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Jackie Ashe the Deadbeat

> Spectrum Video posts on Hey all, after my post got a message from Jackie [Ashe] telling me I will never see my money! She also said it won’t affect her at all! I hope for the sake of all agents, producers and others that try to help one another that this is not true. The only way to make sure we don’t get stuck is to stick together!

Have not heard anything from Hailey yet, but I suspect it will be the same.

> The back story- Spectrum posts earlier on PSP: “Before I get started, I want to point out that I’m sure Dick [Nasty] and the rest of the Staff at Nasty had no knowlege of what I am about to wite about. I just happened to hit a home run today at his site and decided it was time to share it with all.

First Up!

Hailey, This model flaked on a shoot with us last year only with DRAMA! Yes, we should have a movie around it. Lets see, as I recall I went to the airport to pick her up, oh, yes, she was coming in from Denver so I thought, instead I get a phone call telling me she missed the flight in Denver and was in Chicago and would be in on such & such a flight. Of course I called the agent, now defunct Vapor and was told they knew nothing about here being in Chicago, but they got a call from her saying she forgot all of her clothes? Yeah, it gets better. I stand there waiting for her to arrive and after 2 hours of waiting after the plane lands, I figure she never got on it. I check with the airlines, they say she never had a ticket, of course I call the agent and get no where. It turns out that she called them and now said she was in Syacuse, NY and will be on a morning flight. Of course she never shows, by this time the agent and I are so worried that something went terribly wrong, they on there end and me on mine contact police, hospitals etc. During this time over 100 calls between myself and the agent are logged in. Police in 3 states are notified and the agent starts trying to contatct family. NO calls or messages from her at all and her phone was on and working. By the end of this drama, it turns out she claimed her family found out about her profession and she didn’t know what to do? At least she could have called! She & her agent some 6 weeks later agreed to pay me back for the losses, Of course I never saw a penny and although she promissed to do the shoot for me, if she paid her own way, I never heard from her again. Now at Nasty, she wants you to give her work and believe that she will show up and so on, yeah, right! These girls have no respect even for the agent and myself that were worried sick over the possibilites of her fate. Shame on her for doing this to all of these people. She does not deserve to work or be represented by anyone!

Next Up! Jackie Ashe, [pictured]

Skipped on owing me a grand! No word from her, no payment. She needed help, she got it and I got stiffed! She too wants you to give her work, trust her and you know the rest. These models should fess up to what they did, make it right then ask for work and honest representation!

Yes I was stupid, but you don’t have to be! Don’t hire these models until they make things right or you could be next!



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