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Jerry Butler Talks About Buck Adams

Jerry Butler, possibly the greatest male porn performer of all time, is still living in Brooklyn. And Butler was in the middle of traffic when I caught up with him Thursday afternoon. Butler was eating a salad and explaining that he’s still in heavy training and bench presses 400 which is pretty damned good for a guy who just turned 49.

We spoke about Buck Adams who died this week. Butler was Buck’s roommate at one time and best friend- they were the Damon and Pythias of porn- and Butler already heard the sad news this week.

Butler said the whole thing was very strange, that he had the inclination to call Jeff Coldwater.

“Something told me to give him a call,” says Butler who heard the news that way. Then he called Amber Lynn.

“She was giving me the low down,” Butler relates.

“The last time I talked to her was ten years ago. She sounded very poised and there seemed to be a big release in her. She told me she went to the hospital. He had a stroke last Thursday, I heard. And then he had another one in the hospital.

“He was gone. It was over. They said even if he comes through he’d be a vegetable.

“Amber told me she held his hand along with his daughter and she kept insisting, ‘Buck, you gotta leave, you gotta go. It’s okay. Go.’

“She said she held his hand and wouldn’t let go. For about three hours he tried to hold on and had these wheezing, deep breaths. She kept saying, it’s okay. I love you. Then he died. And she said she had the most enlightening feeling. Something came over her. I felt her sorrow.

“Obviously it was very devastating, but I felt her release. I felt there was a relief in some way because she said, he lived his life so wrong. He was drinking and never gave up the partying. His liver was bad and his heart was really bad. He was bound to doom.”

According to Butler, Amber told him when she walked into Buck’s hospital room she knew he was never coming out of there.

Butler always remembered Adams as having a wonderful way of disguising his problems.

“He was an interesting person and could always put a front on,” Butler continues. “He could be as hard as nails but on the inside be absolutely torn to shreds. We all had a way of alibiing ourselves.”

“Buck would live from paycheck to paycheck [as did Butler] but was able to disguise his identity very well. It went with the lifestyle, the business. He could make you believe everything was alright when it wasn’t.”

“During our heyday we were inseparable,” Butler continues. “We lived together, we hung out together. We were like the little bullies who always got our way and were always causing havoc everywhere we went. It was our rebellious way of making a statement.

“I was the good actor, the good looking guy; Buck was the tough guy, the rugged guy. We were an interesting combination. We were inseparable for three years. We didn’t do anything without consulting each other. We were like the intimidators but had the greatest times together.

“When people hired us on a set, it was, no one could say shit to him or me because together we were an energy that was evil yet productive. I remember those good times. We were like mashed potatoes, so entwined with each other.”

Butler said although he hadn’t spoken to Adams in 20 years, the news hit him in a bad way.

“I was in really bad shape and lost it when I talked to Amber. I was out of control.”

“This was a part of my history. Any chance of Buck and I rekindling, reminiscing for one good ol’ night and talking about the old times is gone. It makes you feel more mortal.”

According to Butler, he’s probably alive today because he left the business. Then he lost contact with Adams. Butler got married, later divorced but always felt he’d hook up with Buck again.

“Not that we had a fallout, we just pretty much went our separate ways. We ran our course with each other. Buck was always the brother I couldn’t tolerate or couldn’t stand but I always loved him.”

Besides Amber Lynn, Butler said Buck’s passing prompted him to call Reb Sawitz, his former agent, along with Bill Margold. Butler describes Sawitz as his ultimate dad.

“We had a teary conversation, and Reb said I hope I see you before I die. I really do. I just couldn’t stop crying. I have to see him.”

Butler said he was also shocked this week to read about Gerard Damiano as well as hear about the passing of Ron Sullivan.

“Holy shit another piece of the rock leaves,” says Butler who shot for Damiano maybe 20 times.

“I really liked Sullivan and Damiano- I got along great with Daminao. He reminded me of a Romanian gypsy type guy. He had this very interesting way about him and got a lot of respect. I guess it went with the accomplishments.

“Because of Deep Throat,, he was THE guy. I was young and these guys made me feel like a somebody. They were my family. It’s a very sad feeling to lose a part of this history.

“My heart is in the business, and it still is,” Butler states sadly. “This will always be a part of who I was. This was a part of my life.”


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