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Jeffrey Douglas Urges A Letter of Support for Max Hardcore

An Urgent Letter from Jeffrey J. Douglas

Saturday, August 23, 2008

An open letter to all people against government censorship,

I’m writing to ask that you take a few minutes to write a brief letter of support on behalf of my client and friend, adult film maker Paul Little. As you probably know, Paul portrays the character Max Hardcore, and is a leading innovator in adult movies.

He was recently convicted of mailing legal adult movies to Florida, and will be sentenced in September 5th. In a dubious legal tactic which could impact any member of the adult industry, Paul was charged even though the European-Version movies he makes only for foreign distibution were in fact mailed to a U.S. adress by an unrelated company without Paul’s knowledge, and against his stated policy. We are of course challenging this wrongful conviction and believe we will reverse it upon appeal.

You can greatly help our cause by writing a letter of support to the trial judge on Paul’s behalf. It could make the difference between Paul remaining free, or being locked- up for years in federal prison. You can let the court know how strongly you are against censorship. If you know Paul, then mention any of the positive things about him, and what he’s done for you or others. Then ask the judge to be merciful and just, and sentence Paul to the most lenient punishment permitted under by law.

This is a battle against censorship we must win. Not just for Paul, but for every person in adult industry – and also for all Americans who care about freedom, and stand agains government control what they can see, hear and think about in the privacy of their homes. If Paul’s conviction stands, you can be sure the government will feel justified in their misguided mission, and attack other legitimate adult businesses. You or someone you know could be next, so please write your letter and mail it today!

And example of a support letter follows this message. Email your finished lettets to: [email protected]


Jeffrey J. Douglas


(An example of a letter to the court on behalf of Paul F. Little)

Your Letterhead – if you use one

To: the Honorable Susan C. Bucklew

Re: US v. Paul F. Little, Max World Entertainment

Case No. 8:07-cr-170-T-24MSS

Your Honor,

I’m a married father and have lived in LA since 1988. I’ve proudly served our country in the military, and have worked in the adult industry for over 10 years. I strongly believe in personal responsibility, and freedom of speech.

I’ve known Paul Little for many years, and always found him to be fair and honest with people. I’ve rarely seen him angry, and never involved in a fight. I’m proud to call him my friend.

Over the past ten years, I’ve often seen Paul meet many enthusiastic fans at adult expos. He’s always humble, and listens to their suggestions. I’ve never seen even one person voice their outrage at him or his movies.

Obscenity laws are not clearly defined or understood, even by members of the adult industry. I also know that Paul would never intentionally break any law. So I’m confident he will learn from this experience, and do whatever he can to avoid violating the law in the future.

Most importantly, Paul is the primary source of income not only to his employees and co-stars, and he’s financially supported others over the years with no hope of a return. I know that many people will suffer serious financial hardships should Paul be sentenced to a long prison term.

So I hope you have it within your power to sentence Paul to probation or house arrest, so he can continue to help others. If a prison term is required by law, then I ask that it be the shortest term permitted. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

(Thank you for writing your letter of support! Please immediately email it to: [email protected]


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