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Jamie Lynn, Penthouse Pet of the Year -final

Porn Valley- Jamie Lynn, Penthouse Pet of the Year for 2006 was on The Wanker Show Friday night. Noting that Lynn was “all natural,” Wankus commented that she was fortunate to be Pet of the Year without plastic.

“I love ’em- I wouldn’t know what to do without them,” said Lynn, . “They’re my money makers.” Lynn’s from the Valley and was born in Northridge. Asked if her friends knew what she was up to, Lynn agreed that some were “haters,” and the others aren’t very supportive.

“They think I’m a whore,” said Lynn of the friends who turned on her. “They just go crazy and are angry because they didn’t have the guts to do it.” Lynn’s basic attitude is fuck ’em.

“My family’s really supportive and that’s all that really matters to me,” she said. “I sleep well at night. I look every morning in the mirror, check it out, happy.”

Wankus said just about every normal human being loves sex but there are some who just aren’t shy about it.

“They’re getting paid to explore their freaky side so who gives a shit?” he said. “But it’ll never work out- mainstream America will always be judgmental. That’s just the way it is.” Lynn noted that she started her career selling cellphones. Lynn then explained how she broke into adult.

“I actually started at World Modeling,” she continued. “I called them and it was nude- and I’m not modest at all. I was, like, if I do what I want to do and do what’s okay for me then I’m totally going to go for it. Then I walked into the office and I was, if if you don’t think I’m worth going as high as I feel that I can- then tell me and I’ll walk out the door. If you think I can, let’s work. We started working and I went to Cam Smith my other agent and I just went crazy.”

Wankus asked if Jim Jr. hit on her a lot and Lynn said no.

“I threw off his energy,” Lynn chuckled. Lynn mentioned that she has a boyfriend who’s very supportive.

“I think that’s the best thing because I’m traveling so much this year,” she said. “When you have a good, stable home base it’s so much easier when you know you’re coming home to a happy environment.”

All of Lynn’s traveling is Penthouse-related and she’s exclusive with them. Lynn isn’t doing hardcore, however, and will continue to do what she’s doing for the next three years, according to her. Lynn also mentioned something about wanting to get into real estate and going to school for it plus exploring her personality.

“Whatever doors, open, great,” she said observing that she’ll be in the business until the roller coaster ends. “It always ends for everyone.”

However, Lynn said she’s been enjoying it until such time, especially this year. Wankus laughed about how some girls come on the show stating they’re going to be bigger than Jenna Jameson.

“And they are bigger than a house,” he laughed. “You sit there smiling but go, come on, girls. Pay attention to your life.” Lynn wondered how many Jenna Jamesons are there actually going to be. Wankus noted on Lynn’s bio that she has both a boat and a Porsche.

“I don’t have a boat,” she said and Wankus wondered why it was on her bio.

“But I go on boats and fish,” she laughed. Wankus also figured that fat guys are usually employed to write these things and that the girl has no idea.

“But they did give me a Porsche for being Per of the Year,” Lynn added. Wankus looked at Lynn on the Penthouse cover and asked her who shot it.

“Jesus,” Lynn replied and co-host Tyler Faith said that’s going to be worth some money some day. What Lynn meant to say was that it was Ken Marcus who shot it. Wankus noted that Cassia Riley, the Penthouse runner-up, was on the week before.

“We’re married- she’s my wife,” said Lynn. As he observed with Riley, Wankus stated that the first couple issues of the new Penthouse were hideous, particularly the covers.

“It was the most horrible thing I had ever seen,” said Faith. Wankus compared the covers to High Life magazine.

“Now it’s good to see that they’re making nice covers again and bringing some class back to it,” he added.”The magazine has totally changed,” Lynn agreed, stating that when she and Riley were in the running for the title they didn’t know if they wanted it or what to expect with the change in ownership.

“But you can see how much it’s grown in the year by the girls, and the class of the girls,” she added. “They’re top notch. And they all want it so bad. You can see that it’s changed a lot in one year.” Wankus also mentioned how the company has bought Jill Kelly Productions as well. According to Wankus, he got confirmation that Faith would be shooting for Penthouse.

“They’re doing a best of the Jill Kelly girls kind of movie,” he announced. “You’ll be on the set with Cindy and all that kind of good fun.”

“Can they just make me go by myself that day?” Faith wanted to know. To accommodate her schedule, Wankus said they would be having a separate shooting day for her.

“That’s pretty good props that they re-adjusted an entire shooting schedule to get you in it,” he said. “But you were the biggest Jill Kelly girl that they had.”

Faith was inclined to say that Jenna Haze was probably the biggest one.

“I think me and Jenna were the only two ones- after our contract ended- who didn’t start banging trannies,” said Faith. “You know what I mean? We didn’t smoke crack every day- not to mention anyone’s name- Cindy and Tyra, but it was really bad.” As Riley had also said, Lynn noted that Penthouse’s main office was in New York and they just opened an office in Los Angeles.

“We’re doing Penthouse TV,” she said. Wankus heard something to the effect that Lynn squirts. But Lynn says she doesn’t do it for five minutes like some of the other girls that she has seen. Wankus asked Lynn if she could give him some inside on the squirting issue.

“Most of us really feel it’s just pissing,” he said. “There’s really no proven scientific female ejaculate that we know of. Do you think maybe it’s a version of your pee because you got excited?” Lynn said she didn’t know.

“I think it is a form of the ejaculation,” she went on to say. “It is shooting out because the orgasm is so hard.”

“I know the woman’s area excretes a lot of moisture,” said Wankus.

“It’s not the same hole that I pee out of you know what I mean?” Lynn responded.. Wankus said he had a medical M.D. on KSEX explaining it one time.

“What was he- some kind of quack?” Faith wanted to know.

“He had the credentials,” said Wankus. Faith didn’t think that her doctor would do something like that.

“He’d call in,” she laughed. “But he’d never be shown on KSEX.” Wankus thought that he would and noted that her breast doctor wanted to come on once a week.

“He’s a pig!” Faith replied. Nevertheless Wankus said he’d like to get some kind of official proclamation on the debate. Lynn suggested asking Victoria Zdrok who’s the Penthouse’s sex doctor in residence. Lynn noted that in the Penthouse takeover they removed all the pissing content and have even gone softer with no toys.

“Now there’s very few pinks,” she also mentioned. Wankus assumed they were going after the Playboy market. Faith also remembered seeing Jill Kelly pissing in Penthouse.

“Bob [Guccione] got really big on that,” said Lynn who’s also shot for other men’s magazines but has never done Playboy.

“I’ve done everything from High Society to low budget stuff,” she said. “Like busty and double-D’s.” Lynn said this also included biker magazines and that she was going to be on a cover of High Times.

“Are you a stoner?” Wankus wanted to know and Lynn gave somewhat of an equivocal answer. She’s also appeared in men’s fitness magazines and on other websites as well. Lynn said she had been doing a lot of that kind of work at least two years prior to Penthouse.

Wankus asked if she was going to get more dirty and graphic and Lynn gave the indication that she would. Asked what her boyfriend does for a living, Lynn said he was in construction.

“He’s a guy who works with his hands and isn’t afraid to get dirty,” she said, noting that she met him before she got into modeling.

“What was his reaction when you said I’m going to go to this casting call at this modeling agency where I get naked?” Wankus asked.

“He said if that’s what you want to do,” Lynn replied. “He was very cool about it. He collects all my magazines- all my stuff. he’s very supportive. We’ve known each other for years and were friends before. He’s so proud of me.” Lynn said her boyfriend was five years older than she and Wankus wondered if he was supportive bordering on inappropriate.

“Hey, fellas- look at my wife’s latest issue!”Lynn said not in that sense but his mother will pull up her website in front of friends and comment on it.

“Look at Jamie- isn’t she pretty? She’s so proud. It’s very cool that both our families are like that,” she added. Lynn said she’s had a couple of uncles comment that they couldn’t believe that she’s doing this when she appeared in Hustler or High Society. But when Penthouse came along, they changed their tune to being proud of her as well. Wankus said he’s been on a lot of construction sites where they have centerfolds all over the wall. According to Lynn, her boyfriend gets all that stuff at the conventions for his bosses.

“They love it.”

Lynn was a tomboy growing up.

“The baggier the pants, the better,” she said. “I must have had this belt that you could wrap around me and I’d wear these tiny little shirt tops. I was a total tomboy and then I really did bad my freshman year. It was, like, you really didn’t go to this class at all. You got to take it over.”

Lynn remembered how she was sent away to her godparents to take summer school.

“When I was away there I definitely got my figure,” she said. “When I came back it was cool, but I wasn’t part of the clique. Half the time I didn’t stay for lunch.” Lynn continued with an answer that Wankus interpreted as the fact that she drifted a little bit and had non-attentive skills. Lynn did say that she lost her virginity at the age of 14.

“It wasn’t the greatest experience,” she pointed out. “I chilled out for awhile then I was like the big tease. I would date the guy and say, yeah, sure, of course we’re going to get there, but I kind of need a new pair of shoes. But I swear we’re going to get there!” For Lynn, 17 began her ‘ho years.

“I went on my ‘ho spree- it was bad,” she laughed. “Everybody has to go through it.” For her part, Lynn said she preferred that she did it earlier.

“And then I had one of my experiences with a girl in high school,” she added. Lynn said she really wasn’t attracted so much to girls but would like to kiss and fondle.

“That’s why I don’t do hardcore girl-girl,” she added. “I’m not really into.” Lynn explained that she had this really hot girlfriend who was a mainstream model. And Lynn said they had a mutual hot friend guy who was moving out of state and both of them decided they wanted to do him.

“It was his last night and we had to figure out how we were going to do this,” she said. “We didn”t want to fight over him, so we decided we were going to do a threesome. He was ecstatic.” Asked what it was like putting her lips on a pussy, Lynn said it was morally disgusting for her.

“I’d rather be on a dick,” she replied. Lynn said what turned her on by the experience was the fact that the guy was turned on.

“It’s all about playing around,” she said. “It’s to make the guy want me- if it’s all about kissing a girl, then I’ll kiss the girl. I don’t mind that.”


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