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James Deen Says He Can’t Give Details about Abraham Sex Tape- Even If They Wore Condoms or Not

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from – When Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham admitted to shooting a sex tape with porn star James Deen, we were flabbergasted. Sure, she’s engaged in some questionable extracurricular activities in the past (like getting drunk on jungle juice and wetting the bed — yes, that actually happened), but this? Beyond our wildest dreams (or nightmares, depending on how you look at it).

Having followed Farrah’s journey through teenage motherhood on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, along with her work with MTV’s (also, that time she dressed up like a vagina), we just couldn’t ignore the elephant in the room — whether she and James used protection. For those unfamiliar with James and his work, the 27-year-old is outspoken against condom mandates in pornography, which he describes as “a huge violation of my rights as an American citizen.”

So Wetpaint Entertainment called Mr. Deen himself to get the first-hand scoop and — spoiler alert — it’s a surprise! Someone please pass the popcorn (and the box wine).

Wetpaint Entertainment: We all know what happened the last time Farrah had unprotected sex, so did you guys…

James Deen: My request to do the scene with her was that she was tested and we both get tested.

Was that a special request?

No, that’s standard. They were gonna do that anyway. I said that and [the producers] were like, “Yeah, well obviously.” I also said she has to be on birth control and they confirmed that she was on birth control.

Did you wear a condom?

I’ve been requested not to divulge any information of what’s inside the video and blah, blah, blah with respect to other people.

So you can’t tell me if you used protection?

No, I can tell you.

Will you tell me?

I’ve been requested not to divulge specifics about what happened in the video to keep it a surprise.

Did you meet Sophia? Was she there?

Oh, god no. I would have walked off set. I said multiple times to everybody, if there’s any issues, ’cause I didn’t know what to expect, I told everyone to be prepared that my bullsh*t meter is pretty low. So if I walked on set and her daughter was there — I assume her daughter is under 18…

She’s 4.

If I walked on set and there was a 4-year-old on set, I would just turn around and go. That’s not OK. She obviously wasn’t there.

You never know with Farrah … this whole thing is such a shock because she usually seems prudish. She wouldn’t even kiss her ex-boyfriend. How was she on set? Did she seem curious and willing to experiment?

I have no basis because I had never even heard of her ’til the other day.
James Deen

But c’mon, you’ve obviously been with enough women to know…

I’m a special situation. I have been engaging in random sex since a very young age. For me, having sex with a stranger is not that weird of a thing … That’s the type of personality I have. That’s the type of person I am. Not everyone is like that and can do that sort of physical intimacy. So it’s a difficult thing — sorry, I just drank a bunch of orange juice while you were talking and now I have acid reflux and I’m burping and trying to explain this at the same time.

Wow, that’s really sexy.

Yeah, you know me. Super sexy. Ooh, I’m gonna go take a Prilosec. That’s gonna be awesome! I have those in my bag, oh yeah!

Is that how you made Farrah feel comfortable?

She was amazingly impervious to my acid reflux…

Can’t imagine why.

OK, antacid taken. Whew. So, yeah, I try to put myself in a sympathetic position and try to understand it from other people’s perspectives. I don’t know her, anything about her story, but the glamor of stardom is alluring, being given the free clothes … but then at the same time the awkwardness of being like, “Hey here’s a stranger,” so it makes sense that not every single person will be like “Yeah! Let’s do that!” and there’d be a little apprehension, a little discomfort, a little desire to get to know the person.

And that’s why I picked her up from her hotel, drove her to set, and we were talking — to build chemistry and so she could be happy and have a good experience. Even in the car on the way over we were talking about it, I was like, if we decide we’re not having fun and we’re not vibing, if you decide you want another dude, I won’t be offended. A lot of people in the adult film industry don’t do that.


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