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Jandi Lin the Next Mrs. Jack Lawrence?

Porn Valley- It was evidently poo-poo for two on KSEX Wednesday night. After an earlier movie date, Jack Lawrence,, continued to make goo goo eyes at guest Jandi Lin. Lin’s Chinese, though her parents were born in America, and she, herself, was raised in Hawaii.

The way Lawrence was whispering sweet prenuptials to her, and the fact that he spent the second half hour of his show fiddling with the beads on her Abacus would lead you to believe that Lin needn’t bother changing initials on the bridal shower gift towels. Hey, but it’s porn and talk is cheap.

Lawrence described how he met Lin at Adultcon and thought right away she was a “civilian.”

Lin said the fake cock at Lawrence’s booth caught her eye.

“It was pretty exciting- it kept me there,” she says.

“I thought you were a real person at first,” Lawrence tells her. Lin, a relative newcomer, said she was at the show scouting out the competition. She also looks with anticipation to the industry show in January.

“I’m looking forward to knowing the inside of the business and meeting the big boys,” she smiles. It was also Lawrence’s observation that there weren’t as many girls signing at this Adultcon.

“And the crowd was down and the mood down,” he adds. Nevertheless, Lin said it was great to meet the fans who were wielding their camera phones.

Lawrence also mentioned that Veronica Rayne got into a serious automobile accident at the show. And Lin noted she was working with Rayne’s partner, Jack Vegas Thursday. Lin also said it was a shame to hear about Rayne but looked forward to working with Vegas who apparently fared a lot better in the accident.

“Jack Vegas has always been there for me,” stated Lawrence. “I’m sure the industry will be there for him.”

Lin talked about how, after Adultcon, she and Lawrence went to a Denny’s. Lawrence said that it was particularly cool that they had time to talk and get to know one another before they got to fucking their brains out.

Lin, who’s 22, explained how her parents met in San Francisco then went to Hawaii where she was born. Lin said she feels very connected to the Hawaiian culture.

“It’s a very unique place- it’s the only place I can call home,” she says. Lin is from the island of Oahu but is living in downtown Los Angeles for now. Lin, who particularly enjoys surfing, was glad o have seen the ocean in Santa Monica though Lawrence thought it had to be at least a few degrees colder than what she’s used to.

Lin mentioned something about having also lived in Washington D.C. for awhile. And from the way she talked, it sounded like she had been in the military.

“I thought I wanted to be an officer but screaming out orders didn’t work very well,” Lin says. So the reason she got into the adult business is that she loves being beautiful and sexual.

“I think about being beautiful,” she goes on to say.

“It’s the stimulation of the mind and a challenge to see how far I can push it. And I’ve always been fucking- I figured I might as well get paid for it.”

[You’d like to get paid for every female porn performer who’s made that comment.]

Lin said it’s also great to be working in the business to find people with similar sexual urges and attitudes and to be finally appreciated for who she is and her kinky side.

Apparently Lin also excels in working with metals so she and Lawrence got into a discussion about welding and metallurgy.

Lawrence then described how he was fingering Lyn on their movie date.

“It was one of the hottest things ever.”

“We got pretty intimate real fast,” Lin agreed. “You got the best of me.”

Lawrence remarked, quite astutely, that Lin’s skin color is one of the most remarkable things about her. Besides the fact that Lin has a tight, well developed athletic body. Lawrence thought she, in particular, has great legs.

“You look like you just walked off the beach,” continued Lawrence. “I’m at a loss for adjectives. Your body’s so beautiful.”

Lin explained that she did a lot of running in college and continues with her enjoyment of “water sports.”

Lawrence had to remind her that the term has a whole different connotation in the adult business. To which Lin said she wouldn’t mind indulging on that level as well.

“But I hate to disappoint you,” Lawrence told her. “I just took a leak.”


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