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Jasmine Fiore Playboy Pictures: Did Swimsuit Model Pose as Ava Fiore in Playboy?

There still seems to be a bit of confusion surrounding murdered swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore and whether or not she posed for Playboy pictures sometime in her career. Some even have posited that Jasmine Fiore and Ava Fiore, who posed for a few Playboy pictures in 2004, are the same
person. So, did swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore pose naked for Playboy pictures using the pseudonym Ava Fiore? Is Jasmine Fiore the same person as Ava Fiore?

As Canadian authorities ramp up their efforts to track down reality TV star Ryan Jenkins north of the border for having possibly murdered Jasmine Fiore, whose naked and mutilated body was found on August 15, articles, blogs, videos, picture captions, and pictures montages continue to report that Jasmine Fiore is a Playboy model. People still continue to look for her Playboy pictures. Being told by many that those Playboy pictures do not exist does not seem to matter (apparently it is willful denial or persistent hopefulness — the thrill of the hunt).

The continued use of the descriptor “Playboy model” in conjunction to Jasmine Fiore’s name can be easily explained in that people (especially males) are more likely to attempt to access a website (click on a link) if the word “Playboy” is anywhere within proximity of a female’s name. In short, it is a purposely planted “hook,” placed without checking for corroboration, just something to draw in internet users. But it is also being used out of ignorance in that so many sites use it that writers and reporters are perpetuating it without attempting to see if Jasmine Fiore actually ever posed for Playboy. And then there are the bloggers, writers, and reporters who know Jasmine Fiore never posed for Playboy pictures and use the descriptor disingenuously as their story hook.

But could they be unknowingly correct? Did Jasmine Fiore actually pose nude for Playboy, and did she use the pseudonym Ava Fiore?

The answer to that would be a resounding “no, she did not.” While it is true that Ava Fiore posed for Playboy in 2004, it should be noted that Ava Fiore and Jasmine Fiore are two very different people. Ava Fiore is a champion Golden Gloves boxer (2002).

According to the New York Daily News, Ava Fiore also has an arrest record for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. Nearly 60 pounds of pot in three suitcases were confiscated when Nebraska State Patrolmen searched her car in a routine traffic check in 2008. Interestingly, Ava Fiore did use a pseudonym when she boxed: Lynn Mora.

But Jasmine Fiore is not Ava Fiore, even though the two share a last name and are about the same age (within a few months of each other). Nor did Jasmine Fiore pose for Playboy pictures. Ava Fiore did. A quick look at their likenesses in various pictures is enough to tell that the two are not the same individual.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that Jasmine Fiore, who once was a swimsuit model, also once worked for Playboy Enterprises as a representative. She worked on the Playboy film, “Girls In Golf.”

Perhaps someone will be able to find some pictures of Jasmine Fiore working as a Playboy rep. Those would then be worthy of the title “Jasmine Fiore Playboy pictures,” just not the kind of Playboy pictures most want to see when they click on a “Playboy pictures” link.


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