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Jerry Butler Can’t Corroborate Ron Jeremy’s Story

The Ron Jeremy story may not go away after all.

When all the Ginger Lynn charges and accusations against him went down a few months ago, Jeremy was very insistent about my talking to Jerry Butler. According to Jeremy, Jerry Butler was in Hawaii at the time Ginger Lynn claimed Jeremy raped her. Jeremy said that Butler could vouch for him and that he even wrote about it in his book, Raw Talent.

I tried contacting Jerry a number of times leaving messages. Today we finally spoke and Butler apologized for not having gotten back because of the drama that was going on his life at the time. Aside from the fact that Butler says he’s had sexual dreams about me, woke up with stained underwear one time, connected the dots and got a picture of a young Buddy Ebsen, I’ll give you the thread of the conversation with Jerry so you can draw your own conclusions.

Butler: Everyone’s been asking questions about Ginger Lynn. I was there. I love Ron Jeremy. He’s like a brother to me. I’ll say what I feel. I’ll say what is true, what’s bad about the guy and also say what I love about the guy. When Ginger made these allegations maybe she forgot about me. Ron calls me up and he’s so worried about people not liking him. He’s like Jerry, please, you wrote about this in the book. Yeah, I wrote the story.

We went to the islands and we landed. I was head over heels, thinking this is it, I’m going to marry this girl [Lynn]. Maybe make a couple of porno films, marry this girl and then work for Pacific Bell. I thought my whole life was going to change. I landed in the islands. We go to the hotel. We get dressed in our bathing suits. We go to the beach. I go to the shore, like 12 feet away, turn my back to go take a piss in the water. Immediately my back is turned and she’s blowing the guy. There wasn’t any rape or anything. She was willing. We had a manage a trois.

We got into it then I got very annoyed at her. I didn’t talk to her. She didn’t want to do the movie for Svetlana and there was this whole shit. They begged me to speak to her because she was going to boogie back to L.A. So I did. And nothing materialized. There’s one thing about sucking a dick on screen. There’s another about sucking a dick off camera. Because, in porno, that’s how you become offended. It’s alright to fuck my wife if you’re getting paid for it.

Ginger willingly had sex with Ron when I was turning my back then she worked with him a couple of days later. All these years later I don’t know where she came up with Ron Jeremy forcing himself on her on the beach. It’s a total lie.

Gene: She was saying, though, that he did her in a hotel room. Not on the beach. She claims that it was in her hotel room that he forced his way in and fucked her in the bathroom.

Butler: That I never heard. If that’s the case, she worked with the guy two days later and never said a word to anybody. And I was close to her on the set. She would have told me. Ron made it clear to me that it was on the beach.

Gene: Her story is- and I transcribed it the night she told it on KSEX- she’s claiming that he forced his way into her hotel room and did her over the sink of the bathroom.

Butler: Truth of the matter is, that I can’t say yes or no because I wasn’t there. And in total honesty, I know Ron to be very pushy with women. I’ve seen it over the years. I’ve seen it happen. Rhonda Jo Petty told me in 1986, she had a break down. She had a very depressing thing. She called me one day and she said Ron came by to say hello and he forced himself on her. She told me Ron called her up, how are you doing, He wanted to come over and she invited him over.

‘I thought he’d be nice and friendly and give me a little bit of support. And you know what? He fucking threw himself on me. I couldn’t believe it.’

I remember her telling me that clear as a bell. She never spoke to me again or seen her.

I wrote in the book that Ron’s a great guy but don’t leave your mother home to run out and get bagels because you may come home to find Ron fucking your mother. Because Ron has this way of trying to get accepted. He always did that through his big penis and legendary persona. I can’t say anything about the hotel-thing although I never heard anything come out of her mouth. The only thing with Ron Jeremy on that episode is that Ron had a problem with another girl on that set. No, it was the second time he went to Hawaii. He got a little oncoming with a girl on the set and she went bananas. I think it was Jay Sterling’s girl friend Lisa Marie. There was some kind of shit going on and they told Ron to get off the island. It was getting very hectic and the girl freaked out. I do know Ronnie’s capable of doing all that shit. But I personally didn’t see any of that with Ginger.

Ron told me it was about the beach scene, I said that was bullshit. Then Ginger turns around and says I call her every couple of months on an ounce of cocaine. And someone wanted an answer to that. I said, listen, that’s not true. I don’t do drugs. My job won’t permit it. But if Ginger wants to send me an ounce of cocaine, I’ll do it and call her up. That’s for sure.


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