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Jasmine Byrne Out as JHo?; Pleasure World in Phoenix has thug history

> john1171 writes on ADT: Industry word from those in the know say that Wicked joins Diabolic as 2nd company to achieve no reported violations on inspection.

> pornlaw replies: Not to bag on Wicked, but thats the same typical statement that every company owner has put out after an inspection.

We will never really know until the govt decides to start prosecuting people. And even then we might not know. If Wicked was perfect, they already have 6 possible prosecutions. If these companies dont roll over, there really is only so many federal criminal prosecutions that the DOJ can institute at the same time.

I am looking forward to hearing what the FBI has to say at the XBiz Conference in February,


> posted on Rumors are swirling that performer Jasmine Byrne is out as the fictional porn character JHo. JHo is the lead character in the Adam & Eve film ‘Jenny On The Cock’, which spoofs real life singer / actress Jennifer Lopez. Jasmine was a no show during AEE at the Adam & Eve booth despited being booked to sign for the company.

On a side note, new Adam & Eve contract girl Sophia Lynn was also a no show at AEE 2007. Will she be dismissed?

> Willie D posts on, Arizona is one fucked up place. They didn’t mind Jenna living here, but when she wanted to buy that shitty strip club Babes, the tried to pass laws virtually outlawing porn and strippers.

Neighboring Phoenix is much nicer to smut. Most of the porn stores in Phoenix are in industrial areas where no one cares, stay under the radar and don’t make a splash.

My personal favorite is Pleasure World on 40th St. & Washington near Sky Harbor airport. They have a somewhat clean place to buy your smut, but they also keep the “arcade” open with the same disgusting stained machines Reuben Sturman leased them years ago. It also has a “theater” to watch old reels, but it’s just too icky to actually sit down and watch something. The place has a mottled history: when the owner died and his wife took over, she stopped paying protection money to Sturman. Depending on who you believe, either Kevin Beech or Mickey Fine sent some thugs to rough the place up, whereupon they bombed the place.

Even after Sturman and Mickey Fine were in the pokey, the new owner was indicted on charges of racketeering, money laundering and fraud. The county attorney pressing the case, with whose son I attended high school, fucked the case up, amid allegations that they illegally wiretapped conversations between the owner and her attorney. Ironic that she lived in the Echo Canyon subvidision in Paradise Valley, at the bottom of Camelback Mountain (=caysh). It’s pretty much stayed the same for the last decade.

I hope places like this stay around. Porn is getting too comfortable with itself, pretending to “go mainstream” and all. I like the social and physical danger associated with buying porn. No offense to the VOD guys and all, but I think people need to expend a little energy to get their smut. Making smut too easily available has produced things like Stormy Daniels and Eon McKai, and that just can’t be allowed to propogate.

> when a couple of readers challenge his dropping of Stormy’s name, Willie D adds: Fair question. I see Stormy as the paradigm of the “crossover whore wannabe.” It used to be Ginger Lynn, then it was Ashlyn Gere, now her. She’s desparate for it. She’s never called “porno star Stormy,” it’s always, “Stormy who appeared in a Blink 182 video.” She signed up with that Ric Williams talent agent who was going to churn out crossovers like a factory. Other than a few random sluts getting bit parts in B-grade slasher moves, I don’t see it.


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