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Jason Sechrest to be a Rude TV Reporter

Porn Valley- When he was up to his old antics at KSEX, there were times when Jason Sechrest could be downright piss your pants funny.

But now you’ll probably have to dial to for the time being to get anything remotely resembling that brand of Sechrest humor.

For one thing, Sechrest, apparently wasn’t invited to continue his shenanigans with Rude TV. But that may change.

That his name was missing from the new roster of shows announced last week was fairly obvious. So I asked him about that.

Noting that I had written about the Rude TV launch party the other night, Sechrest said the story made everything seemed so wonderful still, at the same time Sechrest was puzzled with the decision not to continue with his show.

“I noticed all the people hosting are the ones who left when Wankus left,” observes Sechrest.

Which is to say that most of the regime from the Chatsworth experiment, outside of Gary Garver, weren’t extended invites. Among the most obvious being Lorrainiac. And Sechrest.

“I had a long conversation about that,” says Sechrest.

“Wankus contacted me and asked if I would be interested in doing some on-spot reporting for them, like red carpet stuff which I had done for KSEX a couple of times in the past. I said sure. Especially if they’re paying now, I would be more than glad to.”

“He said as far as having a show on the station, for now, that was not a possibility. Which I thought was weird because I hadn’t asked to have a show on the station.”

“I kind of explained to him at first that I was not interested in having another show like The Jason Sechrest Show or the Young and The Curious unless it would be a really sweet deal,” Sechrest continues.

“Mainly because of the amount of time I put into the last ventures like that for KSEX, I didn’t see a lot in return for it.”

Rather, Sechrest discovered that he got more hits and sign ups to his website from his YouTube channel than he did from KSEX.

“To put that kind of time and that kind of effort out of my week to do a project like that is something I would need to be compensated for really well,” Sechrest reflects.

“And I don’t mean money-wise. There are content trades and a lot of stuff you can do. But it would have to be a sweet deal.”

Sechnrest was ready to say fuck it. However, after reading my report about how everyone seemed to be all back in their places with bright shining faces, he got a little nostalgic.

“I thought, my God, I wouldn’t mind being there,” Sechrest comments.

“Those were really great days and I wouldn’t mind being part of that again.”

“But here’s the thing. When I first talked to Wankus he said the reason why my being back wasn’t a possibility, at least at the moment, was because of the gay angle, that they weren’t interested.”

Though in a follow up discussion with Wankus, Sechrest was being given an entirely different impression, that the Rude TV higher ups have advertisers that are actually now requesting a gay show.

“They just want to launch with the shows they have now to bring in the regular audience and then expand,” says Sechrest.

“At first I put up so many red flags,” says Sechrest.

“I have been through this before on that side of the adult industry. I’ve proven myself. That’s nothing I need to go do again. They are the new station. They are the new kid on the block. I am not. I have been here longer than Wankus has been here.

“June will be my tenth year of working on the straight side of adult entertainment which I’ve worked longer than the gay side. The show I hosted on KSEX became one of their highest rated shows, and I pulled in some of the biggest name talent they had- both mainstream and adult. I don’t feel the need to prove myself because of my sexuality. I don’t feel the need to prove myself. I’ve proven myself as a host and I’ve proven myself in terms of ratings and guests. This is their first time at the rodeo, not mine.”

Bucked off his bronco, Sechrest admits, frankly, he was dismayed until he heard the update Thursday afternoon that Rude TV would eventually include a gay show.

“So I told Wankus I wished he had expressed that to me originally because I felt insulted,” admits Sechrest.

“The news threw me for a loop, but I love Wankus. I think he’s great and I’m glad that he has a new home and is doing great things there.”

In the extension of the olive branch, Sechrest gets to pick a day next week to go on Wankus’ show as a guest and be introduced as a Rude TV reporter.

“I’ll also probably be reporting from AdultCon this weekend now,” adds Sechrest.

Now that the issue is all settled and feathers unruffled, Sechrest settles back into his usual ball busting form.

“Why would they come up with that name Rude TV?” Sechrest asks.

“That’s like having Like who would want to go where they’re treated rudely!!? It’s kind of an anti-advertisement: come here and we’ll treat you like shit. I’ve already been insulted. I was told you can’t have a show when I didn’t even ask to have one. That’s a rude as it gets. Where would they come up with that name? It’s about rudeness. A brilliant, brilliant name.”

Sechrest is laughing, and I’m…almost…peeing my pants.


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