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“Jerome Tanner’s Got to Go”

Porn Valley- On KSEX’s the Dee & B Show Tuesday night, Brandon, the “B” of the duo took some time to go after director Jerome Tanner. Tanner currently shoots for Hustler, but Brandon, Dee’s, significant other, wanted to make it clear that he had no gripe with Hustler. Noting that he had been working on a Tanner set recently, Brandon called Tanner a schlock director.

Brandon lauded both Larry Flynt and LFP Productions as being pretty cool in his book, but not so Tanner.”I have no problem with Hustler- if it weren’t for Hustler, we wouldn’t have no jobs. Larry and all the lawyers he’s employed are the reason why KSEX even exists- the reason why you can go to a 7-Eleven that isn’t Islam and buy a porno mag.”

“With all of that said, Jerry T is a piece of shit,” Brandon continued. “He’s a stupid fuck who couldn’t find his ass if it were drawn on a fucking map, infrared and given to him from a satellite.” Brandon noted that Tanner has been in the business since the Eighties.

“But I’m not the first motherfucker to bitch about this guy- in fact, most of the people that work for him know what they’re getting into.”

Brandon said he was doing a favor for a friend by being there but when he was told who he’d be working for said, “You got to be kidding me.” Brandon said he took the gig only because he and his buddy go way back.

“At the beginning of my career, if I didn’t have his admonition behind me, I wouldn’t have a career.” Dee, for the moment, said she was just going to sit there and say nothing.

“This asshole thinks he’s shooting a Francis Ford Coppola thriller,” said Brandon who explained the basic filmmaking breakdown of a script that includes master shots, sub-masters, singles, pick-up shots and inserts.

“You put this together, everything makes sense- it’s like reading a novel,” said Brandon. “This asshole was set up with all kinds of gear and then would not use it right. Then he wouldn’t do basic filmmaking. He wouldn’t pick up singles on every person that had dialogue. So my respect for him went down. But it went down severely when he started calling the girls bitches, whores and sluts. Dee said she didn’t know that. Then Brandon went off in Tanner’s accent.

“What disgusted me at the very beginning was Naomi and Eva Angelina were getting ready to do a scene. Naomi’s laying down and he walks up and he starts touching her pussy. He’s like, ‘You’re such a dirty slut.’ I’m thinking to myself that’s not quite right. And you could see she felt really uncomfortable.

“This guy’s an asshole,” Brandon continued. “Please don’t buy any of his fucking movies. If you buy his movies all you do is make it harder on the rest of us because then it makes Hustler think this guy knows what the fuck he’s doing.” Brandon urged his listeners to watch Tanner’s movies then write Hustler telling him Tanner’s got to go.

“He treats the crew like cattle,” Brandon further pointed out. “He actually had the audacity on six to ten occasions to scream at the top of his lungs at me about pedantic bullshit and just go off on the crew. This guy’s got to go. He’s the type of person that’s holding back pornography from becoming beautiful, wonderful artwork. He’s the kind of guy that shoots that movie that everyone makes fun of. The film work is horrible; the shots are god awful, the sex scenes are contrived- he’s that guy. He’s that guy that’s holding back so many other people from coming up and making good work. Boycott this fucker.”

Brandon agreed that Michael Ninn can be hard to work for but does beautiful work.

At first speechless to Brandon’s comments, Dee then added her two cents to say that it’s hard on your mindset to have someone who browbeats you.

Brandon said what started it with him was that Tanner would cut the set and move to another one.

“I’d lay down my shit and go outside to smoke a cigarette,” he explained. “He decides to do these pick-up shots and we’re actually further along the schedule. I was outside and he starts screaming at the top of his lungs: ‘Where’s dat fuckink boom guy? Dat fuckink idiot, dat motherfucker!’ That’s Jerome Tanner, folks. That’s what he does. That’s how he talks to you. Fuck him. And I’ve worked for a lot of those assholes who are those cretins from metal shop who you thought would never succeed but they’re here in the porn industry. Those assholes that you thought would never do anything in their life? They did. They’re in our business. I don’t bitch about them but this guy crossed the fucking line.”

Dee said she was on the set briefly and saw how everyone was walking around like the land of the living dead.

“It made me break my heart,” she said. “We make good money being in the adult business but it’s a lot of hard work and long hours. A lot of people think it’s fun but you need that comaraderie when you’re going into an 18 hour day. You need a good leader. You go by who your leaders is. When someone is yelling and screaming and is in a bad mood it affects everyone else around you.”

Brandon said if Tanner was making a good movie he wouldn’t be bitching.

“But he was making a horrible movie and wasn’t following the basic rules of filmmaking. My respect for him was degraded immensely. He was making crap. If you’re making garbage you have no right to browbeat the crew and the talent.”

Besides, said Brandon, Tanner’s son and his wife were also there.

“His wife is completely just as crazy as he is. They argue and fight.”


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