Amore recalled one of the early scenes they did together being at some hotel. “I still get e-mails to this day about that scene,” she said. Amore said, afterwards, she went out partying with her girlfriends bragging about the size of the guy she just fucked.

Napier was asked if he gets girls that cry or lock themselves in the bathroom at the prospect of having to work with him. He said a couple of girls have cried because they felt bad they couldn’t continue the scene. “They were a little bit embarrassed; a little bit overwhelmed.” Napier concedes it likely to happen to a girl who first gets into the porn industry with just some high school experience behind her. “They get here and they’re doing it all. They’re 18. Boom, bring on the dicks.”

Amore said if she gets a call to do an anal scene her first question is who’s the guy. “Or send me a picture of the cock. I will walk out a set if I know that I can’t take it. I don’t want it too small, but I don’t want it too big.”

Napier said it was a process. “I wouldn’t wish it on anyone to go from zero to 60 in 30 seconds. But there are people who can do more than I am.” Co-host Olivia O’Lovely suspected that a girl would really have to like anal to take Napier in her ass. At the same time, Amore said Napier’s one of the most gentle guys she’s ever worked with.

“Being in the business five years and 350 movies later, I know that I’ll work with guys who’ll be, like, fuck you bitch.” Amore said there are guys who’ll fuck you until you’re in so much pain you can’t shit normal, implying that Napier wasn’t like that.

A caller-in asked Napier if there was ever an instance of a girl walking off the set at mere site of his package. Napier said it’s happened several times including Strych-9 who subsequently changed her named to Cherry Mirage. “She was a real popular person- real hardcore. She was, okay, it’s ready right? The cameraman was saying we have to wait for it to get hard. She’s, like, it is hard? She’s looking up at me.”

Amore asked Napier when was the first time he realized that he had to carry an extra 20 pounds around with him. Napier said when he came into the industry he had no idea. “It was like my ear, my elbow, something I walk around with all my life. I never considered it big or small. When you have breasts, breasts are protruding. She’s got big tits or small tits. But I wasn’t in a position where I could compare my size to someone else’s.”

O’Lovely suspected that there are probably guys who make size comparisons in the mensroom. Napier said the way he grew up and where, that wouldn’t have been the coolest thing to do. “It was a good way to get beat up. You go in, mind your own and get out.”

Amore wanted to know what West Coast said the first time Napier was asked to drop trou and get hard. Napier said he went in looking for a customer service job. “It was weird. I’m all in a suit, three-piece and everything, prim and proper. When I got there I didn’t know what to expect. She had me fill out the basic paperwork.”

Napier said once they saw what he had, he was told he could make a lot of money in the industry. “I didn’t know what she was talking about. She said girls like guys like you. Like me? Yeah, skinny guys with big dicks. That was the very first time anyone had referred to my size that I took serious. I used to take it in one ear and out the other, yeah, okay, I got a big dick.”

Napier was laughing over the fact that six years ago he was a nobody, now girls want to make “dates” with him. “All of you were making fun of me in junior high!!”

Amore wanted to know how big Napier actually was. Napier said he didn’t know but has never been measured. “Tera Patrick really came close to measuring me,” he said. When it was inferred that Napier did Patrick, he denied it. “I didn’t do Tera and she just got a husband, too. I never touched her. It was on her birthday and she was still with Digital Playground at the time. She had her show there and she had three other girls with her. She had a nice cake and I’ll just say, just after they cut the camera, she got to blow my candle. I thought it was my birthday!”

Napier said Patrick is so intelligent and down to earth that it really blows him away.

Amore said when she did a scene with Patrick for Vivid a month ago she never thought that Patrick would be such a nasty fucking whore. Napier said the best size comparison he could offer is that he’s about as thick as Amore’s forearm and as long. O’Lovey said maybe hers which is longer.

Amore’s guess is that Napier’s about 15-inches. Amore said she’s done all the big brothers. “Make a line.”

Amore was also inclined to say that she likes any size, any man, any color. “Bring it on. I love men, period.”



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