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Jade Simone St Clair Breaking Stuff At The Brass Flamingo

Port Richey, FL/A Entertainment News- Tony batman, posts: She has traveled the entire world bringing sexy and comedic excitement to millions of people and this weekend we caught up with Jade Simone St.Clair in a small town in Western Florida at an all nude man’s club called the Brass Flamingo.

Jade is not only one of the best dancers in the adult industry but she is also a seasoned burlesque dancer and best of all a professional comedian and host of a rocking show at the famed Las Vegas Hard Rock Casio and Hotel. She is also currently filming a season of her own reality show that is still on the hush hush about where it is going to air and the entire theme of the show. We can tell you that the channel has launched a few adult industry stars into mainstream stardom in the past.

During her strip show at the Brass Flamingo Miss Simone showed off some of the most point on dance moves we have witnessed in a men’s club, and we have been to thousands of them. That being said we have to admit that our favorite part of her show is when she grabs the cordless microphone and does a condensed version of her comedic act. She is truly funny and very improvisational with her quick wit and snappy comebacks. A heckler sitting at the stage rail in a strip club has no chance against her. In defense of the unknowing “Hey baby show your tits” guy you would commonly encounter in the men’s club, Jade has plenty of practice dealing with snappy guys since she also is an emcee on tour with Tommy Lee and Motley Crue. If she can handle those guys, she can handle the tip rail guy without much effort.

Jade was great as usual, and the crowd loved every one of her stage performances, the dancers in the club were front row for every show as well. On a funny side note, the DJ at the club, affectionately referred to as “Side Show” had a birthday on Saturday night and his gift from Jade was a part in her last show of the week. Side Show was paraded on stage, stripped to his underwear and black socks, covered with silly string and then diapered like a big baby, with lots of baby powder to prevent chapping. Thank goodness we are in the land of the uncontrolled bladders of retired people, so the big adult diapers were easy to find.

On another note, we have to mention Alia Janine. She was at the club this weekend hanging out with Jade before she headed to Miami for a few days of shoots with the Score Group. I believe she is doing the Magazines and a movie. After meeting her we instantly wanted to be friends with her. Not because of her sultry beauty, she does look incredible, but because she is one of the coolest women we had me in a while. Let’s see if our new friendship lasts longer than the weekend, you know how that goes sometimes.

The Brass Flaming club is in Pasco County, this information might not seem of much importance until you find out that unlike any of its surrounding counties Pasco County laws allow for a nude dance club to hold a liquor license. That’s right But naked and beer!!

We were very impressed with the crew of ladies at the Brass Flamingo, plenty of eye candy in the room all weekend long. They even have a handful of adult actresses and Feature Entertainers on staff that call the club home when they are not on tour. We talked with Samantha Silk who we knew from a few porn events we ad hosted before, and Brandie May who is a touring Feature half of the year. Another young lady was talking to us about her time in the Boston area where she won the Miss Exotic Nites Pageant a few years ago. The ladies wee not only beautiful but well traveled and talented to boot.

The first night we were accompanied uncle Shady from the Shady Bastards, he took most of the pictures here and we give him a big thank you.

We have to thank the management and staff at the Brass Flamingo for their hospitality and friendliness, their great attitude enhanced our great time over the weekend. And Jade Simone St.Clair was once again an excellent host, I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of her in the months to come. That is our hope anyway; you may be surprised what we get ourselves into next.


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