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Jason Openly Begs for Jill….

Jason Sechrest begs Jill Kelly to come on his KSEX show Friday night. Sechrest also references comments made by Tyler Faith and you can read them here

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA– In his daily news and gossip column at, porn scribe and Internet sex talk radio host JASON SECHREST gave an open shout out to JILL KELLY today, following her resignation from Jill Kelly Productions, begging her to appear on his KSEXradio show, “The Young & the Curious,” Friday night at 6:00 pm (PT). SECHREST waxes sentimental in the editorial chronicling the fall of the company for which he served as Public Relations Representative for over three of the company’s best years. “I’m having some fun in the column, but ultimately, I wish JILL the best,” says SECHREST. “I haven’t spoken with her in well over a year and it would be great to catch up with her on all things, both professional and personal. I think my show would be the perfect forum for her to speak out about what’s happened to her in the past year. She knows that I can get the heart of the story out of her while making sure that she’s laughing all the while.” It wouldn’t be the first time. The last time JILL KELLY appeared on “The Young & the Curious,” one of KSEXradio’s highest rated and longest running programs, was July 2002, when she discussed for the first time openly and at length such controversial subjects as interracial sex scenes, her lawsuit with TABITHA STEVENS and her marriage and divorce with screen stud JULIAN. SECHREST’s story “A Shout Out To Jill Kelly,” posted today at is as follows: I am a bit of an extremist in my personal life, a bit of an obsessive, and when there’s something I find entertaining I become absolutely riveted to it. The Michael Jackson trial. The crazy eating away at Tom Cruise’s brain. Britney and Kevin doing just about anything. And now, we can add the fall of Jill Kelly Productions to the list of things to distract me throughout the day. I am so totally fascinated by this story. It’s like a bad episode of Murder, She Wrote with only Tyler Faith as Angela Lansbury to give us any public statements or clues as to what in the hell happened to what was once such a promising company. It’s been a slow spiral into darkness, beginning about a year ago when contract girls were leaving left and right while company CEO, the 275 year old Bob Friedland, was busy signing new girls no one had ever heard of because they gave him good head and trying desperately to deport his ex-wife, porn star Shyla Stylez, who isn’t even allowed to use that name anymore because Bob owns it or something.

“Perhaps this should have been our first indication that things had gone astray. But hey, how were we to know? I mean, Jill Kelly seemed healthy enough, living out her V.C. Andrews novel of an existence complete with stillbirths, divorces, gay sex, dead husbands she still mourns for and too many god damned trips to the hospital to remember. I don’t know, between these two, maybe it was the ghost of Shyla Stylez who was running the day to day operations — or the dogs, Rocco and Charlie, who Bob had trained to physically attack anyone who tried to leave his home office and no doubt had more knowledge of how to work a telephone than Friedland. (I can’t count the times I was on the teley with that man when he would scream to his secretary, “Vicky… where’s the phone? Oh, I’m on the phone? Now? Jason? Why’d she leave me, Jason? Why’d Shyla leave me?”) Then came the big warehouse of an office out in the valley which was broken into twice. Yet, both times, nothing was stolen. This tells us that either JKP was so unorganized they wouldn’t even notice if something were missing OR that the crafty bandits took a look around and decided they just didn’t like JKP’s product all that much after all. Much like the rest of America. Here’s the point in the story where Jill and Tyler can be found ala Lansbury atop the roof of the warehouse, trying to figure out how the culprits shimmied down what drain pipe to get into the building. “You’ll notice the faint footprint on the rock in the corner and with the use of this bobby pin…” Suddenly there are no directors. I go to cover a JKP scene where Tyler Faith is being banged by Tommy Gunn. What’s the name of the movie? “No one really knows anymore,” says Tyler. Who is the director? “We don’t have directors anymore,” she says. “I’m directing.” A few months later, it was all over. Bob Friedland stepped out to lunch and never returned. His numbers have been disconnected and no one knows where he is. They’ve exhausted all efforts in trying to find him. (Has anyone even tried going to the fucking house?!) Meanwhile, Jill Kelly has announced her resignation from a company that has her as it’s logo’s lineament. All we keep hearing is: “Jill will be making a statement about why she left in the near future.” This was a week ago. Bitch, where are you? I want my statement. This drama has become the air that I breathe and I am breathlessly awaiting, like a fish out of water, for Jill to tell us all the real story of what in the hell happened to Jill Kelly Productions. Everyone’s talking but the one person we really want to hear from. We’ve got people still working over there giving statements to AVN about how they’re going to start shooting next month (with who?!) and contract girls saying they’ve now left the company (what company?!?!) — but not a peep from Jill herself, who Tyler assures us is doing just fine… just fine. Listen look, Jill, let’s be honest. I may be the only person anywhere near this interested in the story. Why am I so enthralled by it? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I was there through three of your company’s best years as your publicist. Or maybe I just have too much time on my hands. But don’t you think we owe it to each other for you to come on my radio show (after giving some obligatory and vaguely explanatory statement to AVN, of course, like everyone else does) and tell me what really happened? At least with me, you’ll be able to laugh about it. Think of the memories, Jill. I was there holding your hand when Haven tried to beat the fuck out of Star E. Knight across the dinner table. I was there when the two of us secretly plotted how to ruin Devon’s career. (And look, it worked!) I was there at The Palms in Las Vegas when the disaster with GhostBar struck and I did just as you told me, bringing only hot straight men willing to have sex with me in front of you up to the suite. I was there eating out Star E. Knight in Bob’s bed. I was there sucking off Erik Everhard’s best friend with Tyler Faith in the bathroom. (Did you guys actually used to PAY me to work for you?!) I was there, Jill. I was there. I was barely legal at the time! But I was there. Give me a call. Let me know what Friday night you want to come on my show. Above all though, keep on keeping’ the faith, girl. And I don’t mean Tyler.


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