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Jeff Has His Stacy Bases Covered

PORN VALLEY, CA – Chef Jeff said he’s got it covered. Covered in the sense that Jeff’s claiming he didn’t blow the story opportunity of the year when he had Stacy from the Kit Kat Ranch as his phone guest Tuesday night on KSEX. Stacy is the woman who was an eyewitness to the alleged Vince Neil assault of another hooker at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch earlier this year. But Jeff in his attempts to solicit a date from Stacy never touched on the issue in what was basically a kiss-ass phone sex interview. Porno Steve Seidman, who would be in the position to know having worked at the Bunny Ranch also took a shot at Jeff on his Dee and the Fatmen Show Thursday night.

Referring to Jeff as KSEX’s “chief news reporter,” Seidman relayed his knowledge of the events involving both Stacy and a girl name Trixxxie. “When Vince Neil decided to go to the Bunny Ranch after one of his concerts, he stopped in to say hi to his big buddy Dennis,” Seidman continued. “”He took Stacy and Trixxxie into one the rooms.” The ‘donation’ quoted Neil was something like $3,000, according to Seidman. “He was about to pay and, finally, he realized I’m a star and got very unhappy with Trixxxie. He decided to put Trixxxie up against a wall- allegedly.” Seidman inferred that there had been some settlements. When reminded by Harry Weiss that the incident was an alleged one, Seidman responded, “You don’t hire Robert Shapiro for an alleged accusation.” Bottom line, Stacy being an eyewitness to the “fiasco,” was never questioned by Jeff about the incident, Seidman reported.

“He has this option to get a first hand interview with the girl who knew basically all the details but he was too busy trying to get laid and he didn’t say a fuckin’ thing,” said Seidman. “You had such an opportunity to be a super star reporter.” As an after thought, Weiss made it very clear that it was Seidman and not he who was talking the shots at Jeff.

Then, on his show Thursday night, Jeff referred to the story which essentially took him to the woodshed for his failure to interrogate Stacy. Jeff recounted the incident in which he talked to her on the phone. Jeff also acknowledged that Stacy was an eyewitness to the Vince Neil incident. “The story that Gene [Ross] put out a while back was that she took a payoff to stay quiet.”

Addressing yours truly on air, Jeff said, “Gene, Don’t you have any faith in the Jeffster? Don’t you know me better than that by now? Don’t you know that I got my bases covered? The reason I didn’t ask her [Stacy] about it is because I knew that was the girl. I talked to her on the phone. Lisa Sparxxx was trying to fix me up with Stacy. That’s how she ended up being a guest on the show. I already knew about the Vince Neil-thing but she didn’t want to talk about it. But we talked about it again after the story came out and she did tell me on the phone that she was not paid off. But that’s not the last you’ll hear of Stacy. You might see her running around with me at adultcon. A little date kind of thing. Maybe.”

That being said, Madam Suzette from The Bunny Ranch weighs in with this comment about Stacy:

Dear Mr. Ross, As Madam/General Manager of the BunnyRanch for over 10 years, you learn quite a lot from over thousands of working girls that have been here at one time or another. The vast majority of our ladies come and go quite happily, without the ‘advances’ Stacy refers to. As to the comments Stacy made about the ‘guitarist’— Stacy was crazy in love with him and he was all she could talk about. He even gave her a necklace which she wore proudly. This leads me to believe that he obviously dumped her and she sounds like a scorned woman. Such are the affairs of romance in a brothel. As to the other comments Stacy made about leaving — I do know that she owed several months of back rent which she refused to pay. And just for the record, Dennis Hof is happily engaged in a very serious relationship with Sunset Thomas, as if anyone didn’t know this already.

The most important lesson, and a direct response to Stacy, is that once a working girl leaves in an agitated state of mind, she is prone to ‘getting even’ in the media. This is something we have no control over. Our high profile makes us an easy target, especially when a lady works for a competing brothel that is trying to imitate The BunnyRanch’s successful marketing plan.

Stacy is using the AdultFYI website to spread rumors about The BunnyRanch and Dennis Hof.

Editor’s Note: Actually, it was KSEX she was using. AdultFYI just covered the story.


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