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Jenna Haze Shoots for Skeeter- 6/6/06

Porn Valley- It’s the first time they ever worked together. And Jenna Haze is saying she’s done more anal positions for Skeeter Kerkove than any director before him. Which is all well and good. But the thing nagging Skeeter, before the Haze scene for Defiance Films even gets underway Monday afternoon, is the inference on that he’s some kind of trick who pays for hookers.

This is not to rule out the fact that Skeeter might become a trick some time later in life, he says. But for now Skeeter swears he’s never paid for sex. He’s saying this as his cellphone goes off. It’s the new 19 year-old he met the other night. Skeeter’s got Alaskan king crab and steak in the refrigerator and is preparing her a meal later in the evening. I can see the epitaph on Skeeter’s tombstone: “I do not pay for pussy.” Alaskan King Crab, yes. But not pussy. Skeeter takes pride in the pussy he cultivates, mostly with charm, homespun philosophy and a touch of b.s.

Haze is getting touched up and is sporting “big hair.”

“Big hair sexiness,” muses Skeeter. The “bizarre” Mark Wood and Jerry from the Czech Republic will be working with Haze. Wood has worked with Haze before for the Uncle Vinnie series. Jerry makes it very clear that he never intends going back to his country, that he’s found paradise here in the states. Skeeter’s busting his chops about being some refugee tax scofflaw.

Wood, on the other hand, has found his own paradise. He’s working with Jewel De’Nyle’s mother later in the day. Skeeter asks if Wood’s going to need some Viagra to get through the scene. Wood, who’s called The White Shadow by Skeeter because he’s the closest thing to a black man without being black, doesn’t think so.

“But it certainly is a dichotomy of scenes,” Wood has to admit. The oldest woman heretofore that he’s worked with was a 50 year-old on one of Skeeter’s sets, a MILF movie called Somebody’s Mother for Metro.

“The mildest scene in that movie was a d.p. with bondage,” Skeeter recalls. “The other four scenes were double-anals and they all started with bondage. The youngest woman in that movie was 42.” It’s also Skeeter’s opinion that the movie deserved an Editors Choice and not the spotlight pick it garnered, Skeeter claiming that it’s probably the strongest movie you’ll ever find in the MILF genre.

“Three of the women were grandmothers for godssake.”

Skeeter’s now crooning a John Denver tune, remembering hearing that Denver was allegedly having an affair with a blond, big-titted makeup artist in the adult business at the time his plane crashed and killed him.

While on the subject of the very old, Skeeter and Wood are exchanging anecdotes about Davina Hardman, Dave Hardman’s mother when she got an STD from a male performer who was going under the name Fritz the Cat.

“Valentino was supposed to do the scene but chickened out,” Skeeter remembers. “Dave Hardman was upstairs in his house the time this was going on but refused to come down and watch.” Wood’s thinking Hardman’s pretty old.

“But he’s still younger than Steve Holmes and Chris Charming,” says Skeeter. “They’re 47 & 48.” Skeeter tells Wood he’s heard a rumor that Tony Tedeschi has come to live with him that Wood is pulling him out of poverty.

“Where do you hear this shit?” Wood laughs.

Jenna Haze is telling me that she’s a big steak and potatoes girl although you would never know it by looking at her.

“It’s my metabolism,” she laughs, noting that she generally treats herself to a nice dinner after an anal scene and was more than likely going to Ruth’s Chris steakhouse afterwards. Haze is telling Skeeter about another restaurant she loves in Beverly Hills, but Skeeter suspects they’d never let someone white trash like himself inside. Haze says she loves her time away from porn and embraces her personal sanctuary. She talks about possibly buying a house in Calabasas. Haze mentions that she doesn’t party any more and only did so earlier in her career because her agent at the time fed her drugs.

Haze’s cellphone rings. It’s someone named Bob and she tells him she’s brushing her tongue.

“I’m doing a scene,” she says. Haze says Belladonna got her hooked on the idea of tongue brushing. Haze tells Skeeter that she didn’t have the opportunity to put a butt plug up her ass but thinks she’ll be fine for the scene when it comes time to shoot it. Skeeter tells her how Bridgette Kerkove used to sleep with a butt plug in her ass.

“I don’t think I could do that with something in my ass,” Haze smiles. She says her worst fear is that she’s going to shit herself on video. And someone brings up the fact that Mika Tan has a similar shit phobia and doesn’t eat for something like two days before she’s doing a scene.

Although she doesn’t drink much now, Haze recalls the first time she got snookered. She tells Skeeter it was on a bottle of Boone’s Farm. Haze is also telling me that she’s very sad about the way the whole Tyler Faith-thing played out on KSEX with Faith blasting her for supposedly disrespecting Jill Kelly. Haze says she did her scene for Faith’s Fantasies charging $300 less than she ordinarily gets. Haze also says she could have really opened up in her interview with Jason Sechrest.

“I could have said a lot of shit about JKP but I didn’t,” said Haze. “And I still got shit for it.”

Skeeter’s telling a story about how Kelly Wells came over to his house last week and helped herself to an outfit from his wardrobe closet.

“Then she goes over to Red Light- and they won’t pay for shit,” says Skeeter who got wind that Martin Del Toro was bad-mouthing him. Because of that, Skeeter won’t let Wells raid the closet any more for Red Light shoots. When Haley Paige was on Skeeter’s set the other day, the story was told that Del Toro married her for a green card, although Paige was under the impression it was for love.

Haze is doing some BTS and mentions the fact that she’s given blowjobs to a big name rock star as well as a movie actor but won’t say who.

“I’m not a star fucker!” she laughs when pried for names. Skeeter wants to slip some velcro handcuffs on Haze and do the entire scene with her hands tied behind her back. Haze says she’s never tried that. Especially with penetration.

“I’ve been told it’s illegal,” she giggles nervously.

“We ARE going to do the handcuffs,” Skeeter states emphatically. Haze says whatever, but has to show Skeeter how to snap the cuffs on.

“What am I doing wrong?” Skeeter laughs because he has to keep re-shooting the intro since the cuffs won’t cooperate. Wood and Jerry are off in the corner whacking it. Haze is also adorned in dog chain similar to the way Audrey Hollander was in an earlier scene.

“Eventually I’ll get one of your cocks in my mouth,” Haze tells Wood and Jerry. Plain and simple, Haze says she loves to fuck.

“I’m a voracious little minx.”

Cuffs aside, Haze also mentions the fact that ball gags make her drool. Skeeter brings up Jules Jordan and his penis size.

“You’re making me nervous,” Haze tells him. “I’m not talking about my boyfriend. I’m trying to have sex for you, not my boyfriend.” Haze also makes it very clear that she makes the rules at home and can say or behave any way she wants to on a set or off for that matter.

The scene begins and Haze is commenting that she could suck dick for hours at a time. Skeeter would like to move away from vag into anal as soon as possible.

“I don’t want them [Wood and Jerry] getting you pregnant,” he laughs. “That’s a liability on my set.”

“I can’t remember when I don’t do anal,” says Haze taking note of the fact that she did her first scene with a condom in about four years recently. It was for Wicked. Skeeter wants to get at least 8 or 9 minutes of footage with Haze hogtied.

“Just great, with all the obscenity cases,” Haze manages a laugh. She also mentions that she wants a baby some day.

“Not yet though,” she adds. During a break, Skeeter pulls out his cellphone and shows Haze a picture of his oldest son.

“He’s almost old enough for me to fuck,” Haze chuckles. Haze is being downright agreeable but tells Skeeter she’s having difficulty with the cuffs.

“I hate sucking dick without using my hands.”

Skeeter’s moving in for some tight shots, mentioning how he’s tripping from the various background colors on his walls.

“It’s like Requiem for a Dream,” he says.

“That movie made me cry,” insists Haze. Wood’s making the first move of entry.

“Give me that cock in my little slutty fucking hole!” Haze barks.

“Put some chain around you penis, Jerry,” Skeeter directs. “Use it like a condom.” Skeeter’s commenting that what we have here is a love story of epic proportions.

“This isn’t love, this is fucking,” Haze bellows out. Wood goes into her.

“Oh that’s fuckin’ deep!” Haze screams. “Oh my fuckin’ God. Holy shit! Make me your fucking whore! You know how much I like cock in my tight little cunt.”

“Suck and fuck, Jenna” Skeeter urges her. “Just like your ancestors did.”

“It’s really hard to do this stuff while you’re restrained,” Haze keeps repeating. She also rues the fact that no one eats pussy in porn any more.

“I’m not complaining, mind you,” she adds. And Wood obliges her during a down moment. Haze laughs because she’s been told she has “a voodoo pussy.”

Finally, Haze has had it and tells Skeeter she wants the cuffs off.

“Unleash the devil child,” Skeeter smiles and tells Haze just to fuckin’ suck on Jerry’s “white Anaconda.” Haze says she loves cum.

“You swallow it, it’s good for you,” she insists.

“Be a cock superstar,” Skeeter tells Haze. Photog Sir Richard Montfort can’t think of her name but brings up a story about some girl who used to shit herself all the time in anal movies. Haze hasn’t gotten to the anal portion as yet and tells him that’s a great subject to be bringing up at this particular moment.

“I’m nervous,” she repeats, wondering which of the guys is going in her ass. Skeeter figures both guys.

“You did Rocco,” he says. “You can take two regular white boy dicks in your ass.” Skeeter’s really obsessed about Haze’s scene with Rocco and asks her a number of questions about it.

Skeeter wants Haze to do anal in the reverse cowgirl and Haze’s face tightens. She says she’s only done it once before and isn’t thrilled by the prospect.

“You take a cock in YOUR ass,” Haze snaps back at Skeeter. “I want to see that.”

Skeeter begins quoting from an imaginary review suggesting that Haze has lost her edge and should only be paid 10% of what she’s getting. Haze is stunned and her mouth drops.

“Okay, I’m high maintenance,” Haze agrees. “I’m sorry. You’re going to hate me today.” And Haze is pretty close, as she and Skeeter begin to spar.

“You’re more high maintenance than Tera Patrick and Brianna Banks,” Skeeter tells her.

“I’m sorry for being difficult,” Haze replies as she asks for another break so she can hand-wipe her ass. A person owning that concession would have made bank.

In one of the positions, though, Haze has an anal orgasm.

“I just came!” Haze yells, making hand gestures like a gourmand sampling the spaghetti sauce. And when Jerry lifts her bodily for a standing reverse cowgirl, Haze responds in kind.

“I can’t take it- it’s too good!” Haze says she could keep doing anal all day at this rate but when Skeeter mentions he needs nine more minutes of it, Haze’s face contorts.

“That’s a lot of ass fucking,” she tells him. Skeeter mentions the doggie position and Haze says she hates it. And when the subject of the cowgirl position’s brought up, Haze is finding means of escape telling Skeeter she’s already given him more anal positions that she’s ever done in her other movies. Skeeter is finding this hard to believe. Haze swears it’s true, that she hasn’t even given Jules Jordan that much.

“Not even for Rocco!” she adds. Skeeter says he wants her doing things she’s never done for Jordan, and Haze swears he’s crazy and blurts something about how Skeeter tried fucking her in the bathroom during another of the breaks.

But Skeeter also predicts that Haze will get a great review from Roger T. Pipe calling Pipe “a trick” who got into porn so he could be around young girls. Skeeter really wants Haze doing the cowgirl anal but she’s kind of obstinate about it.

“Okay, let’s do the pile driver and send you home,” Skeeter tells her in a voice that prompts Haze to ask him why he was being so mean. Skeeter replies that he feels he’s been very respectful up to this point and that if he’s been pushing her, it’s because he’s very passionate about what he’s trying to do.

“We want the best for the girl, so she could look her best,” he’s trying to explain. At the same time, he’s also telling Haze he’s willing to stop the scene right there, send her home with the tape and eat the costs of doing it. Haze tells him that Keith O’Connor over at Defiance would pay her, anyway.

“If he was a trick, he would,” Skeeter tells her, suspecting that O’Connor wouldn’t. In the Mexican standoff, Haze says, okay, what do you need and concedes a major point in the debate.

“You’re breaking me in and I’m not used to it,” she tells Skeeter. ” “I’ve never taken this much anal before.”

Skeeter gets the pile driver.


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