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Jeremy Steele Explains His Side of the Sophia Mounds Story

Jeremy Steel was incarcerated last week for allegedly splitting Siphia Mounds’ lip. posts this reply from Jeremy Steele regarding his recent arrest. Steele writes:

Hi Y’all,I’m back from 4 days of hell. It was a “DA reject” (first reduced from a filed felony to a filed misdemeaner by the detective I spoke with). I knew Sophia Mounds was not all there but had no idea that after two bottles of wine she’d go this psycho-evil.

On Thursday night around 11PM, under ominous lightning filled skies with no rain, I called 9-1-1. Clearly dispatch could hear Jade aka Sophia repeatedly screaming “I’m gonna fucking kill you” over and over and over.

She lost her mind after two $5.00 bottles of wine (I had one glass and was working on a project). Essentially, it esculated to levels beyond belief when she started screaming “You killed my cat!!!”, which lead to “I’m gonna kill you”, “I’m gonna have one of my Hell’s Angel’s friends fuck you up and put a bullet in your head, or maybe I’ll just do it myself!”.

The details regarding her cats are as follows:

Having hung out at her apartment just two times (the second time was only from the hallway), I knew of the horrible cat piss smell which reeked in there. She told me one of her cats pisses in retaliation for her not being around to take care of it.

I told Sophia an extra room was available to rent and asked if she wanted to live there. I told her, however, that her cats couldn’t be allowed and she said, o.k., and that she would need to find a home for them. I called my friend Leni, who’s religious purpose in life is to rescue cats. Leni kept emailing me intricate details on what to do which I forwarded to Sophia. Not hearing back from her, Leni was vexed and asked why hasn’t she heard back from Sophia. Eventually, Sophia said she’ll just give them to her Dad. For whatever reason, the Father only accepted one cat, and she brought the other to the pound. Eventually the cat, not having found a home, was put to sleep and destroyed.

This is why Sophia believes that I killed the cat.

This is what lead her to feel justified in screaming over and over, amongst other things how she’s gonna kill me.

I was on the phone with the anthropologist as she was screaming how she’s gonna say all sorts of things about me to others to fuck me over (I’m not gonna mention them all). He is a witness (and spoke with the Detective in this case) of how he overheard me asking her why she’s screaming lies about me for other people in the neighborhood to overhear? Her response of “I don’t care” and getting even and fucking me over for killing her cat.

While I was on the cell phone with him she lunged for it, sliced my finger with her nail and with both hands managed to hang my phone up. Then she put her hands around my neck, but was not able to touch my adams apple. I stood there yelling “What the fuck are you doing?”

After calling 9-1-1, and not having any response, I called about 40 minutes later. This time she knew I was calling 9-1-1, and turned around and called 9-1-1 herself. Then I called 9-1-1 again, explaining she just called, apparently in an act of retaliation. She also started hiding her wine bottles.

When the police finally arrived, her initial complaint was that I was a “scumbag piece of shit” who “killed her cat”. We attempted to resolve this matter. I agreed to not press charges if she’d calm down. She walked into her room and then a couple of minutes walked out and said in a “Oh by the way” fashion, “He hit me”.

She made up the lie that I asked for sex, that she said no and that I then bitched slapped her across the mouth. I saw no evidence from my site but the officer upon close examination said he saw something so they arrested me. I certainly never touched her so she must’ve done this when she had walked into the room.

This is a very disturbing situation which I’m resolving as we speak.
It requires a mix of stupidity, insanity and evil to think I killed her cat, that I deserve to die because of it and that she’s warranted in claiming I hit her as justifiable retaliation when I never did anything to her cat or to her.

Btw, I’m closer to 150 pds.


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